Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 104 Solution

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A drop of water from the "River of Eternal Darkness" dripped "accurately" on the top of the head, and the aura of the "Hidden Sage" immediately declined, as if it had lost its fluctuation and was about to fall into a state of eternal sleep.

But at this time, another terrifying breath suddenly rose in his soul, which violently clashed with the "river of eternal darkness", as if to help him break the fate of entering "eternal sleep".

Seeing this, the "Earth Mother Goddess" stretched out a delicate arm, and pulled out a blood-colored thorn from the constantly growing "plant" barrier around it.

The surface of this thorn bar has sharp thorns, and there is an atmosphere of "desolation" and "decay". This is the symbol of "Desolation" held by the "Mother".

The "Mother Earth Goddess" stretched out her white arms, and accompanied by an inexplicable and desolate wind, the blood-colored thorn covered with the power of "Desolation" was directly inserted into the chest of the "Hidden Sage".

Immediately, the balance was broken, another terrifying aura that was originally entangled with the "River of Eternal Darkness" disappeared rapidly, and the concrete body of the "Hidden Sage" also decayed and blurred in an unstoppable trend, turning into a mass of pure information flow biology.

Seeing that the "knowledge wilderness" breath that allowed him to "activate" fell into "desolation" and turned into a "knowledge desert", the "hidden sage" who was about to enter "eternal sleep" did not give up resistance.

He used up the last bit of strength to inspire his followers, no longer hide the location of this world, and pass his own situation through the hidden by him, the chief judge of the Church of God of War in this world, Boris the "Glorious" wants to With the help of him, the power of the "God of War" can come, and create opportunities for "life" for yourself.

In the captain's room of "Empire of Ghosts", "Giuseppe" saw that the goddess, Lilith, and Erwulong didn't seem to have time to react, so he had to close the "Hidden Sage" to understand the authority of "Liu Bo", so that the sudden The "unknown" pollution delayed him for a few seconds, giving the three true gods time to deal with the God of War judge.

But at this time, the goddess suddenly turned her head, and shook her head slightly at him through several "mirror worlds", so that he would not have to use this method that might bring more troubles in the future.

"Giuseppe", or Abner was taken aback for a moment, then nodded thoughtfully, and stopped communicating with "Unknown Land".

On the other hand, the "hidden sage" failed to wait for God of War's rescue until he completely fell into a deep sleep. It seems that his backhand did not work. The body of the "glorious one" did not receive any news from this world... ..

"Why?" With doubts and despair, the "information group" transformed from "Hidden Sage" no longer flickers, as if it has lost all vitality.

Next, the three gods briefly exchanged a few words, and decided that the "God of Knowledge and Wisdom" who had no more hands-on ability would guard the sleeping "Hidden Sage", while the "Goddess of the Night" and "Mother Earth" immediately turned Enter the "Empire of Ghosts" and help Abner seal and suppress William I and other angels.

It’s not that the goddess and Lilith can’t kill them, but it’s meaningless. This is a low-dimensional “world” after all. According to the goddess, everything is just “copied” data. Kill them here. They also cannot affect them in reality.

And want to overwrite the information of the angel's "death" to reality? With Abner's current strength, he might not be able to bear such backlash and consequences.

In other words, rather than paying such a high price, Abner might as well kill the opponent directly in reality.

Even if it is a "hidden sage", he is only going to cover the "information" of ordinary people into reality, and has no intention of caring about those extraordinary people... It can be said that those angels and demigods on the "boat of salvation" It's all just being used.

All in all, after "sealing" the angels of this world, Abner followed the "Night Goddess" and "Earth Mother Goddess" to the small valley with unbelievably lush vegetation, and saw the mass of "information" .

"This state is actually not stable. He may wake up at any time." "Goddess of the Night" reminded softly, "We have to deal with it as soon as possible."

"Can't you kill him directly?" Abner asked suspiciously.

"With my 'Death Scythe' and your "War Red"

'Now, killing him is not a problem....." The voice of "Goddess of the Night" sounded like a serenade, "However, after his fall, the uniqueness of the hermit, the three copies of Sequence 1 will also die The "information spread to reality through the 'River of Destiny', and fell into the hands of the corresponding Extraordinary according to the 'Extraordinary Aggregation'.

"Although we can intercept part of it, we can't get all of it...Although you only need a copy of the "Emperor of Knowledge" is enough, but this will expose the news of the fall of the "Hidden Sage", which is not conducive to Our next plan."

That's it... If you can't kill it, maybe you need some other means...

As soon as Abner thought of this, he heard the "Mother Earth" say with a smile: "Actually, I can impregnate the 'Hidden Sage, and let him give birth to all the characteristics in his sleep...but it's too rough If it is not, He may wake up early, but if it is born slowly, the time is too long, it may take one to two years."

Having said that, He added another sentence: "Well, it is real time... The low-dimensional time has no meaning for us real beings."

In fact, this is already quite fast. You must know that the "Mother Tree of Desire" tortured Torzina for seven hundred years in order to "give birth" to the second "God".

"Goddess of the Night" shook her head and said, "We can't wait that long..."

At this time, UU Reading www. "The God of Knowledge and Wisdom" suddenly interjected: "If you use the authority of the 'sun' to separate out its own characteristics, or use the authority of the 'Hanged Man to graze it', you should be able to prevent him from falling The news was spread. "

"Goddess of the Night" nodded slightly and said, "I only thought of these two methods...but neither the 'Sun' nor the 'Hanged Man' can be trusted."

The "God of Knowledge and Wisdom" blinked and said, "The uniqueness of the 'hermit' in his body and the two copies of Sequence 1 are very 'solid' and difficult to pry...but it has only been 'digested' recently." The "knowledge emperor" does not necessarily need the "sun" to do it himself.....

"And when Abner acquires the characteristic of "Knowledge Emperor" and becomes the "ancient **** of knowledge, wisdom and destiny", he will have enough ways to continue to leverage the power of "hidden sages" and even pretend to be him.

"In addition, Roselle's arrangement hidden in that characteristic has also been eliminated, and it is clean enough now."

As he said that, the "God of Knowledge and Wisdom" looked at Abner with his brass-colored eyes, and continued, "It will be safer to rely on the 'illusory sun' in the 'unknown' to handle this matter."

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