Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 131 distinguished name

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As the strange substance that combined three different paths of Sequence 1 Extraordinary Characteristics and the uniqueness of the "Wheel of Fortune" entered his body, Abner felt that his head, his body, and his soul were all expanding rapidly. , as if it might explode at any time.

Almost in an instant, he lost his sense of the physical body and the many "wisdom eyes", and watched them disintegrate and disperse, about to disintegrate into abstract and complex information.

At the same time, a crazy, contradictory, disordered, indifferent, lofty, but extremely powerful consciousness originating from the Extraordinary characteristics gradually awakened in Abner's mind.

It conveys one after another picture, some of these pictures are about the authority of "knowledge", "wisdom" and "fate", some are the dust ignited into the sun, and the magnificent scenes produced by various stars, all of which are full of wildness and indifference. , Cruel, crazy, condescending, and without any emotional mental imprint quickly assimilated Abner's spirit, making him change his state uncontrollably.

However, the image of the "Machine Emperor" formed by his anchor was retreating steadily in the face of this terrible consciousness pollution, as if he couldn't compete with it at all.

Just when Abner's consciousness could hardly sustain even self-awareness, the worship from the three "sages" and their heartfelt "respect" and "surrender" triggered a kind of The power of "knowledge" itself - "eternal faith", "pious prayer", and "immortal mind", they temporarily protected Abner's human nature, which was like a small boat in a storm, and could be capsized at any time, and the pollution of divinity blocked for a second.

It was also at this second that the situation ushered in a turning point.

Because deep in the "Unknown Land", the eyes of that "Unknown" existence opened a gap!

Although he is not fully awake yet, he no longer responds instinctively to the outside world as before.

In an instant, the "pollution" of "unknown" swept in, and the "divinity" that seemed "dominant" just now was eroded by this force, and finally it was only with the cooperation of "anchor". Resisting the opponent, but still at a disadvantage, may become part of the "unknown" at any time.

However, Abner's "humanity" protected by the power triggered by the worship of the "Three Sages" used the "favor" and "blessing" of the "God of Knowledge and Wisdom" carried by the nine "Asimo" at this time , cleverly leveraged divinity and anchors to block itself, and did not face the "unknown" directly at the first time.

However, the "unknown" pollution is clearly at the level of the old days, and it cannot be completely resisted by the divinity of the "ancient god" level.

I don't know how long it has passed, and seeing that divinity, anchor, and even Abner's fragile humanity are about to be assimilated by the "unknown", the aura of the existence deep in the "unknown land" has suddenly declined a lot—he once again He entered a state of deep sleep, but his half-opened and half-closed eyes did not close, as if he might wake up at any time.

With the "unknown" sleeping again, the ferocious "unknown" pollution finally eased, and a dynamic balance was barely formed between the remaining "divinity" and "anchor".

However, since the combination of "divinity" and "anchor" is not as strong as "unknown", the three cannot form a "triangle" structure, but the recovery speed of "divinity" and "anchor" is temporarily equal to the erosion speed of "unknown". , which stabilized the current state.

However, this balance is extremely unstable and may be broken again at any time.

At this time, Abner finally regained his memory little by little, and initially recovered the state before taking the characteristic.

"It's really scary... Even just a little contact, I was almost completely assimilated by that spirit...

"Fortunately, it is still 1351, and it is still in the time period of the original story, when the concept of 'unknown' is the weakest in this universe, otherwise, even if I am promoted to 'Old God', I will inevitably be assimilated by 'pollution'.

"Is that existence sleeping in the depths of the 'Unknown Land' really the former 'I'?

"What the **** did I go through to become so scary?!

"Could it be that my original world also appeared?

What happened that caused me, who was dawdling on the university campus, to embark on an extraordinary path and become a great man, and finally fell into this dimensional universe due to various reasons, which made all of this happen?

"Well, it's a pity that the moment I came into contact with him just now, all I got was an understanding of the 'initial' and 'unknown', and I didn't have any relevant memories of 'Liu Bo'...

"That's right, I am the ancient **** of 'Knowledge, Wisdom, and Destiny'. The first thing that gathers with me must be the content of knowledge, and then everything else."

Thinking of this, Abner waited for a while, while calming down the impact "shock" caused by the divinity on himself during the advanced stage, he was also waiting for the successor from the "God of Luck".

He became an ancient god, and the only "Wheel of Fortune" he used came from the "God of Luck". Abner didn't believe that he didn't do anything.

However, after waiting for a long time, Abner still didn't find any problem, so he could only wonder in his mind: "Could it be that the arrangement I made in the temple of the 'God of Luck' before I came to be promoted worked?

"Or, the 'God of Luck' didn't want to compete with me when he became a god... He was waiting for a better opportunity?"

While his thoughts were turning, Abner, who had recovered to his best state, stopped waiting foolishly, and his consciousness returned from the "River of Destiny" to his own body.

Although the process of establishing a balance between divinity, anchor, and unknown is described in only a few words, it has actually passed a whole

In just one day, the three of Bernadette, Cattleya, and Aloran

The "sage" who came to "worship" has already passed out due to spiritual exhaustion.

Abner, who was sitting on the throne of the "Blood Emperor", looked at them with gentle eyes, and was about to use his authority to restore the three of them to their states.

But at this time, the nine blond-haired "Asimo" suddenly knelt down in front of the throne and asked loudly at the same time:

"Dare to ask the honorable name of God?" "Dare to ask the honorable name of God?" "Dare to ask the honorable name of God?"

They asked three times in a row, with a humble but firm tone.

Honorable Name... Abner pondered for a few seconds, then stood up, with illusory and transparent brass-colored "eyes" appearing around him, he solemnly declared:

"I am the emperor of knowledge, the owner of all knowledge, and the knowledge I want will emerge naturally."

As soon as his words fell, countless bookshelves appeared out of thin air and extended in all directions, one layer after another, and the pages of the books floated in the mysterious wind.

"I am the source of wisdom, the interpreter of phenomena and rules, and the truth I explain is the only truth in the world."

The environment of the "Plain of Blood" changed drastically immediately. The original desolate land disappeared, replaced by a library without borders.

And the name of "Plain of Blood" has been erased It is now called "Different Canon", which has already been transformed into Abner's Kingdom of God in "Interpretation".

"I am the king of destiny, the controller of the destiny of everything in the world, and the destiny I declare will surely come true."

The physical condition of the three "sages" returned to a day ago in an instant. They woke up and looked at each other with surprise in their eyes.

Then, the three "sages" reacted one after another, stood around the throne, and began to listen to the first order of the newborn god.

"I am the lord of secrets, the lord of all secrets. No one can know the news I declare to be a secret."

In the real world, the kings of angels or archangels, such as Amon, Ouroreus, and Will, who had originally noticed a slight change in the "fate" ripples, and even the true **** behind them, could no longer interpret more information.

After a pause, Abner glanced at the three "sages" and nine "Asimar" holy spirits present, and finally declared:

"Therefore, my words are the truth in the world. I shall be the 'God of Truth'!"

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