Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 105 just 'playing'

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So the Goddess and Lilith are planning to make me pretend to be a "hidden sage" to form an alliance with the "God of War"? Is this going to play a double "backstab"?

Through the information revealed by the "God of Knowledge", Abner understood the plan of the two goddesses.

However, he is not disgusted with such an "arrangement". After all, both the goddess and Lilith have given him so much help and protection when he was weak, and he should have reciprocated.

As for the plan proposed by the "Two and Five Dragons", Abner has already thought of it. After all, the illusory "sun" in the "Unknown Land" is actually transformed by the remaining will of "God". After thousands of years of continuous "pollution", that bit of spirit is about to be assimilated by the "unknown".

But even so, it is still possible for the "Hidden Sage" to extract a Sequence 1 characteristic that he just took.

Seeing that Abner had no objection, the "Goddess of the Night" nodded slightly and said, "Then I will temporarily imprison him in the 'Deep Dark Heaven', so that he can "hide" his state and feed him the "Eternal Darkness" at any time." River" to prevent Him from waking up. "

Speaking of this, the "Goddess of the Night" put his eyes on Abner, and said in a soft and soothing voice: "Afterwards, you will also spend a certain amount of time every day to use the "Sun Purification Pool" in the "Dark Heaven"...I expect four In five weeks, the Emperor of Knowledge will be able to precipitate."

Although His face was unclear, Abner intuitively felt that He seemed to be smiling.

The "Mother Earth Goddess" has withdrawn her divine power at this moment, causing all the unnaturally growing plants on Sonia Island to wither, and by the way, the one who was hidden by the "Hidden Sage" but has not been able to get a response from the "God of War" The "back hand" - Boris, the "Glorious" of this world, also used the authority of "Desolation" to drain the vitality and let it die completely without realizing it.

Seeing Boris who had turned into dust, Abner remembered what the goddess had prevented him from using his backhand just now, and said after deliberation:

"Have you blocked the connection between this world and 'reality' long ago? "

"Goddess of the Night" first reached out and wiped the information group transformed by "Hidden Sage" to erase it bit by bit, then raised his head to look at Abner and said, "That's not the case... the specific situation is now Still can’t say, as long as you know that God of War hasn’t received any information about this place, you still think that the ‘hidden sage’ is preparing for the ceremony.”

Abner squinted his eyes, as if he had guessed something, but he wisely didn't ask further. He looked at the world that was already in the "doomsday", sighed and said:

"Since the 'Hidden Sage''s godhood ceremony is over, let's restore this place to its original state!"

After finishing speaking, he directly arranged the ceremony, communicated with the low-dimensional world created by the "high-dimensional Overlooker" himself, and began to leverage the power of "Abner" in that world.

Because of the agreement between Abner and the "High-Dimensional Overlooker", the "Abner" in that world has become the "Heavenly Master" under the source quality of the "High-dimensional Overlooker", and can borrow the "Source Quality" some of the permissions.

That kind of authority is enough to end the doomsday of this low-dimensional world.

Abner didn't use it before because this kind of ceremony was very cumbersome to arrange, and the movement was too loud, so it was easy to startle the snake, but now naturally there is no such concern.

After the preparations were completed, Abner suddenly remembered the plots in the stories he had read before. With a move in his heart, he stepped up to the sky and leveraged the relevant abilities of the "World Architect" to create a world that "the whole world" can see. to the screen.


Ruen, Xio, and Forsi were constantly "teleporting", avoiding all kinds of disasters with great difficulty. Seeing that the world is getting more and more dilapidated, it seems that it is really the end, and they inevitably think of the one who is always omnipotent. Abner:

"Abner, where did you go?"

Just when the two ladies were about to despair, they suddenly discovered a huge screen appeared in the sky, and a young man in a black suit appeared on the screen.

"Abner?! He's really not dead!"

Xio and Forsi were pleasantly surprised, and they who had been panicking suddenly

Relaxed. As long as Abner is around, any problem can be solved, even the doomsday!

And Abner obviously did not disappoint them, he said in a gentle and indifferent voice:

"The order is disordered, the rules do not exist, meteorites fall, dead bodies are revived, earthquakes and landslides, flooded continents, and thousands of miles frozen... This world has fallen into the end...

"And I am the savior, and reciting my name can solve disasters." At this moment, the whole world seemed to be strangely quiet.

Only Will, Hugh, and Fors who knew Abner laughed and scolded: "This is really his style. It's the end of the world and it's not right."

Almost without hesitation, they began to chant Abner's honorable name.

However, a large number of people who don’t know Abner are still hesitant. They prefer to believe the rumor that the true God created the “boat of salvation”.

Regarding this, Abner on the screen continued to speak peacefully:

"Recite my name and the earthquake will stop."

As soon as the words fell, the many living beings who were struggling to support the violent earthquake in the western part of the Northern Continent immediately felt that the shaking subsided, and it was quiet as usual. If it weren't for the deep crack, they might have thought the earthquake was an illusion.

"The earthquake really stopped?!"

Unbelievable and inexplicably shocked, the surviving people began to look at the screen in the sky with a little awe and worship.

Abner continued in a leisurely tone:

"Recite my name, the volcanic eruption ceases, and the earth fire magma solidifies."

On the central plateau, the volcanoes spouting raging flames and dust came to an abrupt end, as if blown out by the wind, and the spreading magma solidified into crimson things like crystals and glass.

"Recite my name, the cold will temporarily recede, and the ice will temporarily melt."

The temperature in Feysac's territory rose rapidly, the thousands of miles of ice suddenly disappeared, the earth rejuvenated, and the sea water flowed, but those creatures who were frozen into ice sculptures did not resurrect for the time being.

"Recite my name, and the sea will ebb temporarily."

In the Rorsted Islands, the influx of seawater receded, revealing a land full of shells and fish. "Recite my name, the pollution of the underworld will be completely removed, and all corpses will enter a peaceful sleep."

In the south of the Southern Continent and the Northern Continent, UU Reading's "Underworld" breath suddenly disappeared as if it had been evacuated by something, and the rotting corpses that were attacking humans fell to the ground one after another, sleeping peacefully.

"Abner...Abner has he become a god?"

After a long time, Fors asked stammeringly.

Xio didn't answer, but just looked at the figure on the screen, his eyes sparkling. …

Slowly falling back to the Sonia Island in the sea, the "Mother Earth" saw Abner's method and said with a smile:

"Is this completing the ceremony ahead of time to accommodate the "Emperor of Knowledge" and the "Sage"? He really knows how to take advantage of the opportunity... Although the effect of the ceremony held in the low-dimensional world will be much worse, he is not a serious "Secret Peer" path Extraordinary after all, and he is also good at the "Old God" path. enough. "

The "Goddess of the Night" at the side glanced at Lilith, and said softly, "No, you don't understand, he made such a big scene just for 'playing'...

"Everything else is secondary."

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