Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 66 Throne of the Blood Emperor

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On the battlefield of the Scarlet Plain, Gwen, who was exuding a "tyrannical" aura all over his body, gritted his teeth and tried his best to stimulate his "guardian" ability to resist those seemingly ordinary but endless attacks. "I still have to persevere...I still want to rescue Abner who is trapped here...I can't die!" While Gwen was muttering to herself, bright red blood flowed from the corners of her eyes and nostrils, which is spirituality. Signs of "overdraft".

But now she didn't even have time to take out the potion in her pocket, because once she relaxed, it would mean the team's defense system collapsed, and each of them would die at that time.

Gwen vaguely recalled the scenes of the past... In it, not long after she ventured out to sea, because of an adventure that was not cautious enough, all her companions and friends were buried in the mouth of the "dragon eye python".

She sold everything and only asked for a weapon that could hurt the giant python to avenge her companions, but she was possessed by the "devil" in the ensuing attack by monsters and became the opponent's "toy". how many terrible things...

It was not until he met Abner and was redeemed by him that he finally got rid of that terrible fate!

So, when she heard that Abner was missing in this ruins, she rushed over with her men without hesitation.

" road may come to an end..." Just when Miss Gwen was about to give up, her attention was suddenly refocused, and her exhausted spirituality was instantly filled.

Before she could show a surprised expression, a familiar voice came from her ear, it seemed to be her own, but it didn't seem to be.

"Those soldiers cannot be killed with extraordinary abilities, because in this 'scarred plain', all extraordinary will "decay", so they cannot kill anything.

"Here, only ordinary people's attacks can cause effective damage?"

Gwen sorted out the voices "heard" in her mind, and subconsciously looked at Forsi who was not far away, and it happened that the other party also looked over at this time.

The eyes of the two met. Although their relationship was not harmonious, at this moment they understood in an instant that they had encountered similar encounters, and both had been favored by "miracles".

At this time, Lydia, who has been providing treatment for the team, also said in a weak voice: "Those soldiers seem to be unable to kill with extraordinary abilities..."

Hearing this, Gwen immediately guessed that Lydia had also "heard" a certain voice, so without hesitation, while holding up the "guardian" shield, she drew out an ordinary long sword and killed several Soldiers ahead.

Then, she carefully observed the situation of the opponent after he was killed, and found that after turning into gravel, she did not recombine into a new enemy, so she lifted her spirits and gave an order: "Everyone should change to ordinary bullets, or use ordinary swords to attack those soldiers." Attack!"

Above the clouds, Abner saw that Gwen and the others in the parallel world quickly rushed out of the encirclement after getting the "correct" way to fight the enemy, and continued to run deep into the plain. He recalled the past when he induced them to recall when those people were desperate.

"Gwen's 'Story, it's relatively normal...' High-dimensional Overlookers, in that world, certainly can't make 'Abner' who knows the plot as 'Liu Bo,' so the 'Abner' there will not be there at all In the dirty cafe in Backlund's East District, he used the 'acting method' to get acquainted with Xio... This should also be the reason why Xio didn't come to the rescue after falling into the ruins in 'Abner...Because in that world, maybe they didn't know each other very well .

"Well, without Hugh and I going to Damier Island to help Mr. Gaston, the monster attacking the city that night might have caused serious damage, and because of this, Miss Gwen was possessed by the 'devil' hidden on that island. body…

"I remember that Damir was in the territory of a 'devil' in the Andrerad family in the Fourth Epoch. He was finally killed by the archbishop of the Church of Storms and died in Damir... Could it be that he is dead but not stiff? Goods? "But I didn't notice it at the beginning... I'll go back and have a look when I have time.

"Closing back, it's no wonder that Miss Gwen in that world is entangled with so many 'negative' emotions, and it's probably the sequelae of the 'devil' after being cleaned up by 'Abner.

“However, what’s going on in that world’s ‘Abner…

Although the upgrade speed is not as fast as the genuine me, it is far faster than ordinary Extraordinary.

"Well, judging from Forsi's related memories, there is also a hidden existence behind him, which is why he was able to help Forsi get rid of the full moon raving... There can't be 'The Fool, exist in that world, so Forsi can survive , completely dependent on 'Abner, which is why they can form a deep friendship.

"However, the 'Abner of that world and Forsi met at a literary salon, so they didn't get in touch with Xio.

"Lydia's memory about 'Abner' is not much, but she didn't seem to get together with Tran in that world...

"This is because of the lack of 'Liu Bo', she is actually a normal 'blood', without 'defects', so naturally she will not have any impulse towards Tran.

"It stands to reason that she shouldn't even exist...but the node of the 'timeline' generated by the 'high-dimensional overlooker' should be before and after 'Abner' is traversed, so it is probably forced to be 'reasonable'.

"Besides, how did the 'Abner' in that world get in touch with those four witches? Unfortunately, it is too difficult to read the mind of the high-ranking witch because of the obstacles of 'dimension'.

"But judging from the fact that they paddled the whole way and didn't even use the power of the demigod level when the team encountered a crisis, it seems that the 'Tudor' ruins came here for another purpose. "

While thinking, Abner and a group of spectators sitting on the "cloud" followed the team's perspective, watching them break through the siege, and after going through various extreme weather and disaster tests, they finally arrived at a majestic palace the size of a mountain peak forward.

That is the palace of the "Blood Emperor", and the core of the "Blood Plain" of the Kingdom of God.

After arriving here, there was no danger, which gave the already exhausted team a chance to rest.

During this period, Gwen and Forsi called the voice just in their hearts several times, but they failed to get a response.

About half an hour later, Gwen, Forsi and the others, who had recovered their combat power, mustered up their courage to step into the "Palace".

But who would have thought that the "palace" they saw outside was actually just an illusion. What they saw after stepping into the main entrance was just a throne as tall as a mountain peak and studded with various precious stones!

That is the seat of the "Blood Emperor" in the Kingdom of God.

At this time, there was a human being of normal height sitting on the edge of the seat, his eyes were dull, and he was holding a **** seal in his hand.

Everyone on the cloud turned their attention to Abner in surprise, because the person sitting on the throne of the "Blood Emperor" is the "Abner" of that world, and what he holds in his hand is a "0" level Sealed item "Disaster Seal"!

"I see... I understand what the 'Gaowei Overlooker' wants to do...Her target is Liu Bo, who is sleeping deep in the 'unknown'!

"Who gave him the courage? Could it be that after the symbol was strengthened, he wanted to get the 'source' that brought her promotion?!"

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