Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 63 gradually surfaced

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Hearing that Abner revealed what he had done little by little as if he had seen it with his own eyes, the mayor Lancer's face gradually became ugly, and he asked the question he asked once again:

"Who the **** are you?"

At the same time, he finally realized that things were out of his control, because the growth rate of the "decay" power was not as fast as he expected...

But Abner ignored him at all, only chuckled, and continued on his own:

"The patrol captain gradually got rid of your control and regained his sanity after getting close to the incarnation of Summer, so he decided to help the last Summer to fight against you.

"Using the relevant knowledge gained from being polluted by you, he taught 'Xia Tian' how to use the power of the kingdom of God that has been 'decayed and eroded... This has weakened your personal strength to the level of only Sequence 7, and you can no longer ignore the town Armed by ordinary people.

"So, on the one hand, you find other people to induce 'Summer', take advantage of his character weakness of eagerness to gain power and enjoyment, and constantly release the 'Blood Plain, the last' vitality, to create those seasons where resources can be harvested quickly. , further plunged the Kingdom of God into a situation of complete 'failure'; "on the other hand, you use some method that I have not seen, to replace the fate of 'summer', and even 'God of the Four Seasons', think When you complete the task, you must become the "King of Decline", the descending vessel of power, and merge with your Lord to avoid accidents.

"But I'm sorry, the accident still came... because this time the 'accident' was me!"

Having said that, Abner clapped his hands lightly, and then the phantoms of four long swords appeared in the four corners of the villa, completely sealing off the surrounding space.

It was a "reappearance" ceremony based on a "mysterious" event arranged by the four high-ranking witches with the extraordinary long sword made by Abner.

"My luck is really bad. Every time I succeed, I will encounter setbacks... I thought I was safe this time, but who would have thought that it would still cause you this accident...

"No, it's not that I'm not prepared enough, but that the holder of the key is beyond my ability to deal with it. I'm simply unlucky!"

Mayor Lancer sighed slightly.

He didn't choose to give up, but he was still delaying time through words in order to accumulate more strength.

In this regard, Abner pretended not to know, and said with a smile: "One time was an accident, but two times, three times, there were twists and turns every time. Do you really think this is an accident?"

"Of course I mean..." the mayor retorted subconsciously, but his expression changed immediately, and he murmured, "Wait, no... no, it won't be like that..."

"Could it be what?" Abner had already used the method of "manipulator" at this time, otherwise the mayor's mood would not have changed so much.

However, he didn't dare to directly invade the other party's mind. After all, as the **** of the Outer God on Earth, who knows what's ambush in the mind, so he is only "guiding".

But just when the mayor was about to say something in agitated mood, he suddenly "lost control"!

His whole body exploded in an instant, turning into dry branches, filling the attic room in a few seconds.

There was no life on those branches, as if they would immediately decay and turn into dust if they were touched.

Seeing this scene, Abner covered Alex's eyes as quickly as possible, "opened the door" and threw him into the "hidden space" he created.

Then, facing the entangled dead branches, he just snapped his fingers, and dozens of sword lights came first, strangling all the branches that were about to touch his body.

And Abner's body tries its best to imitate the high-sequence abilities of the two paths of "spectator" and "physician", "pacifying" and "healing" the other party's soul.

After about a minute, the "decay" power of the dead branch monster gradually faded, and on one of the thickest branches, three gaps appeared, which looked like human eyes and mouth.

Under Abner's "treatment", the mayor finally regained consciousness again.

" this happening?

"The mayor looked at Abner and asked with difficulty.

Abner pushed open the window, showing the snow scene that appeared outside at some point, and said indifferently: "You just killed an arm of "Summer" with 'decline' just now... The real 'summer' did not 'decline', , after he was killed, he naturally started a new life...

"It's just that the 'God of the Four Seasons' obviously also knows that 'autumn' is the strongest sign of decay, which is not good for him, so he jumped directly to winter... this is the season when everything is dormant, waiting to be revived again.

"Since you failed to completely decay the 'God of the Four Seasons,' the power of the 'Decadent Monarch' will naturally not be able to come... The power you obtained before is nothing but the decay of the 'Kingdom of God,' accumulated by itself" , that’s all, it will be exhausted soon.”

As he said that, he also used the "Magic Mirror" that he carried with him to show the scene where Miss Gwen actually killed Embrio with the "Silver Sword".

"It turns's like really bad..." the mayor said intermittently.

Regarding his self-mockery, Abner did not comment on it, and only after saluting, he asked with a smile: "Your Excellency the mayor, I wake you up, I have a few questions that I didn't understand... I hope you can Answer seriously."

"Why should I... answer the enemy's...question?" the mayor asked rhetorically. His breath at this time has been very weak.

"It's very simple, don't you want me to meet the existence that made you unlucky behind the scenes? No matter who wins or loses with him, you should be happy?" Abner said with a smile.

"You convinced me..." the mayor spoke again after a few seconds of silence, "Ask!"

" How did you know that the 'Blood-colored Plain' is here? Based on the information that Buna had obtained a hundred years ago, the other party should have known about the "Blood Emperor" Divine Kingdom a long time ago.

"Oh, you guessed a little wrong before... It's not that I corrupted the 'God of the Four Seasons', but the 'God of the Four Seasons' was the apostle of 'Decline' from the very beginning, but he refused to accept the will of our Lord, That's why I came here," said the mayor.

The "God of the Four Seasons" has been a believer in the "King of Decay" from the beginning? But she rejected him? is this possible? How strong is the will to be born of the Kingdom of God?

Wait... He said the apostle of "decay", not the "lord"... This means that the "God of the Four Seasons" may only believe in the authority of "decline" itself? That's why I don't want to accept the "declining king"...

But who is the "decay" she reveres?

Abner pinched his chin thoughtfully, and asked the second question:

"Why did you design Gwen and Lydia to come together...With your ability, it shouldn't be a problem to lure Alex here alone?"

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