Mystery: Start with the Reader - v10 Chapter 52 kill him

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The latest website: "Enter other 'seasons,? Make it clear!" Ms. Gwen further posted the "Sword of Xiyin" in her hand

Close to the artery in the neck of "High Priest" Embrio.

The dark-haired young man showed no signs of fear on the surface, but he responded with a smile:

"You should feel that this town is under the watchful eye of 'My Lord, and it will always be the hottest summer.

"And in summer, 'My lord, reject all extraordinary powers that are not recognized by him, that's why your physical strength declines so quickly that you even have difficulty standing up."

Having said that, he glanced at Lydia, who was lying on the bed, who didn't even have the strength to turn over, and continued with a smile, "Let's not talk about you, there used to be a so-called 'saint who couldn't fight' my lord, His divine power was finally overwhelmed by 'My Lord' and became a devout follower of God.

"It's just that I didn't expect that you, as the leader of their team, are actually an ordinary person... and a knight with outstanding skills... If I had known this, I would definitely be special to you Take care of it."

Hearing his words getting more and more presumptuous, Miss Gwen wished to kill him directly, but considering that she still needed more information, otherwise, not to mention saving people, even her own team might be trapped here, so she only After sternly yelling "Be honest!", he continued to ask:

"You said that the town of Lancer has always been in summer, but after I entered the town, I saw some areas with obvious spring, autumn, and winter scenes... that is the 'other' that will cause people to disappear season,?"

Seeing the question, Embrio showed fanaticism on his face, and said in a very pious tone: "You guessed right, those different 'seasons' are gifts from our Lord!

"Spring is the season of revival of all things. The corresponding area, whether it is plants or animals, will reproduce at the fastest speed, and you can get a lot of materials, meat, egg and milk... Of course, it is also feasible to quickly reproduce the population …

"Autumn is the harvest season, food and most of the crops are available in that area, so the town is never short of food.

"Although winter is the season of silence for all things, it also heralds a new life, which is about to start, so you can get many mineral deposits that are buried deep in the ground and can only be formed after countless years of silence.

"Because it is the gift of 'My Lord', only believers of 'My Lord' are eligible to enter those 'seasons, harvests

All kinds of materials, if outsiders rush in rashly, the only end will be to be swallowed by the God's Domain of "My Lord."

"Of course, not everyone is eligible to go in even if they are 'believers'. Who can go and who can't go can only be decided by me, the high priest of the gods."

At the end, there was a little "pride" in his tone unconsciously.

So it turned out to be like this...It seems that Joanna and Simon may have entered other "season" areas in a panic during the process of escaping from this town...Miss Gwen thought about the place Nodding his head, he roughly figured out what happened to his team members before.

As for whether this so-called "high priest" will lie to herself? Ms. Gwen thinks the probability is very small. The black-haired young man in front of her is a typical "little man who succeeds". Even if he is held hostage, he can still control the situation. Speaking so much now is more like the "hope" given before playing with the prey.

While he still maintains this mentality, he might as well ask for more information... While thinking this way, Miss Gwen asked again:

"Why haven't the residents of other nearby towns and the adventurers of Andorra noticed Lancer's anomaly?"

Logically speaking, with such a big problem in summer all year round, the church's Extraordinary Squad has already come to the door.

On the other side, on the top attic of the villa, the mayor is also telling Abner and Alex about the past of Lancer Town:

"The Andorra Mountains used to be the palace of the Blood Emperor, Tudor, but for some reason, few people knew about it, and no one had even seen the appearance of this palace.

"'The Battle of the Four Emperors, after Tudor fell, An

The land of Doyle is occupied by the Kingdom of Intis established by the Sauron family.

It is said that several waves of expeditions have come here to search for the remains of Tudor, but they have not found anything.

"Until the end of the 'Pale Calamity', the fifth era when the gods no longer walk on the earth, a branch directly belongs to the royal family of Sauron

The Extraordinary team discovered the method to open the so-called 'Palace' by accident.

"The Sauron family quickly formed an expedition team led by an angel and participated by several family demigods. After going deep into the ruins, they suddenly discovered that the one hidden in the Andorra Mountains was not Tudor's at all. The palace, but the **** plain of the "blood emperor's kingdom of God"!

"In the end, after paying the price of the fall of many demigods and the severe damage to the family's angels, the Sauron family successfully took away a legacy of the 'Blood Emperor' from the 'Blood Plain'...that is, "0, level sealed item, containing the 'conqueror, extraordinary characteristic' seal of disaster,.

"Later, in order to block this news from the church and the enemies of the Sauron family, the Intis royal family pretended to invest in the development of the Andorra territory, and established the "Blood Plain, the entrance to reality, that is, this valley." 'Lancell, small town.

