Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 56 camouflage

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Latest URL: These beautiful ladies are of course the high-ranking witches who were "called" by Abner to stir up the muddy water. , "White Maiden" Katerina, and the original "Doomsday Witch" Aglaia Constantine who manipulated the arrival of the body of "Yellow Maiden" Natalia.

Among the "Blue Saintess", "Grey Saintess" and "Purple Saintess", the former is already a dead person.

The body still exists, and it has always been the "container" of "Succubus" Monica...But since "Ghost Empire" crashed in Tufeng's secret mausoleum, Monica has really taken back herself The Extraordinary characteristics are being reintegrated, so this time it didn't come over.

The latter two are complete "puppets", currently being brought by Abner's side.

As for the "Saint of Gold" Ignacia, she still sleeps in the "Seal" most of the time, and only occasionally uses the body that Abner helped him retrieve to go out, and now she also follows Abner.

It is worth mentioning that after the death of George III, after Abner got the "Fairy of Truth", an item from the path of the outer gods, the "White Saint, Katerina" came from the collection room of "Alvin's Palace". Li was released to help Abner deal with affairs.

However, after receiving Abner's call this time, she also left her work and came to the small town of Lancer.

"The environment here is not right... not only is it weakening my extraordinary ability, but also permeates the atmosphere of depravity, greed, and indulgence..." As soon as I stepped into the interior of the town, "The Black Saint Female Medea noticed something strange.

Although the "summer" environment in the small town of Lancer is very domineering, it cannot completely restrain an angel-level powerhouse.

Medea only realized that her extraordinary ability was restricted, but she didn't fall into a "detachment" situation like the previous Gwen team.

But she can fight, it doesn't mean "Red Maiden" and "White Maiden" are also good, these two "Immortal Witches" only

After walking a few steps, he was already drenched in sweat, and the few clothes on his body were completely soaked, so that the patrols or policemen who were in charge of guiding the way could hardly move their eyes.

As for the former "Doomsday Witch" Aglaia... the influence of this bit of authority can't restrain her.

"It doesn't look like the ability of a known extraordinary path... Aglaia pondered for a few seconds, then looked at the two witches "red" and "white" who were still gritting their teeth to resist, and ordered very bluntly: " Pray to him directly, and seek his protection, lest you become a lezan."

For Aglaia, the "Red Maiden" Margaret is her descendant. The "White Maiden" Katerina is Chick's former subordinate and also a junior, so she doesn't need to be polite when she greets her.

As for the "he" in Aglaia's mouth, it is the new "belief" object that Abner set up for the witches under him--"Demon Emperor"!

That is, the ancient **** who was going to "put together" to prove the "fall" and "disaster".

Hear the unquestionable words of Aglea. The Red Saint who has long been "brainwashed" or "controlled" by Abner

Without any hesitation, "Female" and "White Maiden" recited directly with the ancient Hermes method:

"O great Emperor above witches and succubi;

"You are Lord of Desires;

"You are the source of corruption.

"I beg your help.

"I pray for your favor.

"I beg you to grant me the strength to resist the anomalies in this place..."


On the second floor of Lancer Mayor's villa, in the bedroom of "High Priest" Embrio.

Seeing the "unfathomable" smile on Forsi's face, Miss Gwen couldn't help pursing her lower lip.

Abner always showed a similar smile, which increased her trust in Forsi somewhat, but she was still on guard.

"But if we don't kill him, we will be besieged by patrols when the townspeople come to look for him later." Gwen thought for a while, then pointed to the black-haired young man who was still clutching his broken arm and howling. Said.

She herself is not afraid of those with guns

Ordinary people with weapons, but her team members are powerless to resist at this time, once the face is torn, it is inevitable that there will be injuries.

"This is indeed a problem..." Fors nodded seriously, then chuckled, "So let's leave it to professionals to do this kind of mental work!"

While speaking, she grabbed a few times with her right hand, and dragged out a male figure in a silk nightgown with short brown hair.

Abner’s historical pore image...Gwen’s eyes lit up when she saw it. She had seen Abner use this ability before, so she was “knowledgeable”, and her vigilance against Forsi was lowered again. Not a lot.

But why is this historical image wearing a nightgown... Before Miss Gwen had time to think about it, she saw the projected eyes of "Abner" turn slightly, and suddenly became deep, which made her unconsciously attracted and stared blankly. It took several seconds to recover.

Abner glanced at the situation in the room, then looked at Fors and Gwen, and praised: "Good job."

Then, without looking at Miss Gwen's reddish face and Forsi's "proud" expression, he went straight to the so-called "High Priest" Embrio, and reached out to pick up his broken arm.

The next moment, he simultaneously used the powers of "wisdom", "creation" and "creation" to make that arm "grow" in an instant.

It became a new Embrio, with exactly the same breath and appearance as the one rolling on the ground, and even the clothes on his body were the same.

After doing this, he nodded to the "new" Embrio who had opened his eyes, and then his figure faded away and disappeared in place.

It's not that he doesn't want to stay for a while, but because Forsi is only a Sequence 5, and it's already very difficult to maintain an angel's projection. She has just used authority continuously, and her current situation is worse than that of the one who is still panting on the bed. Lydia was even worse.

If she doesn't leave, she will really be called "dried salted fish".

Fortunately, the "Embrio" just "made" is also his clone in essence, and can exist independently in reality for a long time, without the need for Forsi to continue to provide At that time, the real Embrio had stopped howling. He looked at the new body of "Abner" as if seeing a ghost, and murmured incessantly:

"How is it possible... how is it possible? !

"You impostor still contains my essential characteristics? ! "

Hearing this, Abner saluted, and said with a smile: "I'm sorry... As a reader, an Extraordinary in the way, I'm best at 'copycats' and 'falsifications'... .

"And in order for me to feel more realistic, I have to ask you a favor. "

After finishing speaking, Abner did not wait for the other party's reply, and directly used the existing materials to arrange a ceremony, and trapped the so-called "high priest" on the main altar.

"Okay... In this way, I can continuously extract those qualities from you, making the disguise more difficult to see through... Even if the old guy in the attic Nei probably won't be able to see it either... I'll definitely be able to give him a big surprise then!"

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