Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 108 Spoils of War and the End of the Demigods

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Just as the fierce battle at the angel level ended, the battles on various battlefields in the Karaston area also came to an end.

Hugh Dilza, the "Mage of Law" in the north, and the "Disaster Priest" of the elves, Emily the Great Elder who pretended to be the archbishop of the "Church of Storms", after receiving the support of the demigod mechanical clone of the "Morning Star City" member Annick, , immediately took the absolute advantage.

Under the command of Alfred, Loen's overseas legion also took advantage of the momentum to defeat the "Rose School of Thought" warlord coalition forces and achieved a brilliant victory.

The "Silent Man" Mahms immediately abandoned the two "wraiths" who were blocking the enemy demigod with him, and fled the battlefield alone after paying some price.

In order to avoid accidents, the mechanical clones of Hugh, Emily, and Annick did not catch up, but distributed the spoils on the spot while paying attention to the battle situation of the army below.

Annick made little contribution due to his late action, and only took two "Wraith" characteristics, while Xio and Emily each took one "1" level sealed item.

Xio got a shield named "Mountain". It was shaped like an unbloomed rose flower, but when it was fully unfolded, its diameter was close to 1.5 meters, which could withstand the full attack of the demigod level.

At least the large-scale lightning strike that Ms. Emily cast just now was easily caught.

However, its side effects are also obvious. After each use, it needs to replenish enough "life force", otherwise the life span of the holder will be drawn.

Xio is quite satisfied with this item, but it feels a bit too big, and it is difficult to hold it after unfolding...

As for "life force"? It's not troublesome, and it doesn't need to extract all the vitality like the "Alchemist" ritual. As long as it is distributed to the plants in an area, it will at most make them look sluggish and not grow well.

I just don’t know if “Mountain” is used to eating “people” in the hands of members of the “Rose School of Thought”, can they still eat “vegetarian”... If not, I have to hand it over to Abner, um, in his words , call it "tune-up"?

While Xio was thinking this way, Emily, the "Officer of Disaster", also "appraised" another "Scarlet Cloak". Very helpful for her.

After the three put away their spoils, they left Annick's clone to look after the army to avoid any accidents. Hugh and Emily flew to the direction of Calaston City to support other "allies" in the battle.


On the west side of the Calaston area, near a certain port.

"Pale Admiral" Maria and "Dragoon Lieutenant General" Gwen gained the upper hand after receiving the support of Katerina and Tracy's mother and daughter, but they failed to take down the "Rose School" immediately. That "puppet".

But that "puppet" is equally difficult to escape, even though he has sacrificed the "wraith" who was with him to block Maria and the two before, he still hasn't found a chance.

Just when the two sides were in a stalemate, there was suddenly a serenade-like recitation sound from all around. Although the poetry recitation level was not high, it gave people a sense of tranquility and silence, and people calmed down unconsciously. There is no desire to do it.

Even the "White Maiden" Katerina, who had the highest sequence on the scene, was not spared.

When the poem came to an end, darkness suddenly fell, and the "puppet" of the "Rose School of Learning" was also erased little by little with a peaceful face...

At the same time, Bruna, one of Roselle's former lovers, a high-ranking member of the royal family of the Spiritual Order, and a former princess of the Balam Empire with long black hair and brown eyes, dragged an ancient book from the "darkness". walked out.

That booklet is the collection of poems "Songs at Midnight", which is full of passionate, beautiful artistic conception, but poorly worded and sentence-phrasing poems praising the goddess of the night.

It is impossible to verify who the authors of these poems are, but their effects are undoubtedly at the level of "0" sealed items. Although the support from the "Spiritual Cult" was a bit late, it still came.


After the former chief of the City of Silver, who came from afar, also joined the battle in the city of Calaston, there was no more battles.


Emlyn holding the "Pure White Vision", Jane who contracted the "Demigod Evil Spirit", the historical projections of Klein, Azik and Botis, the "Queen of Stars" and "The Ferryman", " Dax, Bazin and others on the "Rose School of Thought" side are already in desperation.

What's more, after being entangled for a few minutes, Xio and Emily also rushed to the battlefield, making it impossible for them to even escape.

In desperation, Dax's face turned ferocious, and he felt that since he couldn't escape, he might as well use himself as a sacrifice, summon the "sinister" Siah to come, and die with the enemy.

He couldn't do this originally, but the "Level 1" sealed item "Blood Wing" in his hand corresponds to "Master Summoner", so it has relevant abilities.

"The source of all curses, the symbol of evil and beauty, the evil depraved in desire... "...I pray for your coming!"

After finding a chance to finish reciting this spell, Dax laughed wantonly, looking at everyone present with madness in his eyes.

But speaking of it, it seems that the honorable name of "Sinister" Siea has been changed once in the past few months. Although Dax doesn't understand why His Royal Highness Siea, who looks terrifying, has become a symbol of "beauty". When did he "degenerate" again, but this did not prevent him from praying for the power of the other party to kill everyone present.

However, he was doomed to be disappointed, because there was no trace of fear in the eyes of Klein and the others at this time, but a few people showed pity and mocking eyes.

How is this going? Dax looked back blankly at the "Gate of Summoning" that emerged behind his eyes, and found that what came out of it was not the terrifying "Abomination", but Olnia, Torzina, Reinette and other angels...

Abner, who had returned to the appearance of "Alvin", also walked out of the "door". He glanced at Dax who was looking dazed, and said with a smile:

"Because the 'road' is a bit far away, I used the 'miracle' to distort your 'spell', pointing it to Ms. Olnia next to me, and then borrowed your 'gate of summoning."

Having said that, he paused, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up, and continued, "What's more, Siah did not dare to come, so my 'miracle' can be realized more smoothly."

Why is this happening? ! It must be fake! Dax couldn't believe everything in front of him, and rushed towards Abner crazily.

Abner looked at him indifferently, bowed again in a very gentlemanly manner, and said:

"Then, in order to express my apology for borrowing your 'Gate of Summoning' without authorization, I decided not to let you completely 'dead' for the time being. Before the words finished, Abner reached out and took out the "Magic Mirror" from his pocket.

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