"Hehe, 'Lancer, that's actually the name of the first mayor and my ancestor."

Speaking of which, the mayor seemed to be caught up in the response, and his eyes were a little empty.

Abner thought with a little surprise:

Is the "Calamity Seal" taken out from here? This does not match the records of the Sauron family... That's right, they only reported the name of the "Calamity Seal" to the church and numbered it, but He didn't talk about the ability of the "Calamity Seal" in detail, so he naturally didn't want the "Blood Plain" to be exposed, and the church and other forces would notice his trump card.

However, the "Disaster Seal" is worthy of its name, it brought all "disasters" to the Sauron family!

Well, I remember that in the Sauron family information obtained through Elaine, there is a record of a "weather warlock" who died inexplicably. He should be the unlucky guy who led the team into the "Blood Plain", right?

It seems that Sode suffered more serious injuries than the mayor said when he got the "Calamity Seal"!

And this should also be the beginning of the decline of the Sauron family...

Hehe, since the "disaster seal" can be polluted by "I" on the "upper body", it means that it should have "

"Spirit" is "alive"...then who was it originally? "Blood Emperor" Tudor?

While thinking about it, Abner saw the old man sitting in the middle of several rows of bookshelves sigh slightly, and then listened to him continue:

"The original residents of this town were the confidantes cultivated by the Sauron family and possessed absolute loyalty. They thrived in the small town of "Lancer, but the mission of guarding the entrance to the Kingdom of God has never been forgotten, and has been passed down from generation to generation.

"Although most of their descendants don't know what they are going to guard, they have always followed the ancient teachings and held regular rituals to strengthen the entrance seal.

"Of course, what is declared to the outside world is the worship of the 'God of the Four Seasons,' an evil spirit invented by bards.

"This situation continued until a thousand years ago, because of a mistake by the townspeople, the 'seal, the entrance ceremony'

Unable to complete, the power of "The Kingdom of God" began to invade reality, gradually making the weather near the town abnormal, making it no longer suitable for human habitation.

"Just when the only mayor who knew the "ceremonies, secrets, and the origins of the townspeople" was hesitating whether to ask the Sauron family for help, an unexpected "person, appeared!"

The mayor sighed again, and took a sip of the coffee on the table without haste.

"Why is the mayor hesitating? This kind of anomaly caused by a mistake, is the first choice to report to someone who can solve the problem?" "Hunter" Alex interrupted and asked, "Could it be that the mayor is a curly-haired baboon ?”

The mayor glanced at him blankly and said with emotion, "As expected of a hunter, ah!", and then organized

The next language replied: "The small town of Lancer had not been in touch with the Sauron family for hundreds of years. Everything the mayor knew

Everything was told to him by his father before his death... Regarding those things, he was actually not sure at that time, so he would naturally hesitate. "

At this time, Abner interjected with a smile and asked: "Hehe, according to the routines in some 'stories,' the so-called unexpected

The ‘man’ who arrived is the ‘God of the Four Seasons,’ right?”

"Yes... the mayor nodded and sighed, "The four seasons that only exist in the song "The Bard"

The God of God actually appeared in front of the mayor just like that, and told him: Chi can solve the problems encountered by the small town of Lancer, as long as the mayor becomes her apostle.

"So, the mayor, who couldn't bear to watch the town being destroyed, accepted the suggestion of the 'God of the Four Seasons', became the other party's apostle, and made a new "ceremony, contract" with him, ending the town of Lancer 'The weather, the chaotic situation.

"And the new ceremony requires 'Tuduo, the blood descendant of the family, relying on a weapon bestowed by the 'God of the Four Seasons'

, at the end of each season, the "God of the Four Seasons," Season, is stabbed to death, making this season decline, and then ushering in the next season...

"A season of death ~ ~ a season of life!"

Hearing this, Abner immediately reacted: "Then the current situation in the town is...the ceremony was interrupted?"

"Yes...Because of the turmoil during Emperor Roselle's time more than a hundred years ago, the only one in the town who has the blood of Tudor

The descendants of the descendants fled the town and disappeared... so the small town of Lancer was left forever in the summer.

"And Xia Tian, ​​who was supposed to be stabbed to death by that special weapon, also stayed in the town. He gradually became more and more like a human being from ignorance,...

"Because I neglected to teach him, his character became worse and worse, and finally he even called himself 'High Priest,' and used

Almost all the townspeople obeyed his orders..." As he spoke, the mayor looked at Alex, who was in a daze, and said solemnly. "My first request to you is...

"kill him!"

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