Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 85 looking for help

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Backlund, in an apartment in the Bridge District.

Emlyn White looked at Maric who suddenly appeared on the opposite side, took off his top hat, and saluted very gracefully. "What do you want?" Maric sat on the sofa, leaned forward, and clasped his hands.

If Sharron hadn't made it clear before the promotion that this vampire was trustworthy, he would never have come to see him. Emlyn pulled a chair and sat down, asked with a smile:

"Can you tell me about the "Rose School of Thought" indulgence faction in the Karaston region of the southern continent? I will pay you enough."

After discovering at the New Year's party a few days ago that the mission site announced by Lord Nibais and the abandoned "Kingdom of God" that "Star" asked him to explore happened to be in the same area, Emlyn decided to carry out these two things at the same time. , so that no matter which side has the result, he can gain something.

Before going to the Southern Continent, it is necessary to obtain as much information as possible and find a reliable helper, so Emlyn obtained the contact information of the Temperance Sect members of the "Rose School of Thought" from the "World" at the Tarot Club the day before yesterday. That's when Maric was found.

He didn't directly mention the matter that needs the other party's direct help, but "skillfully" first provoke the other party's interest, and then talk about other things...

It's a pity, because Klein had greeted him in advance, Maric already knew his purpose of coming.

"The Karaston area..." Maric said the name for a while, a sharp look flashed in his eyes, but he asked indifferently on the surface, "How much do you know about the indulgent faction there?"

Emlyn must have prepared well before coming to "visit", and said calmly, "I really don't know much about the Rose School of Thought.

"However, after the war intensified, the eastern and western Balams of the southern continent, the Star Plateau, the Pas River Valley, and the Haggati Grassland all became chaotic. Many demigods of the Rose School of Thought surfaced and stepped onto the stage. It was no longer so difficult. locking."

As he spoke, he deliberately mentioned a few names.

Maric glanced at Emlyn, who had red eyes and thin lips, and said:

"You want the temperance faction to go with you to deal with the indulgence faction in the Calaston area?"

This... I just said a few words, how can you be sure of my purpose... Can't I just buy information? Emlyn didn't know how to respond to this sentence for a moment, so he raised his chin slightly and asked:

"So, are you willing to let the Temperance faction assist me?

"As far as I know, the leader of a tribe near Calaston is a student of "Sinister", and he contributed a lot to suppressing the Temperance faction! "

Hearing Emlyn's words, Maric immediately recalled the past of Wenna's parents who covered him and Sharon from escaping, but was brutally killed in the end. He was silent for a few seconds before seriously shaking his head and saying:

"I do have a grudge against Dax, but he is a 'puppet', not so easy to deal with." Keeping his smile, Emlyn responded:

"I can find helpers of sufficient level."

The entrance to the abandoned "Kingdom of God" by the "Wolf King" is on Dax's territory. If you want to enter safely, the best way is to help the new force that believes in the so-called "God of War and Destruction" to "Rose School" "The controlled army fought off.

And when it's time to do it, with the relationship between "stars" and "world", the latter will definitely not be stingy in helping. Maric frowned slightly and said:

"Sherlock Moriarty?"

He also knows that Sherlock is the "world"? The relationship between "The World" and him seems to be quite good... You know, it's because of "The World"'s younger sister that I know that Gehrman is actually Sherlock's... Emlyn feels a little uncomfortable taste, but quickly adjusted his mood and said:

"That's right...that's him!"

Maric nodded slightly, and after thinking for a while, he said in an emotionless voice:

"I will give you the information you need first, but it was more than two years ago, and some of it may not be so accurate." As for whether to help you deal with Dax, we still need to think about it...

"I hope that next time we meet, you can show

more convincing solutions. "No problem." Emlyn secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Maric thought for a while, and added: "In addition, I can introduce you to a powerful helper. She has always been very interested in the indulgence faction."

"Her?" Emlyn didn't pay much attention, but still stopped the movement of standing up.

"That's a powerful 'gatekeeper' who has a deep grudge against the Rose School of Thought... By the way, she is friends with 'heroic detective Abner Braine.'" Maric said here, Can't help but sigh with emotion, "Among the people I know, her sequence improvement speed can be ranked among the top three."

No, maybe neither Abner nor Sherlock can be counted as "people"! No matter how you think about the existence of a **** for a year and a half, it will not be a human being!

What is there to emphasize about the first three? Emlyn muttered, and then asked the other party for the lady's contact information, then stood up, and saluted very gentlemanly.

Emlyn still trusted Abner's female friends. Even Hazel, who went to the Feneport headquarters for training and never came back, was not an idle person.

Afterwards, he put on his silk top hat, turned and walked out of the room.

In the process of returning to his home, Emlyn couldn't help but go through his preliminary plan in his mind:

"As long as I reach a cooperation agreement with the demigods of the Temperance Department of the Rose School of Thought, I can gain a greater voice in the new force that needs to serve.

"At that time, we can use the power of that faction to conquer Dax's territory...

"However, in order to reach an agreement, we have to show enough strength to convince Maric... A single "world" may not be enough....

"We can only issue missions at the Tarot Club, and see if Ms. 'Hermit', Ms. Justice, Ms. Magician, and Ms. 'Judgment' are willing to accept the entrustment. Also, if the lady mentioned by Maric is willing to Join, "The tower won't ignore it, will it?

"The biggest problem right now is that I can't pay enough..."


Backlund, at the bottom of St. Samuel's Church.

A Nighthawk wearing red gloves entered the temporary office assigned to them with a telegram. "Captain, there are new orders coming." He walked up to Leonard who was flipping through the file and said.

"What's the situation?" Leonard glanced at him and asked calmly.

"The Holy Church asked our team to go to the Calaston area in the Pass Valley of the Southern Continent to support Colonel Alfred Hall's special forces and stabilize the front line of the Loen colonial army." The team member holding the telegram will The paper was handed over.

His answer immediately attracted the attention of several red gloves present.

You know, since the outbreak of the war, their "red gloves" have been the most idle, and now the mission is finally here.

The order actually came...Although he had expected it, Leonard also had to express his emotion for Mr. "Tower"'s influence on the Church of Evernight:

The goddess really dotes on that gentleman!

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