Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 132 god of truth

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I shall be the God of truth! "

As Abner's announcement fell, the nine "Asimo" bowed again, and then said in unison:

"Praise you! Praise you!"

"You are the emperor of knowledge, the source of wisdom; "You are the king of destiny, the master of secrets;

"You are the great God of Truth!"

Accompanied by their praises, the nine "Asimo" also completely threw themselves into the embrace of the "God of Truth" and became followers of Abner.

The knowledge that their race has accumulated for tens of thousands of years has also been integrated into the infinite bookshelves of the "Divine Canon", enriching the accumulation in the "Kingdom of God".

—Although Abner is known as the "Emperor of Knowledge" and claims that the desired knowledge will emerge naturally, but that is only his own authority.

If his believers hold a ceremony to pray for help in the future, he can't use his authority to obtain the corresponding knowledge by himself, that would be too troublesome...

Therefore, the accumulation of knowledge from "Asimo" is very necessary.

What's more, the nine "Asimo" have now integrated into his kingdom of God and become part of the "Extraordinary Canon", automatically playing the role of "Holy Spirit", so that the **** himself can avoid the embarrassment of the "Bright Commander" situation.

In short, this gift and blessing from the "God of Knowledge and Wisdom" really satisfied Abner.

Seeing the "Asimo" with the appearance of beautiful women quickly entered their respective "posts" to maintain the normal operation of the Kingdom of God, Abner, who was sitting on the "throne" that had returned to normal size, turned his attention to Bernard Dai, Cattleya and Arloran are three "sages".

"Thank you...without your help, it would have been difficult for me to survive the initial shock of those chaotic 'divinity'."

Ms. Ya Luolan stretched out her hand to stroke her long silver hair, and responded with a smile: "You don't have to be so polite with us... After all, if you fail, our fate will not be good."

Bernadette looked at Abner's face carefully, and asked softly, "How is your 'humanity' maintained?"

When asked, Abner first briefly described the risks encountered in the previous promotion process, and finally said with emotion: "In short, it is much better than expected, unknown", or "Liu Bo" is still in this period of time. I can't 'saw' for too long...but I don't have much time left, if I can't be promoted to the old days before December 1352, then I will face the counterattack of 'His'."

December 1352 is the end of the plot of the original book. From then on, the concept of "unknown" will continue to be strengthened until the end of the world reaches its peak.

Because after the apocalypse, even "Liu Bo", a real time traveler, will know nothing about it.

As for why Abner was able to talk about the "unknown" calmly in front of the three "sages"? That is naturally because they already have enough understanding of Abner's origin.

Not to mention Ya Luolan, when Bernadette peeked at "Pale Death", she was already polluted by the "Theatre of Memory" in "Unknown Land", and it was only a matter of time before she learned about "Liu Bo".

She figured out the secret of the connection between Abner and "Liu Bo" when she went to the low-dimensional world to look for the "Dark Card".

Cattleya learned about "Liu Bo" and "Unknown" after completing tasks in the low-dimensional world and receiving rewards for spying on the secrets of Mr. "Tower".

Although she is well aware that the knowledge about "Liu Bo" is very dangerous, Abner even reminded and warned her, but the concept of "unknown" is more attractive to "Secret Peepers" than reason, Cattleya , and even Bernadette couldn't resist this "instinct", and eventually became the "self" that the little snake Will teased.

It is also the attraction of the "unknown" to the "peeper" that made Bernadette and Cattleya feel "respect" for Abner from the bottom of their hearts, and only then was the "Three Sages" able to complete the pilgrimage to the birth of the new god. Rituals, gaining power from "mystical" knowledge, protected Abner's "humanity".

"December 1352

There is still one year left..." Cattleya pushed the glasses on the bridge of her nose and said worriedly, "Can't Mister Fool help?"

Although she knew about the relationship between Abner and Liu Bo, she didn't know anything about the "plot" and didn't know the details of "The Fool".

"This is a 'battle' between me and him, and outsiders can't directly intervene... After finishing speaking, Abner sighed, and added in his heart, "What's more, Klein's situation It may not be better than me... Tianzun is also very troublesome!"

As for why the "High-Dimensional Overlooker" was able to intervene with the help of the "Calamity Seal", Abner had several speculations, but he couldn't be sure until he really succeeded.

Although he has advanced to become the "God of Truth" and claims that he can obtain all the knowledge he wants, in fact he has to add a premise, that is, he is under the "old days" and has not been covered by "secret" and "secret". Those who were interfering with similar authorities sighed, Abner glanced at the three "sages" again, and then "suggested":

"You are all my favourites, why don't you just merge Elemental Dawn and Moss Penance, and join my future 'Church of Truth' together."

"Okay!" Ms. Ya Luolan's red eyes lit up, as if she had guessed something, she nodded very simply.

And "Queen of Mysteries" Bernadette's azure eyes briefly lost focus, but quickly regained their depth, and then nodded slightly: "I have no problem here."

Only Cattleya asked hesitantly: "Then... the hidden sage?" "He will no longer be a problem!" Abner "declared" in a quite sure tone.

For a moment, Cattleya was captured by the true spirit of him, and couldn't move her eyes away.

But she heard the other party add another sentence immediately: "However, just make preparations for the time being, and wait until the right time to take action.

When Abner and the three "sages" were discussing the issue of merging the two organizations into the "Church of Truth", in the ruins of the "God of Luck" underground in the "Fragrant Manor" on the outskirts of Bayam.

Alvin Abraham, Lucien Ivans, and Vicente Miranda emerged one after another, carefully observing the three "sacred artifacts" of "Excalibur", "Magic Mirror" and "Holy Seal". Surrounded by the body of the "God of Luck" that seems to exist independently of this world, they... no, only "he" thought in his heart:

"There is no change... Could it be that the 'God of Luck' really didn't arrange a backup at the point where I became a god?"

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