Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 58 reunion

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The latest website: Gwen, Forsi, and Lydia are all very experienced people, and they understood the meaning of Abner's words in an instant, so they didn't have to be hypocritical, and they climbed up to the big one at the fastest speed. the bed, put the quilt on the body.

During this period, Forsi activated the "Record" ability again, and changed back to the appearance she had disguised before.

Only Lydia, after thinking for a while, pretended to be weak and fell to the other side of the bed.

Seeing them "take their positions", Abner took the time to mess up the collar, and relying on the ability of "creation" to create some scents, then opened the collar impatiently in the usual posture of "high priest". bedroom door.

——As for the "imprisonment" of Embrio, the ceremony and altar to extract his "traits" are naturally separated in the "hidden space" by the ability of the "mystic mage", and outsiders cannot find it.

As the door opened, the patrol captain who was waiting outside immediately smelled a "familiar" smell. He also took the opportunity to glance into the room from the corner of his eye, and after seeing the situation on the bed clearly , and quickly lowered his head.

His heart was full of envy, but he didn't dare to have any unreasonable thoughts. After all, in today's small town of Lancer, the authority of the "high priest" was already higher than that of the mayor.

"What happened? " Abner stood at the door and asked with a firm tone.

"High Priest, Your Excellency, four young ladies have entered the town again..." The patrol captain reported what he had just said outside the door, and finally glanced at the face of the "High Priest", He added, "Those four ladies were very pretty, even more...more..."

He hasn't read any books, so his vocabulary is poor, and it took him a long time to figure out what words to use to describe it.

Abner naturally knew that the people who came were his witches, after all, they had prayed to him for protection after they entered the town, but at this moment, he, dressed as "Embrio", still had a pair of bright eyes looking anxiously, "Where are they now?"

"It's at the top of the stairs, and my team members are guarding it." The patrol captain replied respectfully.

"Good job! "Abner praised him, and then asked the other party to bring people here, and asked casually, "Has anyone else entered the town?" "

The patrol captain had just greeted his team members when he heard the question from the "High Priest", he quickly bowed again and answered:

"Five people have already entered the town one after another, but none of them are young and beautiful ladies, they were sent directly, VIPs, upstairs. "

Speaking of this, he couldn't help but whispered: "High Priest, Your Excellency, is it really okay to allow outsiders to enter the town? Although this is the will of the Lord, it may also make that one stand up what......"

While speaking, the patrol captain vaguely pointed to the ceiling with his hand, obviously the "one" he was talking about was the mayor in the attic.

"Don't worry, you should know that I am the 'lord, the only one, the priest,, yes, the lord, bestowed with immortality, I am not afraid of any plots and schemes, no tricks by that old man will work! "Abner learns" Embry

Ou" tone, replied with disdain.

The patrol captain sighed helplessly, but said nothing more. Based on his understanding of the "High Priest", the other party

I'm afraid I'm a little impatient now, if I try to persuade her again, it will be counterproductive.

However, he wasn't really worried. After all, the "high priest" was right. The mayor's family had been "declining" for many years. The position of "high priest".

At this time, the four witches, Aglaia, Natalia, Margaret, and Katerina, were "led" by the patrol team to the bedroom. He winked at him, and Abner immediately put on a "sex granting soul" appearance, stared at their slender bodies for a long time, and then waved his hand and said to the patrol members:

"There are two more hours and the 'surface' will be opened, and you all go back and get ready

, Try to take the harvest of these days in other seasons to the wharf and sell it at a good price. "

After saying that, he couldn't wait to bring the four witches into the bedroom, and closed the door behind him.

"Hey..." In the corridor, the eyes followed the smooth back of the witch until the team members who were blocked by the gate sighed regretfully at the same time.


Outside the strong city wall at the entrance of the valley where the small town of Lancer is located, three figures hid in the dark, watching several "hunters" approaching demigods step into the "city gate".

"That way, the door, there is a problem! "

A man over 2.3 meters tall, with iconic red hair, and wearing full-body standard armor said in a deep voice.

Einhorn, so what's the obvious? Even Antigonus, that half-fool here, can analyze it. "Another man not far from the tall man said disdainfully.

This man was young and handsome, with red hair, a banner mark between his eyebrows, and wearing blood-stained damaged armor. He was the "Red Angel" Medici who was beaten away by the angel of the "Church of Knowledge" not long ago.

"Okay..." We have already separated, there is no need to provoke each other like this anymore! "The owner of the last figure also said in an elegant female voice at this time, "The important thing now is whether we should also follow..."

The one who spoke was a young and beautiful woman wearing simple silver-gray armor. She was the original "three-in-one" angel and evil spirit spirit that had taken from Abner the extraordinary characteristic of "Immortal Witch". One of the ancestors of the family of Sauron.

These three "old friends" who have been "inseparable" for thousands of years meet again outside the nameless town of Lancer.

And the other five outsiders that the patrol captain reported to Abner before were their respective subordinates.

Sauron, your temper has improved a lot since you turned back into a woman! Hehe, if Einhorn can also change back, then we have no reason to quarrel. "Medic's words immediately drew Einhorn's glare, but he didn't care, and said instead, "My subordinate entered the town and lost contact with me... And the Lord has not given me any revelation... What about you? "

"It's the same on my side... It's strange, even if the town is really the kingdom of God of Tudor, now that he has fallen, it is impossible to cut off the connection between me and the anchor." Ai Inhorn glared at Medici and said.

"I'm afraid there are some troublesome things inside..." Sauron also nodded, and said solemnly.

So you mean not to go in? Medici narrowed his eyes and asked intentionally.

"how is this possible? ! Go in and destroy it, of course! " Sauron and Einhorn retorted in unison.

Not for anything else, just because it might be the divine kingdom of "Tudor"! As an "evil spirit", no matter how good the state is, some "obsessions" cannot be eliminated.

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