Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 62 the whole story

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Seeing Abner who suddenly walked into the attic and exposed his identity, the mayor took off the heavy glasses on the bridge of his nose and said coldly: "Since you guessed that I am the apostle of God, how dare you come here directly? "

He didn't choose to do it directly, because the power of "decay" had not yet reached its peak at this time, and God's gaze could not be cast over him. Facing the "professor's assistant" who didn't know the details, the mayor decided to make a firm move first.

Anyway, when the power of the gods "falls" on him, there will be nothing in this town that can disobey him.

And Alex, who "killed" Xia Tian with a long knife just now, was even more confused. He looked around and couldn't help asking: "What's going on? We're not cooperating to solve the town's problems. Is there a way out?"

Why are the descendants of "Tuduo" a little "stupid"... Is this also the price paid for cross-channel promotion to the true god? Abu Naneri slandered, but on the surface he said with a nonchalant smile:

"Don't worry, I'll tell you the result of my 'reasoning' right now, and ask Mr. Mayor to verify whether it is accurate or not.

"As for why you came here? Hehe, let's put it this way, as a 'detective,' I would be very uncomfortable if I didn't tell what I speculated."

This is naturally a lie, because Abner is also procrastinating, one is to buy time for the witches to arrange the ceremony, and the other is to wait for the fun of seeing the other party discover the truth.

The mayor frowned, and looked around through the wall a few times, as if he had noticed the actions of the witches, but he relaxed instead, thinking that he had seen through the opponent's cards, so he smiled and said:

"Oh? It seems that Mr. Assistant, you didn't believe what I said from the beginning... Where did I show my flaws?"

He didn't pay attention to the rituals prepared by the witches, and was confident that once the power of the "god" descended, all the methods of the other party would be useless, and he would only fall into "decline".

"It's very know too much! I don't believe that the Sauron family will tell its guardians all the details of the ruins, let alone you even know the name of the Kingdom of God, Tudor!"

Abner paused at this point, his tone softened a little, and continued

Dao, "Of course, you have to disclose this information in order to help us, so you tested Alex and I's 'reasoning' and 'association' abilities from the very beginning...

"After I logically deduced that the person who signed the 'contract' with you is the 'God of the Four Seasons', you have a general understanding of the level of me and Alex, so you "performed" in front of us and fell into the melancholy of memories again. Deliberately showing flaws in the words, the mayor who made a contract with the "God of the Four Seasons" is said to be "I,...

"And you did all of this just to mislead my speculation, making me think that you are the mayor who signed the contract with the 'God of the Four Seasons', and obtained the 'Longevity' when you signed the contract, and then ignored some people in the town. abnormal…

"As for why you value me so much and want to deliberately mislead me, it's probably because your previous strength was suppressed to a low-medium sequence level, and you can't see through me, so you want to stabilize me first... right? "

"You are such a good detective!" The mayor didn't refute, and even clapped his hands and said, "Please continue, I also want to hear what else you know!"

He looks normal on the surface, but he is actually a little uneasy in his heart, because the growth of "decay" power is not as good as he expected, and even tends to slow down, so he can only continue to procrastinate.

But Abner was not in a hurry, he looked at Alex with his mouth wide open, it seemed that Alex, whose brain was already "smoking", took a step forward seemingly casually, blocking the mayor and the "picture" Between the descendants of Duo, this organized the language and said:

"The secret you've tried so hard to keep hidden is that you've been the apostle of the 'King of Decline' from a long time ago!

"Even the exploration team directly belonging to the Sauron family was able to discover the 'Scarlet Plain', and you may have guided it secretly in order to become the mayor of this town afterwards and complete the task entrusted to you by 'The Declined King.

"And that task, I am afraid, is to let the 'Bloody Plain' be 'decayed, eroded, and become the 'decayed king'

, the 'medium of descending power, right? "

As soon as these words came out, Alex on the side became more and more puzzled as he listened, and couldn't help asking: "'The king of decay, what is it?"

The mayor restrained his smile, frowned and said, "This is not 'push

Reason, something you can know... who are you? "

"You can treat the 'declining king' as a certain evil god..." Abner briefly replied to Alex, then turned his gaze back to the mayor, and said with a smile:

"Actually, my 'reasoning' can be known. After all, the 'clues are quite sufficient,' and the enlightenment given by the river of fate is quite clear."

After finishing speaking, he continued his "reasoning show" without waiting for the other party's response:

"Your plan was successful at the beginning, but it encountered obstacles when it polluted Tudor's divine kingdom with 'decay, power'...that is, the 'Blood Plain' gave birth to its own consciousness, and formed a mobilization inside it' The kingdom of God, the existence of residual power——'God of the Four Seasons,!

"This may be a coincidence that the residents of Andorra have worshiped the legendary "God of the Four Seasons" for thousands of years, or it may be the self-saving of the "Blood Plain", or it may be other reasons.

"But no matter what, the 'God of the Four Seasons' in the Kingdom of God hindered your mission, so after re-planning, you made a new plan,

That is, the later "season change, ceremony."

"Over a thousand years ago, the so-called 'seal, the failure of the entrance ceremony of the Kingdom of God was done on purpose by you!

"By the way, it was held earlier under the pretext of offering sacrifices to the 'God of the Four Seasons'

The ceremony of "strengthening the seal" is most likely a means you planted in advance, in order to develop some true believers in the "God of the Four Seasons" among the townspeople... After all, the wisdom of the "God of the Four Seasons" may not be too mature, and they will instinctively Be close to your believers Next, you deliberately let the power of the Kingdom of God leak, and lure the "God of the Four Seasons" to invade reality, causing the weather, or the chaos of the four seasons, and then pass through the original owner of the Kingdom of God The descendants of Duo's blood, holding the long sword of "decline, power condensed, constantly beheaded" the "God of the Four Seasons", some "weather, power condensed clones, let it continue to "decline, so that" The Scarlet Plain also declined.

"After all, all things wither and regenerate, and a certain 'decay' is only a part of this 'samsara', which still hides vitality.

"Only by letting him be killed with 'decay' in each 'reincarnation', can we truly exhaust the potential of the other party, and finally fall into eternal 'decline'.

"And this, I am afraid, is the most basic condition for the 'declining king, to be able to pass through the barrier and descend to power!

"Once you succeed, the 'Four Seasons' that has been completely 'decayed and corroded'

God will immediately become the perfect container for the "declining king". With the help of the declining kingdom of God that gave birth to her, even the true gods will have no good way to deal with it.

"It was like this...but the accident happened again before it succeeded!

"The last 'summer', before being 'declined and eroded,' Tudor, who was his 'executor', escaped unexpectedly...

"And this accident has a great impact on you, because the ceremony is about to be completed, and the 'God of the Four Seasons,' summer, clone can also control the 'decay, power, and even authority accumulated by this town and the Kingdom of God than you It's even higher... That's why you deliberately let that patrol captain see your true colors, thereby polluting and manipulating him to guide that "Xiamen", the avatar indulges in pleasure and does not think about making progress.

"Unfortunately, the accident happened again... The captain unexpectedly escaped your control."

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