Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 76 leave him alone

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The latest website: Mrs. Scudder, as the housekeeper of No. 28 Kingston Street, has seen all kinds of ladies come to visit Abner in the past year and a half, so she is very interested in "" The visit of Cattleya, the Queen of Stars, wasn't that surprising, but she felt a little familiar, as if she had seen her somewhere.

And Cattleya was equally puzzled, she didn't quite understand why Mr. "Tower" asked her to meet at Abner's house.

Yes, Cattleya has never connected the "tower" with Abner. After all, the former is knowledgeable, powerful, personable, and a very charming gentleman.

In her impression, the latter was only at the level of Sequence 6 at most. It had a bad reputation and was both playful and troublesome, which gave her a very bad impression.

Perhaps Mr. "Tower" knew the Viscount Beldan and was friends with him, so he has been living here?

Well, although I can't see through the entire layout of this villa, I can vaguely feel that the protection level here is very high, and it is a threat to me... This is probably set up by Mr. "Tower" with the help of Viscount Berdan.

Speaking of which, I heard from Jane that Abner claimed to be a favored person of "Knowledge", so Mr. "Tower" is a high-level person of "Knowledge Church"? And he does fit my perception of members of the Church of Knowledge.

While thinking, Cattleya picked up the cup and took a sip of coffee, and gave a very high evaluation, thinking that it was not inferior to what she drank at the Queen's back then.

At this time, she suddenly felt that the space was blocked, and then the handsome and knowledgeable Mr. "Professor" in her eyes appeared in the living room together with the "greasy-haired and pink-faced" Viscount Beldan.

Abner invited Cattleya to his home because he needed some "core" ritual assistance from his villa when he took advantage of the opportunity of the other party's advancement to spy on the "hidden sage".

And those ceremonies were very troublesome to set up. If it would take at least a week or two for Abner to do it again, he simply called Cattleya to his house.

However, for the time being, he didn't plan to tell Cattleya that the "Tower" and Abner were alone, because in case the prying eyes were discovered by the "Hidden Sage", he still wanted to confuse the other party.

—The Hidden Sage knows "Abner", but he doesn't know who "Tower" is.

After the two sides exchanged a few simple greetings, Cattleya looked at Mr. "Professor" when she saw "Abner" enter the lounge next to him and evaded actively, and asked after deliberation:

"Thank you for those notes, I digested my "Mysticist" potion a few days ago... When can you assist me in completing the ritual of Advanced Sequence 3?"

"I still need to wait a few more days, I = there are still some arrangements that have not been completed." Abner responded with a smile.

This is the truth, he really needs a few days to "analyze" the "derived" rules and laws of the parallel world, so that it is easier to find the trace of the "hidden sage".

"That's it... I just need a few days to do something." Cattleya nodded, then stood up.

What she said to do was to go to the place where the queen lived to see if there were any clues. If she couldn't contact the other party, she would ask Mister Fool for help.

"Since you are carrying a suitcase, you haven't found a place to live yet, have you? Do you want to stay here with Abner? There are still many vacant rooms in his house." Abner tried to invite in a friend's tone.

Cattleya shook her head and refused, "I have a place to live in Backlund." As the "pillar" of the "Moss Ascetic Order", how could there be no place in the capital of a country? .....

Sunya Sea, the capital of Rorsted Archipelago, the "city of generosity" Bayam. The "Blue Avenger" docked at the port in the evening.

Taking advantage of the light in the sky, Alger got off the boat and went straight to the Church of the Waves where "Sea King" Yan Cottman was. As a Sequence 5 "Ocean Singer", he is already qualified to directly meet the Cardinal of the Church of Storms, the senior deacon of "Punisher".

While walking, Alger suddenly saw an acquaintance.

It was a middle-aged man in formal attire, bow tie, and glasses, who looked rather refined, but Alger knew very well that this was the "Sea God" card

A follower of Vituva, who used to be a pirate, is now a black and white trader.

After a few words of "enthusiasm" between the two sides, Alger sighed deliberately: "I have already been hired by the Church of Storms."

His apparent identity is a mercenary of the Church of the Storm.

Ralph narrowed his eyes slightly, and suddenly felt a little vigilant in his heart. He laughed on the surface and said, "This is indeed a good thing, if there is no war."

Alger glanced at the place where Ralph had just come out, and asked instead:

"Since when are there more schools here?"

At a glance, he could see a four-story building, a cement playground, a garden lawn, and many children playing happily. Those children are all darker in complexion, but some of them are not as close to bronze as the local aborigines, and their hair is only a bit naturally curly, not too obvious.

There is no doubt that this part is mixed race. Ralph looked back, sighed and said with a smile:

"Didn't you donate to that charity fund of mine?

"Under God's guidance, I established some schools in several major cities on the island to provide education, meals and boarding for these discriminated children.

"Our childhood wasn't bright enough, and I don't want them to be the same."

While Ralph responded, Alger kept staring at the school, and when the words fell, he looked away and said, "I thought you would take at least half of it."

Ralph laughed dumbfounded:

"It seems that I left a bad impression on you. "How about it, what's your opinion on this school?" Alger looked him up and down for a while and said:

"Do you think I am someone who has been to school?" He paused and said:

"Which street is your charity fund? I may have something to ask you later."

Thinking that the other party had been hired by the Church of Storms, Ralph didn't dare to reveal that he still had contact with the rebels, he laughed and said, "Donations are fine, but I don't need to use anything else."

After giving the address of the charity fund, and watching Ralph leave, Alger squinted his eyes and thought to himself: "Sea God" is one of Mr. Fool's identities... He has decided to intervene in the indigenous resistance What about the military?

"What is this for?"

After thinking for a while, he looked again at the four-story building with the playground and lawn, and the mixed-race children studying inside, his expression softened a lot, and he sighed secretly: "No matter what Ralph did, that one What is the purpose, but for these children, it is a good thing after all!"

On the other side, UU Reading Ralph returned all the way to his home, went up to the second floor, and knocked on the door of a certain room: "Master Danitz, I have something to report."

In the room, Danitz, who had just sacrificed a grilled fish, responded in a deep and majestic voice: "Come in."

In the land abandoned by gods, Klein, who received the grilled fish, complained helplessly, "Don't tell me to give me a pair of chopsticks, do you want me to grab and eat?" Danitz was never so careless before...

"It seems that Gehrman should go talk to him and let him recall his good habits."

After finishing speaking, he stretched out his hand and grabbed it forward, and took out the chopsticks he used when he went to sea for the first time and ate "Xue Wang" from the historical hole.

After eating, he received new "information" from Danitz, saying that a ghost captain named Alger might have seen through the plan the rebels were preparing.

"Plan? What plan? Why didn't I know that the rebels still have a plan?!" Although Klein was confused, he still issued an oracle to Danitz in the form of a "fool":

"Leave him alone."

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