Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 89 explode

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In fact, Abner didn't just stare at "Klein" to persecute. He sometimes persecuted "Abner" from different worlds, but he didn't make a "video" and didn't show it to Mister Fool.

In short, Klein is too lazy to pay attention to Lao Liu's "provocation" now, and he is not interested in knowing what kind of "virtual personality" he instilled in "Klein" who should have died in the low-dimensional world, so he directly changed the subject and said:

"So, you still haven't been able to find the world where the 'Hidden Sage' arranged the ritual? Didn't you say it was too late last time?"

Hearing this, Abner didn't feel anxious at all, he replied with a smile: "It's really coming soon...I have a hunch that there will be a result in a few days."

"In a few days..." After muttering, Klein showed a thoughtful expression, "It will be your 'birthday' in a few days, right?

"Is there a special 'symbol' on that day? Would 'luck' be exceptionally good?

"Also, you won't plan to encircle and suppress the 'Rose School of Learning' city-state on that day, will you?

"Before you said that you must ensure that you are in the 'peak' state, and you cannot summon my 'historical projection' in person, is it because you have a bigger plan on that day?"

Hearing these words, Abner suppressed his smile, took a deep look at Klein, and then sighed, "You know too much!"

"You still want to silence me?" Klein responded angrily.

He was taken aback by Abner's serious expression just now, but he didn't expect the other party to play a trick in the end.

"Although we can't silence, we still have to erase some memories...Some things can be thought and said above the gray fog, but not in reality...It will be predicted by the "hidden sage"." Abner briefly explained a few words.

It may even be manifested in some self-generated low-dimensional worlds and exposed in advance.

"That's it... Then I won't ask the specific details for now." Klein changed the subject again with interest, and asked, "Isn't Bernadette really looking for the 'Darkness Card'?"

"No...she is really looking for the 'darkness' card!" Abner said with certainty.

He emphasized the word "really".

Klein was silent for a few seconds, then sighed, "It's really troublesome to talk to have to guess everything."

"Who told you to always ask those unspeakable questions!" Abner squinted at him, "If you are willing to cooperate and ask me what I did with a certain Klein, wouldn't everyone be happy?"

"I can't be 'happy' when I say that, it's just you making fun of yourself!" Klein complained, and then talked about another thing, "By the way, I'm far from the belief in the 'Phoenix' given by the goddess The address of the city-state of the first ancestor, Gregory, should not be far away, there is still a day or two away at most, and I don’t know what will be there.....”

When he went to ask the goddess for another "Master of Miracles" characteristic of Zaratul, the goddess gave him a task to go to an abandoned city-state to get something.

"Things that can be compared with the characteristics of 'Master of Miracles' are not easy to imagine. Be careful yourself." Abner warned a few words, but he didn't pay too much attention. After all, the goddess didn't entrust him with this task because she didn't want to He intervenes.

This may be purely for the purpose of testing or exercising Klein, or it may be that she really does not want Abner to do this matter.

"As a Beyonder of the 'Seer' pathway, I have always been cautious." Klein responded with a smile.

Abner glanced at him, but he slandered inside: Although Extraordinary people of the "Seer" path are usually "dog" and "cowardly", once they become "reckless", they will die!

For example, "Master Luo" without a secret puppet, "Master Tan" who is tough on Mr. A, for example, Daphne who was "washed" into a believer by me, for example "Zaratul" who went straight to the Kingdom of the Night, for example The "Half Fool" who forcibly accommodates the uniqueness, or you who beat Amon by playing "Tianzun" in the original book...

Although most of the things happen for a reason, or as a last resort......

After Abner also left the **** above the gray mist

After entering the secret space, Klein returned to the seat of the "Fool". He first threw the "Twilight Giant" card brought by Mr. "Tower" to the red star of the "Sun" through a ceremony, and then reached out and handed the "Sun" to the red star. The so-called "alien king" "map and key" of the Kingdom of God was summoned from the pile of debris.

After picking up the "eyeball"-shaped object and examining it for a while, Klein temporarily put it back into the box, then took out a pen and parchment, and wrote down the divination statement:

"The origin of the 'eyeball'. "

He was worried that there were errors in the records of the City of Silver, or that the "map" projected from the "eyeballs" was itself a trap, so he planned to use "Dream Divination" to make sure.

Putting down the pen, Klein looked down at the weird "eyeballs" beside him, and exhaled with a rather solemn expression:

"I'm going to start dying again..."

He intuited that this thing probably came from the "Alien King" Kwahitun, and the City of Silver called it the "Eye of Kwahitun" maybe it wasn't a random name... He might face that An ancient **** as powerful as the "Dragon of Imagination".

However, today is different from the past. Klein is now a Sequence 3 "Ancient Scholar" and a demigod. The damage he can withstand and the ability to mobilize the mysterious space above the gray mist are far beyond the past.

It took a few seconds to calm down. He leaned back on the chair, picked up the "Eye of Kwahitun" in one hand, and held the paper in the other.

Zhang, repeated the divination sentence in a low voice.

Over and over again, UU Reading Klein used the state of meditation as a springboard to enter a deep dream.

In the misty world, there are huge statues standing one after another. They either have their hands tied behind their backs, or their bodies are wrapped with thorns and roses, or they are shaped like mummies, intuitively giving people the feeling of "bound".

Below the statue, many "ascetic monks" sit on the ground, meditating cross-legged, giving people a very "quiet" feeling.

But suddenly, when the full moon was in the sky, the originally quiet "ascetic monks" suddenly "boiled". They either turned into werewolves, or turned into living corpses, or turned into resentful souls, and began to wantonly indulge in malice and desire.

At this time, a crack appeared in the space around the city, and an ugly and twisted figure with thorns and thorny roses appeared in the crack.

But at the next moment, that figure suddenly exploded, shattered into pieces, and finally the eyes that saw the city also flew away without a trace.

At the same time, as the figure exploded, Klein's thoughts exploded without warning.

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