Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 107 the enemy

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Accompanied by the continuous burning of the black flames, the painful screams of "Silent Disciple" Jiaxima gradually subsided. Not only did his mutated head become gray and white, it changed from illusion to reality, turning into a stone sculpture, and even his The monster conceived in the abdomen also completely lost its spirituality and broke into countless small pieces.

After about half a minute, Jiaxima was silent again.

Facing the "sneak attack" of the king of angels in this path, and the "black flame" from the "primordial witch", this "silent disciple" had little resistance and fell completely.

Torzina manipulated the "Saint of Ashes" Sigrid's mature and charming body to come out of Jiaxima's body, holding a Extraordinary characteristic like a tiny "cage" in her hand.

"Praise. Your" "strength" and "my lord" Seeing this, Reinette Tinekerr bent down slightly, holding four blond-haired and red-eyed heads and said word by word.

Torzina handed the characteristics in her hand to her former favored person, and said directly: "There are still his remaining spirit and spirit body on it, you can take it to Mr. Fool, and let him help you determine the rest of your body. part location. "

As he spoke, he picked up the "0" level sealed item "Crystal Rose" that was transformed from part of Reinette's body, and with a light touch, it returned to its original appearance, and it flew back to Miss "Messenger" by itself. in front of you.

A head held by Donnette Tinekerr swung forward, and quickly bit the "Crystal Rose" that flew back, allowing it to blend into her spirit body.

Then, he used another head to bite Jiaxima's Extraordinary characteristics, preparing to hand it over to Klein for "divination" once the battle was over. —Klein owed him a lot of debts, and he was justified in evoking the other party.

At this time, Torzina looked up at a hidden space in the sky surrounded by the mist of "deceit", and then said to the former chief who had been "playing support":

"You go to support other battlefields... Reinette and I are going to drive out two vampires." After finishing speaking, he kindly pointed out the location of Calaston City.

"Okay!" The former chief of the City of Silver nodded and replied cheerfully.

In fact, he wanted to leave a long time ago. After all, in the battle just now, he only blocked Jiaxima who wanted to escape a few times, and it didn't have much effect at all.

And the reason why he didn't go was entirely because he came from the "Land Abandoned by God" and didn't know the way...

And the "spirits" in this area have all gone crazy under the pollution of the high-level "alien species", and there is not even one who can "lead the way".

In a certain "hidden space". "Blood Demon Lord" Wookiee and "Tentacle Lord" Denoga, who had been watching outside the battlefield, saw Torzina appearing suddenly and killed Gasima neatly. The former blurted out in surprise:

"Is that...the Bound God'? He occupied the body of a witch?"

"It's really scary! He should have recovered to the level of the 'King of Angels... and Reinette may also contain a Sequence 2 Extraordinary characteristic, and her strength is close to that of a normal angel... As long as she can Retrieving his previous body, he is still the leader of the "Temperance" faction who blocked "Abomination" from approaching for a day in the body of Sequence 2." "King of Tentacles" Denoga expressed emotion.

Just when the "Lord of the Blood Demon" wanted to agree, he suddenly saw Torzina's eyes looking at where he was, and then the other party flew towards the two of them with Reinette.

Wookiee and Denoga looked at each other, then turned into moonlight in a very tacit understanding, and fled away at the fastest speed.

Although they are members of the "Rose School of Thought" in name, they have absolutely no intention of working hard for the "indulgent" faction that believes in the "Mother Tree". What's more, Torzina's strength is too terrifying. Even if the two "creators" try their best, it is impossible to win.

After they escaped, the fog of "deceit" that shrouded the periphery of the hidden space quietly dissipated, and they turned into invisible bugs and returned to the northern area of ​​Calaston, a young man wearing red gloves.

On the other side, Torzina and Reinette, who noticed that the two "Creators" had escaped, immediately turned around and blocked the "King of the Curse" Baranka who forcibly broke out from the "Travel".


Seeing the "Bound God" and Reinette blocking the way, Baranka didn't have the slightest idea of ​​fighting. After eating Torzina's "curse" desperately, he finally rushed out of the encirclement.

If the "angel" wanted to escape, it would be difficult to kill it completely... and Reinette and Torzina didn't have the idea of ​​chasing it all the time.

However, Barranca's luck was really bad. In the melee in front of Abner's demigod a year ago, he had just healed from his injuries after being "cursed" by Torzina, but he suffered another attack after the first shot. A similar "curse"...

At this moment, the "Sorcerer Field" dissipated, and a young gentleman in a black formal suit, top hat, holding a "cane" and a beautiful lady in a red dress with a crown on her head appeared in the air.

These two people are Abner and Olnia, and they don't look like they just went through a battle, but they look more like returning from a dance.

Torzina glanced at the two of them, and asked, "How is Belloc?"

"Failed to kill the" evil spirit monarch...but he also suffered heavy injuries, and it was difficult to recover in a short time. " Abner said with regret on the surface.

With Dennett's memory, he understands why Torzina pays so much attention to "Evil Lord" Belloc, UU Reading www. Because it was cultivated by the "Bound God", and the first person to betray him and let him fall into the trap of the "Mother Tree of Desire".

But still the same sentence, an angel is determined to escape, and it is really difficult to keep him.

Of course, this is also because the main body and the three gods have not yet returned from the "low dimension", and Abner, who only relies on the power of the "Master of Miracles", is unable to do what he wants.

"You let him go on purpose?" Torzina didn't quite believe it, after all, Abner and Olnia didn't do their best when they saw it.

And he has seen Abner call out friends and show his strength to the fullest. . . . . . The "Saint of Black" Medea, who is also in Sequence 2 with Belloc, was dominated by such an offensive without even holding on for five minutes.

"It's just that I didn't try my best, I didn't deliberately pursue it..." Abner replied, and said with some meaning, "Also, I think it's actually better to let them go than to kill them."

"You originally wanted to intensify the infighting among the 'indulgence' would be better to let them go, otherwise Wookiee and Denoga would easily control the entire organization." Torzina thought After a moment, he nodded his head lightly.

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