Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 77 Beldan in the flames of war is still calm

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The latest website: Backlund, 16 Edmond Street, Hillston District.

This is a very ordinary single-family house. There is a large living room on the first floor, a well-lit dining room, two guest rooms, a washroom, a basement, and a kitchen extending to the back. There are four bedrooms on the second floor. A living room, a sunroom, a study, a remodeled bathroom, and a large balcony.

"Although the area is not very large, the decoration is very exquisite, with a faint "fairy tale" style, which is somewhat similar to some rooms in the "Emerald City"....

"That's right. The queen lives here alone. If the house is too big without hiring servants and housekeepers, it will inevitably arouse suspicion. This size is just right."

The "Queen of the Stars" Cattleya, who relied on the "messenger" to lead the way here, searched around the house while thinking. "The ones in the room were turned halfway and turned upside down on the table... After the snacks and coffee were ready, they were not touched, and they were not put away again....

"This is not the Queen's habit!

"Even if she doesn't clean it up herself, she will let the 'Invisible Servant' do it...

"And there is no trace of a battle in the, did you leave suddenly?"

Seeing the traces of "life" on the table in the living room, Cattleya frowned, and quickly turned into the "renovated bathroom" connected to the bedroom.

I saw that the eye-catching "Emerald" bathtub was filled with water, and there were also dried water stains on the floor, and the surrounding shelves were still covered with clothes that the Queen had taken off at home...

Cattleya has always known that the "Queen of Mysteries" has a hobby of "bubbling", even after being promoted to a demigod, or even an angel, it has not changed, but judging from the situation here, she should put it on when she is halfway through the bath The clothes left, so the clothes at home will still be here.....

"It's true that I left in a bit of a hurry, but most of the remaining 'information' has been processed, and the matter is obviously not so urgent that it is close at hand... That's why the Queen can write to me, so that I don't have to worry."

A pair of translucent eyes appeared on Cattleya's head. They had no eyelashes, and stared indifferently at every corner of the bathroom.

"But what can make the queen give up her 'elegance' and can't wait to deal with it?"

After thinking about it for a long time but still having no idea, Cattleya put away the "Secret Peering Eye", then turned and went back to the living room, picking up the book that the queen had opened halfway through.

It was published by Emperor Russell the Great, but it is not well-known compared to his enduring works, and the text is very immature. It is hard to imagine that it is comparable to "The Three Musketeers", "The Count of Monte Cristo" " and other works are the same author.

Cattleya flipped through it casually, and felt that apart from the unconstrained imagination in the book which is very characteristic of "Rosell", the logic of the full text is very problematic, and the composition of many stories in it is very similar. After reading one of the paragraphs, the follow-up The plot can be guessed at will.

"This should be the work of the emperor when he was a boy...but why did the Queen flip through this book and seem to have taken a lot of notes?

"In addition, the coined word 'traveler' is highlighted by the queen, what does it mean?

"Well, the protagonist of this book seems to be a "traveler", who can gain endless spirituality by eating "sweet potatoes"? What does the coined word "sweet potatoes" mean? "

Filled with doubts, Cattleya put away the book and prepared to go back and study it carefully. If she really couldn’t understand it, she would ask Mr. “Tower” for advice, or even waste the precious opportunity to ask questions to get the answer from Mr. “Fool”.


Jianhai County, Beldan City.

Although Fusac's vanguard troops have already penetrated into Jianhai County, the cloud of war has not yet shrouded this newly rising "film and television city".

At the beginning, many people worried that this place would become a front line and a battlefield, but the guards of the Viscount's Mansion quickly made people feel at ease.

Because whether it was the rout troops retreating from the front line and looting everywhere, or the small advance team of Feysac bypassing Conston's line of defense, they were all captured by the Viscount's **** when they approached Beldan.

The lads wiped out cleanly.

This turned Beldan and even a large area around it into a chaotic "forbidden zone".

It is precisely because of good law and order, sufficient food supply, stable prices, and many jobs that Beldan during the war not only did not have an outflow of people, but also attracted many people in Jianhai County who lost their homes under the fire of Feysac. over here.

Outside the city of Beldan, Byers, a member of the escort, was sitting with several colleagues on a steam-driven convertible vehicle. There is also a high-pressure steam machine gun at the rear of the car, which can shoot nearly 300 rounds of bullets per minute, which is a well-deserved killing weapon.

Half a month ago, their team of three vehicles, with three machine guns, wiped out a rout of about 200 soldiers in a maneuvering detour.

Speaking of which, Lord Viscount personally purchased these armed chariots shortly after the outbreak of the war. The quantity was not very large, and there were only less than a hundred of them in the entire Beldan territory, and each one was marked with the "Morning Star" trademark.

But the strange thing is that Byers has never heard of this arms company.

Of course, the biggest reliance of their team is not the high-pressure machine guns on the three tanks, but the beautiful girl sitting next to Byers.

It was a cheerful and smiling girl with a pair of lovely dimples. She had neat short blond hair, a radiant face, and her words were full of confidence that did not match her age.

She didn't mention her real name. As an ordinary maid in the maid group of the Viscount's mansion, she only said that the lord personally gave her a code name, "Lightning".

The companions in the original team didn't know why she had this code name, until a few days ago, they encountered an advance team infiltrated by Fusac.

Almost all members of that team were Extraordinary, and the team leader was a strong man who could release a large amount of terrifying light with a single strike.

Such an opponent made the crew of Byers, the strongest in Sequence 8 "Raging People", fall into despair. UU reading

But at this time, "Lightning" made a move, and without seeing her move, the enemies of the advance team coughed one after another, and almost all lost their combat effectiveness.

Before the captain could react, he was hit by a thick lightning chain and fell into a passive state.

And "Lightning" put the removed hairpin back in a leisurely manner, and then signaled everyone to "tear up" the captain with the "bullet belt" of the machine gun.

After this battle, everyone in the crew respected Miss "Lightning" who looked only 14 or 15 years old from the bottom of their hearts.

When recalling the battles that took place in the past month, the three chariots had already approached the entrance of Beldan's city gate, and Byers came back to his senses.

After changing shifts with the next group of convoys patrolling out of the city, Biles rejected the invitation of his teammates to go to the bar and ran towards the train station alone.

He wanted to see his sweetheart off, because the new movie starring the other party was about to be released all over the world. As the heroine, she was going to Backlund to attend the premiere ceremony.

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