Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 133 Authority and container

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In the "Different Canon" of the Kingdom of God of the God of Truth.

After sending away the three "sages" Bernadette, Cattleya, and Aloran, Abner then examined the authority and symbols he had just obtained when he was promoted to the true god, as well as the knowledge he had obtained from the "unknown" and permissions.

The first is the combination of "knowledge" and "omniscient" and the new authority formed after the mutation. Although it is not as comprehensive as the "God's Eye" of the "White Tower", it can also make people want to know as he claimed. The knowledge to be obtained will naturally appear on the bookshelves in the kingdom of God.

And "knowledge" is "power", so as long as Abner thinks, he can give knowledge to any object or creature at any time, so that they can instantly gain powerful power.

The limit of his current ability is that he can use "knowledge" to create weaker "0" level sealed items or complete mythical creatures... Of course, due to the limitation of the materials that carry knowledge, this "0" The time that super sealed items or mythical creatures can exist is also limited.

Secondly, it is a relatively complete "fate" domain authority.

It is no exaggeration to say that Abner is now a symbol of "fate". When Klein becomes a **** in the future, if he can successfully "fool" him, then there is a high possibility of completing the ceremony of being promoted to "The Fool".

The third is the authority of "wisdom" amplified by the symbol of "unknown".

That is what Abner said when he declared that "the interpreter of phenomena and rules, the reason explained is the only truth in the world".

This authority gave Abner the right to interpret "knowledge" and "reason", and made his explanations the truth of the world.

For example, even if Abner declares that there are no microcosmic particles in this world, and that the world where the earth is located is composed of earth, fire, water, and wind, as long as he is willing to pay a high enough price and there are no other gods to stop him, this "declaration" can be achieved. Be the truth!

And before Abner withdraws his power, everything on the earth will be composed of elements such as "earth, fire, water, and wind".

The reason why this step can be achieved is because the authority of "wisdom" leveraged the symbol of "unknown", and temporarily labeled all rules with the label of "unknown", which allowed him to "interpret" new principles.

Because this is the most powerful authority he can grasp at present, Abner positions himself as the "God of Truth".

After all, he has the authority of "wisdom" to "interpret" all truths, and his words are the truth!

In addition, Abner named his Kingdom of God "Different Canon" not just for the purpose of playing tricks, but because he knew that the "truth" he had obtained by relying on interpretation was not the real "truth". , this "truth" naturally does not exist.

This method is essentially to forcibly define "heresy" as truth. According to some people in previous lives, it is "demonic way".

That's why the Kingdom of God was named "Different Codes" to make the "God of Truth" not so bright, and also to leave an "interface" for him to connect with his ancient **** "Demon Emperor" who is "degenerate, desire and disaster" in the future. . The "Emperor of Knowledge" in his honorary name is likely to be changed to "The Demon of Knowledge" in the future.

Finally, there is the authority of "secret"...

This authority comes from the "hermit" path, but the contact with "unknown" when he became a **** before has also been strengthened to a certain extent, so Abner can use some of the knowledge and information that he does not want others to know with " "Secret" is hidden.

But this authority is not as comprehensive as the "secret" of the goddess, and it cannot lock the "secret" of creatures into the "small black room".

Abner's first hidden secret was the news that he had become an ancient god.

After all, the war of gods has not yet officially started, and exposing his own combat power too early will only make the **** of war shrink back, or even hide it, which is of no benefit to Abner.

Not to mention that there is no way for the goddess to explain, even Abner himself needs the "God's Hand" of the God of War to piece together the "God of War and Destruction".

Furthermore, once Abner reveals the essence of the ancient god, the news of the "hidden sage" accident can no longer be concealed, even the goddess and Lily

The hidden connection between silk will be exposed... that will only make God of War run faster!

Speaking of which, the reason why Abner chose the abandoned kingdom of God of the "Blood Emperor" as the place to promote the ancient gods is also to try to hide the abnormalities that may occur in the "River of Destiny" during the promotion.

After testing his own authority, Abner, who was sitting on the throne, stretched out his right hand, invoked his authority, and used countless "knowledge" to piece together an "Abner Brain" from a few days ago.

This is not a historical projection, but the real Abner made up of "knowledge" or "information".

Every inch of skin on his body, every bone, and even every molecule and atom's "information" is exactly the same as Abner's a few days ago, plus the "interpretation" of the "truth" is the final conclusion, then this The "Abner" created by Abner himself with "knowledge" is the real Abner, but it is still at the level of the "Spirit Angel" a few days ago. Even the real **** can't see the flaws in front of him.

After becoming an ancient god, Abner could no longer leave the Kingdom of God at will, so he needed containers as a means of travel.

—He has a strong "pollution" not to mention, the key is that once he goes out, he will be easily discovered by other true gods, which will expose the secret of his becoming a **** prematurely.

Although Alvin, Vicente, etc. are all his bodies, they cannot be equated with Abner in mysticism. In the eyes of some kings of angels and even true gods, they are different individuals.

Since Abner, the "Viscount Beldan", is high-profile, there are many true gods and kings of angels staring at him, so he can't disappear in front of people for a long time, he must show up on appropriate occasions, otherwise

Certainly arouses suspicion.

Bayam, inside the secret base of the rebels.

Facing the challenge from the leaders again, although Danitz felt that what they said was, he was worried that Gehrman was from Loen, and his actions against Loen would provoke him Revenge, so I had to clear my throat, looked around and said:

"This matter is of great importance. Immediately prepare a clean and peaceful altar for me. I want to pray to God."

In an organization that generally believed in the "Sea God", such a request did not surprise the leaders at all, and even met their expectations, so they immediately arranged manpower to prepare for the sacrifice.

Above the gray mist, after listening to Danitz's prayer, Klein tapped the edge of the mottled long table in front of him with his fingers, thought for a few seconds, and realized "The World" Gehrman Sparrow.

The crazy adventurer immediately put on a prayer posture and said in a deep voice:

"...With the help of the current situation, directly negotiate with the high-level officials of the Church of Storms and Rosid Governor's Mansion, and exert the necessary pressure...The purpose is to force them to back down and accept the idea of ​​the Rosid people governing the Rosid Islands

The rebel army can guarantee most of the interests that the Loen people currently have, allowing them to safely dispatch troops and Extraordinary people to help Backlund...

"As for how to put pressure... I will make arrangements...

After finishing speaking, Klein let the "world" dummy dissipate by itself, thinking in his heart:

"Sharon has been successfully promoted to 'Cursed Object', Miss 'Judgment' has also completed the ceremony and became a Sequence 3...

"Not to mention Ms. Hermit, she actually became an angel earlier than me, a 'fool'...

"The rest of the members are also demigods of Sequence 4, with the ability to protect themselves.

"Perhaps, it's time for the Tarot Society to officially appear in front of people."

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