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After being promoted to "Wisdom Angel". Abner doesn't know much about the things in this world...

In addition to a series of things produced by his own "unknown", only the "insight" involving the true **** and the existence of the old days can hide from him.

Of course, archangels and kings of angels with special authority are also acceptable.

"I just don't know what kind of 'God of the Four Seasons' here!" Abner was observing the residents of the town.

While making every move, he was silently thinking.

And at this time, the young man who seemed to have a lot of status in the town and could give orders to the patrol captain at will said again:

"Confiscate the firearms of these 'guests,' and take them to the 'guest room, so... well, except for the two of them..."

While speaking, the young man pointed at "Hunter" Alex and the changed appearance of Abner.

"Yes, Lord High Priest." The patrol captain bowed and saluted.

Seeing this, Alex, the "only" still able to fight in the assault team, wanted to give it a go, but suddenly saw his captain shaking his head covertly, so he suppressed the urge to do something and did not resist.

The young man known as the "High Priest" nodded in satisfaction, then looked at everyone again, picked out Gwen, Lydia, and Forsi from the group, and said solemnly: "In addition, the These three ladies were taken to my room, and I personally received them."

Hearing this, Miss Gwen narrowed her eyes slightly, and she had already sentenced the so-called high priest to death in her heart, and decided to let him return to the embrace of the **** he believed in after asking for valuable information later.

And Forsi didn't show it on the surface, she just quietly glanced at Abner whose mouth was raised, and then looked at the young man with pity and schadenfreude in his eyes...

Only Lydia was full of anger, but she couldn't use her strength, so she had to sulk.

The patrol captain responded again, and took away the firearms of the group of people with ease, and then divided them into three groups and took them to different locations. Obviously, this was not the first time he had done this kind of thing.

Most members of the assault team were sent to another two-story building behind the villa, while Gwen. Lydia, Forsi, Abner, and Alex directly entered the villa. The difference is that the three ladies went to a room on the second floor, while Abner and Alex were brought to In the attic on the top floor.

The area of ​​the attic is not large, and there are several rows of bookshelves in a special orientation. An old man with white beard and hair and thick glasses is sitting in front of a desk surrounded by bookshelves in the center.

"Mayor, I brought the person you want." The young man called "High Priest" pushed open the door of the attic to

shouted inside.

It could be seen that he didn't have much respect for the so-called mayor.

The mayor seemed to be accustomed to the young man's attitude, so he just nodded and said calmly, "Embrio, thank you for bringing him here, you can leave now."

"Mayor, although I don't know what you want to find them, and I'm not in the mood to know, I still want to remind you, don't forget your agreement with God!" "High Priest" Embrio warned before exiting the attic said a word.

"Don't worry, I will never forget the agreement with the 'God of the Four Seasons,'" the mayor said firmly.

"Oh, I'll keep an eye on you for God!" The young man who was the "High Priest" snorted and moved the attic

The door closed, and then hurried to his own room on the second floor.

After he left, seeing no one around, the "Hunter" Alex in the Gwen Assault Team tensed up his leg muscles instantly, planning to take the opportunity to hijack the mayor and rescue the captain and other companions with him as a hostage.

But before he could take any action, the mayor said with a smile: "This "hunter, sir, please don't worry...Although I am old, I am also a Sequence 7" arsonist." ,, and this town is a bit special, allowing me to step up and use higher sequence abilities, so you have no chance of winning."

As he spoke, he directly released a "Fire Snake" and walked around Alex

After a circle, it was taken back again.

Although the flames were scorching hot, Alex calmed down.

He dismissed the idea of ​​attacking the other party, and only asked in a deep voice: "You are the mayor of Lancer Town? Why did you arrest us?"

"I am indeed the mayor of Lancer Town, but I didn't order you to be arrested, but I just wanted to ask you to do a favor... The one who caught you was the young man named Embrio just now. People... As you can see, the people in the town are now more willing to obey his orders." The mayor answered Alex's question slowly, and took off the thick glasses on the bridge of his nose. Wipe it carefully with a velvet cloth.

"What do you mean? Aren't you in the same group?" Alex is not a "hunter" who is too good at using his brain

, he scratched his head, and said a little irritably, "Also, what do you want us to do for you? Before you help, can you ask that Embrio to put the ship...captain and Lydia away?" is it?"

Hearing this, the mayor smiled slightly, and asked instead: "Are you interested in listening to me tell a story?

How could Alex be in the mood to listen to the story? UU Reading was about to refuse when he heard the "professor's assistant" who had been silent all this time say: "I'm very interested, please tell me."

As he said that, he didn't know where to pull a chair and sat down, and handed Alex a stool.

Alex originally wanted to reprimand Abner not to make a decision without authorization, but for some reason, after subconsciously taking the stool, his heart "calmed down" and he also had the idea of ​​listening to the story.

The mayor with white beard and hair was not surprised to see this. He put on his thick glasses again, and said in a gentle tone:

"That's when the Sauron family discovered the remains of the 'Blood Emperor' more than a thousand years ago..."


At the same time, in a room on the second floor of the villa, Miss Gwen easily subdued the "High Priest Embrio" who was trying to plot evil, and put the "Sword of Xiyin" on his neck.

"Say! Where are the mercenaries who entered this town two weeks ago?" Miss Gwynn asked urgently.

"So you came to Lancer because of those mercenaries... Hehe, don't look for them, they won't come back!" Facing the sharp blade on Bo's neck, "High Priest" Embry Ou didn't seem to be afraid, but said sarcastically.

"What do you mean? You killed them?" Miss Gwen's eyes suddenly sharpened.

"Don't get me wrong, we didn't kill them, they themselves went into other 'seasons,' and were 'God,

The domain is devoured. "Embrio smiled and said, "You should have been warned before entering the town, follow the footsteps of the patrol, and don't walk around randomly!"

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