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Latest URL: City of Silver, top of the round tower, chief room.

Derrick cast his eyes on the "demon hunter" Colin with gray hair and old scars on his face, and blurted out: "Your Excellency, Mr. Fool" has given a new mission, and the reward is very generous! "

Colin Iliad was silent for a moment, then said slowly, "What kind of mission is it? Is it dangerous?"

Hearing the cautious attitude revealed in the chief's words, Derrick's mood immediately calmed down a lot, he let out a "hmm", organized his language and said:

"There is no danger... This mission requires us to provide information about the ancient god's abandoned kingdom of God... The more detailed, the better the rewards we can get, up to a chance to watch "The Card of Blasphemy". "

"The Card of Blasphemy? Is it an item related to the "Slate of Blasphemy"? Colin thought for a while, and then his eyes fell on the boy standing in the middle of the room, who was only over two meters tall.

Derrick deeply felt that he was not steady enough, so he patted his forehead with some regret, and then explained after gathering his composure: "Yes...As far as I know, the card of blasphemy is a card named Roselle in that world. The strong man "made it after watching the second blasphemy tablet, each of which records a complete 'God's Path,' including potion formulas from Sequence 9 to Sequence 0."

"Is that so? Colin Iliad nodded slightly, then thought for a while, and finally said: "Our City of Silver does have information about the city of Andilon Tiberia, which is the "Alien King" Kwa The keys and maps of the Kingdom of God left behind by Hithun.”

"Andiron Diberia" means "temperance and indulgence" in a foreign language, but Derrick has never learned that language, so he doesn't know. At this time, he is full of hope that the City of Silver can complete The joy of Mister Fool's mission.

Colin Iliad glanced at him, shook his head helplessly, and said, "Don't be too happy. Whether it's a map" or a key", they are quite dangerous items, so a regular seal is performed every year, and they cannot be opened halfway .

"So, you have to wait a few months to get it."

On the outskirts of Backlund, in the lower reaches of the Tussock River.

Leonard hid the red gloves, walked slowly to a certain place, and chatted with Pallez:

"Old man, you mentioned Constantine's "Land of the End" and Tamara's "Thorn Castle" last time, do you have more information? "

A few seconds later, the slightly aged voice of Pallez Zoroaster sounded in his mind: "That former colleague of yours asked you to ask? Is this what that fool needs?"

How did you guess it right away? Recalling what happened at the Tarot Club, Leonard suppressed his voice and said:

"Yes, if I have detailed information about the Lordless Kingdom of God and the prototype of the Kingdom of God, I can get the chance to be promoted to "Night Watchman". "

Pales Zarathustra said with a "huh" after listening to it: "Then it's useless for you to inquire about "Land of the End" and "Castle of Thorns. Rhine must know their situation better than me, and he Will you not report to the fool?"

"Besides, if he really didn't report it, but you did, will you offend him?" "" Leonard was speechless when asked,

But at this time, Pallez changed the subject and said with a smile in an old voice:

"About the rudiment of the Lordless Kingdom of God, I do know one more. I wanted to tell you after you became a demigod... "Which archangel or king of angels is it?" Leonard heard the words Shocked, he asked quickly.

"You should have heard of him, that is" Mantinegolo, the Kingdom of God of the Demon Wolf King Freguera". "

Backlund, West Borough, inside the villa of Audra's family.

Emlyn White once again saw Kasimi Audra, the blood baron who looked like a middle-aged gentleman.

"What did Lord Nibais say?" Emlyn controlled his emotions, trying not to look so impatient.

Kasimi looked at Emlyn's bright red eyes and said: The blood of the "Order Demon Wolf" costs 2,000 gold pounds per 100ml... You should know that that extraordinary creature became extinct in the Third Epoch, and its blood can It has been preserved so far, and the "preservation fee is very expensive, and 2,000 pounds is already

Preferential price within the blood clan. "

For the price of 2,000 gold pounds, although Emlyn felt a little pain, he still felt that it was acceptable. However, it was only the auxiliary materials that were already so expensive. What kind of terrible price should the main ingredients of the Sequence 3 potion be?

Seeing that Emlyn was silent, Kasimi curled up his mouth and smiled contemptuously, before continuing: "As for the vertical eyes of the "Ordinance Wolf", there is only the last one in the clan, but it is not for sale.

"If you want to get it, you must exchange it with the contribution of the clan, or exchange it with a copy of the extraordinary characteristics of the Witch King, or complete a task of Lord Nibais."

Although the "Vertical Eye of the Demon Wolf of Order" was placed in the blood family's treasury for exchange by members of the family, it was actually Nibais' private collection, and he himself had the right to dispose of it.

contribute? If I contribute enough, can I use it to find you? Is it not good to go directly to the program to exchange? In addition, I originally planned to exchange the "Vertical Eye of the Order Demon Wolf" in exchange for the "Witch King" feature, but you told me that to get the "Order Demon Wolf's Vertical Eye", I had to exchange the "Witch King" feature?

Emlyn complained a few words in his heart, and finally had to ask what the mission issued by Lord Nibais was.

"You are really confident!" Kasimi looked at Emlyn again, and finally shook his head lightly, "But I don't know what task Lord Nebais will issue, I have to wait for the group gathering after the New Year Only then can we know."

Hearing this, Emlyn, who was unwilling to face Kasimi's sneering gaze, stopped staying any longer, left Audra's villa, and returned to his residence in a carriage.

Since Fenepot declared war on Lemburg, he never went to the Harvest Church. He only heard from "Star" that the door was smashed and a lot of things were robbed there, and it became a residence for homeless people.

As for Father Utravsky, he was in a cell behind the Chanis Gate for half a month, and in a room on the upper floor of St. Samuel's next to Archbishop Backlund, and so on. , looping continuously.

——This is the worry that staying behind the Chanis Gate for a long time will cause Father Utravsky to suffer from irreversible and untreatable erosion, and under such a tense situation, the Church of Evernight hopes to leave a buffer point, so that it can be expressed in the future Goodwill, open negotiations.

Although Emlyn was not a believer in the night, and even hated churches a little, he would go to St. Samuel's Church twice a month to visit Father Utravsky.

As soon as he thought of "star", Emlyn pushed open the door of his house and saw a man wearing a mask holding a "star" card.

Mister "Moon", are you interested in exploring a relic of the "Demon Wolf"? There may still be relics of the "Demon Wolf of Order". "That's what the man said.

Emlyn looked at him suspiciously, and thought to himself: This "star" is a Sequence 5 like me, but it can perfectly avoid all the "rituals" and traps I set up...won't my doll He stole it all, right?

At the same time, the "Queen of Stars" came to No. 28 Kingston Street, and entered the living room under the guidance of the butler.

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