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Following Ignacia, the "Saint of Gold" in "Holy Seal", the evil spirit of the former Pope of the Church of "Eternal Blazing Sun" in "Magic Mirror" has also been revived, and since all the seals have been lifted, other Although the strength is not as good as that of Angel, but it can be regarded as the top at the Sequence 3 level.

So Abner didn't do it himself, but let the "Magic Mirror" open the "cracked" "mouth" full of sharp teeth on the mirror under the operation of its puppet "Charming Apostle" Cesia, Swallow the "Puppet" Dax in one gulp.

During this period, Dax did not resist, and even became the "source of the curse" again to establish contact with the "magic mirror", constantly launching fatal attacks on himself.

However, the soul essence of "Magic Mirror" is not to mention an angel, the most important of its constituent materials is the extraordinary characteristic of "Black Knight", and it also herds a "Master Puppet" that can transfer damage...

Even in terms of survivability, ordinary "puppets" are far behind the "magic mirror", not to mention that Dax's spirit is on the verge of collapse and he is going crazy.

There was no more suspense in the subsequent battle. None of the Extraordinary of the "Rose School of Thought" in the city of Calaston ran away, and they were all killed by the angels and demigods present.

As for the items left by saints such as Dax and Bazin, Abner didn't ask for anything else because he had already grazed the "puppets".

Miss "Messenger" Reinette Tinekerr had already received enough rewards from Jiaxima before, so she just retrieved a skin texture from Bazin's corpse, its luster was dull, and its five fingers were slender. The severed hand with even flesh and blood was also a part of his lost body.

"God of Spiritual Objects" Torzina took away the Extraordinary characteristics of "Silent Disciple" Bazin as a reward for this attack.

Olnia glanced at Emlyn with a smile, and then, under his disappointed eyes, put away Dax's "1" level sealed item formed by the extraordinary characteristic of "Summon Master".

With this feature, he can create a more powerful avatar to sit in the Southern Continent. After all, the pollution in his body has not been cleaned up, and the time he can go out for activities is limited, and Mister Fool's "paper angel" effect Although it is good, it cannot be used frequently, because it may stimulate the power of the "Fallen Goddess" and make it explode again.

Olnia doesn't want to be dominated by the desire to "produce" again.

Emlyn on the side watched helplessly as the angels and demigods divided up most of the spoils, including the sealed item of the "Summoner" he was fancying and the sealed item of the "Witch King" held by a "wraith" , I felt a little uncomfortable, after all, this battle was facilitated by him and "Xing Xing", there is hard work without credit...

But he didn't dare to argue with the demigods and angels. He didn't see that the "Hermit" lady and the "Ferryman" of the "God of War and Destruction" church gave up distributing the spoils because they felt that they didn't make much effort. chance?

"This should also be my ancestor's test... Well, after this battle is over, the mission in the southern continent is also considered complete. I can go back to Backlund to find Earl Nibais to get the reward, and then from' From Ms. Magician', exchange for the Extraordinary characteristics of 'Witch King'.

"In addition, after Calaston is captured, all the conditions for exploring the 'King of Demon Wolf' with 'Xing Xing' to abandon the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled, and we may be able to gain something there."

After a few words of self-comfort, Emlyn was different from usual, not too excited and excited.

When he really saw the level of demigods, and even the battle of angels, he didn't feel proud, and his heart was heavy, full of pressure.

I just feel that I am not so easy to be the savior of the blood race, and the ancestors are very necessary for his experience.

Unlike Emlyn, who seemed to have entered the "Sage's Time", Miss Jane Grant was full of excitement and excitement at this time. She was holding the one hanging around her neck and it was broken into several pieces, and then spliced ​​together again. Whistle up, muttering to himself:

"Dad...Mom...Look, I'm one step closer to completely destroying the 'Rose School'!"

The whistle she was holding was exactly what Mr. Grant blew when he "sacrificed" himself, summoned the breath of a demigod, and saved his daughter

that one.

It was originally picked up by the "Singer of God" and placed in the sealed room of the "Punisher" team underground in the "Holy Wind Cathedral".

But when she celebrated her birthday in January this year, she received this whistle as a was stolen by Abner from the Church of Storms.

The reason why Abner did this was because of the "prediction" that Jane would steal the whistle sooner or later, and there was a high probability that she would encounter fatal danger, so he simply helped her get it back in advance.

Above the gray mist, inside the ancient palace.

Klein looked at the "Silent Disciple" Extraordinary characteristic that Miss "Messenger" gave him before, and couldn't help laughing at himself: "It's fine if you weren't there when the spoils were distributed, but I still have to squeeze my labor power..."

As soon as the previous battle was over, Miss "Magician" could no longer sustain the consumption and scattered Klein and the projections he summoned. Therefore, Klein used the vision of "Moon" Emlyn to finish the assignment. .

Fortunately, Abner did not forget himself, and left him the characteristics of the "puppet" that Mr. Azik projected and killed, as well as the magical items on his body.

Shaking his head, Klein manifested a pen and paper, and began to help Miss "Messenger" to divination the location of the rest of her body with the help of the spirit body remaining in his personality.

In the gray world, scenes of UU reading presented before his eyes...

"The main torso of Ms. Messenger's body is in the hands of 'God', and he made it into a "sealed item...  

"The right hand was carried by the 'Witch King' Karaman before, but Karaman died in the demigod battle outside the island of the Deep Sea Ceremony, that right hand is now in the hands of Ms. Helen of the Blood Race.

"Ask Abner to get in touch, and we should be able to get it back... However, I remember that Ms. Messenger and that Ms. Helen are already friends, and she may have known about it long ago.

"The legs and feet were given to several warlords or tribal leaders supported by the 'Rose School of Thought' for self-defense... This is not difficult to find, tell Miss 'Messenger', and she can handle it herself.

"Except for the 'Crystal Rose', the rest of the internal organs have also been turned into various sealed items, or sold out, or carried by the other angels and demigods of the "Rose School of Thought"... this is hard to find.

"As for the most important seems to be lost in the spirit world... I don't know if the four that Miss 'Messenger' is carrying..."

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