Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 88 Guess what I did?

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When Klein mentioned Miss "Magician" at this time, he was actually giving her benefits, because he had already communicated with Forsi through Abner about summoning the "Historical Projection".

Even the demigod that the temperance faction promised Emlyn to dispatch actually refers to Miss Messenger's "historical projection" before the battle in Bayam, and will be summoned by Klein's projection at that time.

As for why bother Fors, not Abner? That's because Lao Liu said that he wants to ensure a complete state to deal with the angels of the "Rose School of thought", and even the king of angels!

Emlyn just said that there is no need to worry about the angels of the "Rose School of Thought" because of this.

However, Klein doesn't really believe this kind of rhetoric. He tends to think that Lao Liu has other plans, but he can't say it for the time being.

In short, the "prophet" who refuses to say everything is an understatement!

While "World" was muttering in his heart, Emlyn turned his attention to "Star" Leonard again, hoping that he could "bleed some blood" and impress Miss "Magician".

The "star" Leonard who received the meaning of "moon" thought about it for a few seconds, looked at Forsi on the opposite side, and asked tentatively:

"A 'Worm of Time...' Miss Magician. What do you think?"

At this moment, Fors realized it. She glanced at Abner first, and saw him nodding slightly. Then he smiled reservedly and bargained: "Three!"

"Okay, deal!" Leonard responded directly on behalf of the old man.

After Pallez received the reward from Abner last year, his strength recovered a lot. Leonard felt that it would not be a big problem to get three "Worms of Time" after a while.

Seeing this, Forsi suddenly felt that she might be asking for less, but since she had spoken, she could only admit it and agreed to join this operation.

Because Gehrman Sparrow took over his task, "Moon" Emlyn visibly relaxed.

In his cognition, this means that the probability of success of the matter has skyrocketed.

In the next second, Gehrman Sparrow the "World" looked at him and asked hoarsely:

"So, what can you pay me for?"

"Moon" Emlyn was silent for two seconds, and said with his eyes floating slightly:

"I will become the 'Witch King' in the future, a promise of free help in similar matters.

"Also, if you succeed, all the spoils I can share will belong to you."

Mr. "Moon" is very guilty and has no confidence... Audrey "Justice" has come to a definite conclusion through the actions and words of the other party.

This fellow Emlyn has also learned how to "consume with loans" from others... Klein chuckled secretly, and made the dummy "World" respond indifferently:

"Looks like you can only afford me, a demigod."

Why don't you ask "the stars", just me? Obviously I am also your friend! Emlyn muttered dissatisfiedly.

At this time, Abner looked at the "Hermit" Cattleya diagonally opposite, and said seriously:

"I would like you to join this operation..... count it as my personal request."

Cattleya showed an obvious expression of surprise, after all, this was the first time Mr. "Tower" asked her to do something.

Considering the many favors she owed the other party, she agreed without much hesitation.

I agreed directly with one sentence... This result made Emlyn feel "sour" again for a while, until the "Hermit" and "Tower" finished communicating, he took a deep breath and said:

"What else do you want? I will try my best to satisfy it." Gehrman Sparrow thought for a while and said:

"Provide a magical item or sealed item that can greatly enhance the spirituality of the holder in a short period of time."

This is lent to Ms. "Magician", so that she can maintain the summoned historical pore image for a few minutes longer, and the "Moon" domain undoubtedly has extraordinary abilities in this regard. For example, "Crimson Scholar" can create The state of the full moon allows spirituality to grow and inspiration to increase.


... Emlyn "Moon" quickly nodded and said:

"no problem."

Seeing that one person and one vampire had reached an agreement, "Magician" Forsi hurriedly raised her hands and emphasized:

"No 'full moon'."

That way, let alone enhancing her spirituality, she would be lucky if she didn’t die suddenly on the spot. After all, the higher the sequence, the better the effect of hearing Mr. “Gate”’s ravings. Mister Fool's shelter.

——Although with the "divinity", she can somewhat resist the "pollution" of some ravings on her own, but the premise is that she will not be specially taken care of by Mr. "Gate".

Emlyn also knew about Miss "Magician"'s "Full Moon Curse", so he had no doubts about it, and said "Mmm", indicating that he would pay attention.

Then, several people discussed the details that need to be paid attention to during the operation, and asked "The Hanged Man" to check and fill in the gaps, and the Tarot Society transitioned to the free communication session.

At this time, Klein manipulated "The World" Gehrman to look at "The Sun", and said in a hoarse voice: "You can arrange the ceremony after you go back. Accept

'The Card of Blasphemy'. "

This was the agreed reward in advance, and Mr. "Tower" also generously agreed to lend that card to the City of Silver for a period of time.

"Sun" got the detailed information of "Alien King" Divine Kingdom? It's a pity that I haven't made any progress yet. The "Psychological Alchemist Association" seems to have disappeared completely, and even Escalante can't get in touch with the higher-ups... "Justice" Audrey looked surprised when she saw "The Sun", A trace of envy emerged in my heart.

"Star" Leonard also felt the same way. He has been busy for several months, not because he wanted to be able to find the entry of "Demon Wolf King" into the Kingdom of God... Unfortunately, the location given by the old man happened to be located in "Rose Under the so-called "temple" of the city-state of the "School", even if you want to sneak in, you can only forcibly capture it first.

"Only believe in Mister Fool!" Derrick bowed respectfully after seeing the great being at the top nodding his head slightly.

After that, members of the Tarot Society exchanged information on the battlefields until the end.

After the figures left the ancient palace with the "crimson light", Klein asked Abner who had just stretched:

"How is your progress in low dimensions?"

"I've experienced a few more interesting 'parallel worlds'... but none of them are the one where the 'hidden sage' arranged the ceremony..." Abner simply replied, and then asked with a smile, "Guess what I did in that world just now?"

How many tricks have you done? Haven't played enough yet? I remember that in a certain world, you pulled the Nighthawk team of the "Blackthorn Security Company" into the "Dreamland" and showed them a movie of all the real experiences I had before I died in Tingen City...leading to that After reading the "Notes of Antigonus", the "Klein" of the world was controlled by Dunn before he could commit suicide with a revolver...

In another "parallel world", you also exposed a certain "Klein" who opened the "invisible harem" with a "movie", and let him be "hatched" immediately... Although I want to say nothing beautiful.

Although you did those things more to test the existence of the secret arrangements of the "hidden sage" by disturbing fate, but every time you stare at the persecution of "Klein", even if it has nothing to do with me in essence, it doesn't matter. Maybe it's really fun to watch with you!

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