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Of course, the so-called "frail body" is just Abner's ridicule of his own juniors as an "elder".

Tran's body is actually quite well conditioned, after all, he is always accompanied by a "potion professor" who is good at "pharmaceuticals"... It is the traces of "medication" that are in Abner, the "spiritual angel" It couldn't be more obvious.

Abner didn't take the initiative to reveal his identity, he led Fors into the "Chalk" bar after Tran, and then found a corner seat and sat down without any sense of presence.

On the other side, Tran went straight to the bar, sat on the high stool, tapped on the board and said:

"One roast lamb, one musca, one stuffed tomato ball, one cup of blood orange."

Musca is actually a lamb pie. When cooking, minced lamb, eggplant, tomato and potato are layered on top of each other, and baked with pie crust and cheese. It is a bit similar to Feneporte's Bolognese... .. This dish is more popular in Segar and Masik, and it is not uncommon in the south of Intis, Lemburg and other places.

As for the blood orange? This is a characteristic fruit of Andorra. It is rumored that it first came from the royal orchard of the "Blood Emperor", so it took this name.

"Young man!" the bartender sighed after glancing at Tran, and then said, "A quarter zloty

...Of course, if you pay Erkin. "

The Zloty is the official currency of Segal, while Felkin belongs to the Intis.

Is it young if you don't buy alcohol? But as a "wizard", I shouldn't drink alcohol at all... Tran threw a half zloty banknote in the past while thinking about it.

Any extra is a tip.

The bartender who received the tip didn't ask any more questions, and quickly prepared the food and put it in front of Tran.

Tran took out 10 Filkin coins while enjoying the food, and asked the bartender for information according to the rules here.

Abner, who was sitting in the corner, glanced at Tran who seemed to be getting more and more disappointed, pouted at Fors next to him, and said in a low voice: "Now you go to the boss to issue a commission, hire guards and carriages, go to The small town of Lancer."

"The small town of Lancer? Is it where Tudor's ruins are located? Didn't you say that you don't know the location of the weapon, so why did you suddenly 'know it?'" Forsi frowned and asked.

"Because that boy gave us the answer just now." Abner pointed at Tran in front of the bar, and said to Fors with a smile.

"He's not just asking for information?" Fors asked puzzled.

As a "traveler", she can also distinguish various sounds in noisy taverns and collect useful information.

"He answered it for us in his heart." Abner replied with a smile.

"Heh...'mind reading, it's really easy to use...Unfortunately, I've recorded that the success rate of similar abilities is not high..." Forsi muttered a few words, Then, according to Abner's instructions, he went to the bar owner to issue the task.

And because of the war, many routs who were defeated on the front line against Feneport came to the vicinity of Andorra, occupied some hills, and robbed passing business travelers from time to time.

Although Andorra's local patrol team has cleared it several times, the effect is not ideal, so now whenever you want to go out of the city, it is best to hire reliable mercenaries to guard.

If there are more "businesses", the price will naturally go up, so Forsi had to offer a high price of 30 Filkin.

After a while, the Tran boy who got the news "defeated" all the competitors and got the commission from Forsi.

"Please come to the gate of the west of the city as soon as possible with your team." Forsi looked at Tran a few times and asked with a smile.

"No problem... please rest assured, our team is very professional and has a very good reputation!" Tran tried his best

Bragging about his team, but without any solid evidence, his words seemed very pale and empty.

If Abner hadn't appointed the other party, Fors would have thought the other party was a liar.

When Tran left the bar with the deposit to gather the team

, Forsi also returned to Abner's side, and asked in a low voice: "His target seems to be that town as well, so accepting the entrustment should just be a cover for his own actions... right?"

"Is this the result of 'horoscope,'?" Abner asked with interest.

"Can't it be my reasoning? Don't forget, the "Sissy" in my "Storm Heights"

Ma'am, she's a famous detective too. "Forsi said dissatisfied.

"Well, I'll take you as 'reasoning, come out...First of all, congratulations, 'reasoning, the conclusion is correct

of. "Abner laughed and teased her, and then explained seriously, "A member of the boy's team disappeared in the small town of Lancer...He suspected that there was something wrong with that town itself, Directly going there to investigate might 'awe the snake', and put that member in a more dangerous situation, so I want to take a mission to go there."

For the term "to startle the snake", Fors, who lived with Abner, had already figured out its meaning.

"So that's how it is..." Forsi nodded thoughtfully upon hearing the words, and speculated, "I guess they thought

That small town was occupied by rebels, so UU Reading needed cover. After all, the general rebels must have stalkers in the city. If they set foot on the road to Lancer for no reason, they would indeed 'Shock the grass to startle the snake,!」

As she spoke, she glanced at Abner, and said with certainty: "You actually know that boy, right?"


A land abandoned by gods.

After several days of trekking, Klein, who secretly followed the "Maid Puppet", arrived near a ruined city-state.

Here is a barren and dead plain, and the dry riverbed has left its mark on the land.

Glancing at the dark, shadowy, silent, and misty city, Klein didn't rush to get closer. Instead, he found a hidden place and whispered Mr. Fool's honorable name.

Then, he took four steps backwards, recited the incantation, and entered above the gray mist--if he wanted to return to "Origin Castle" with just one thought, the prayers of all members of the Tarot Society must be superimposed to form a strong and solid anchor.

With the help of the prayer spot, Klein used the "real vision" to check the situation of the North ruins in the distance, and found that the thin mist there was slowly but unstoppably dissipating, and the surface of the city, at a glance, did not have a "spiritual vision". Threads of the Body”, people in linen-like robes or animal skins lay in various places in the street, seemingly abandoned not so long ago.

"The 'God of Wishes' who occupied this city before, Cottal chose to migrate without hesitation? That demonic wolf?

Are you so cowardly? You just found Lao Liu's creation and ran away... How do you catch this?" Klein complained in his heart while making speculations based on the situation in front of him.

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