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On Thursday night, the ball at Earl Hall's house arrived first, and Abner complied with the expectations of the New Party MPs and arrived on time with Hugh.

Hugh naturally became the "protagonist" of this ball, surrounded by many "attentive" councilors and nobles

in the middle.

However, Abner, who originally thought he was just a "tool man", was greeted by Earl Hall himself.

The two chatted very happily. From the cooperative film and television project to the current situation in the kingdom, they fully exchanged opinions, and verbally reached several cooperation involving a lot of money. They didn't stop communicating until the first dance song started, and each looked for a dance partner. Stepped onto the dance floor.

At this time, Abner had already figured out his other goals besides winning over himself, the queen's "confidant", through the various hints in Earl Hall's words and commercial concessions.

It turned out that after Intis also joined the war, Earl Hall had hidden concerns about the future of the Loen Kingdom, so he had already quietly arranged the way out.

And although Abner is a nobleman of Loen, and now he has been promoted to the queen's confidant, it seems that he has been bound to Loen...but it is not.

As far as Earl Hall knew, Abner Bryan was a favored person of the Mother Earth Goddess. Even if Feysac really occupied Loen, his title would not be deprived.

Coupled with the close relationship between Abner and Intis's Surrey and Sauron families, once Loen falls in the future, this Viscount Beldan will be the best "middleman" and is naturally worth wooing.

What's even better is that even if they establish a good relationship with Abner now, they won't be considered treason, they won't attract scrutiny from the intelligence department, and they won't be misunderstood by the church.

After figuring out Earl Hall's thoughts, although Abner looked down upon the "wisdom" of ordinary people, he also knew that there was actually no problem with the other party's choice based on his standpoint.

So he directly invited "Becklund's most dazzling gem" Miss Audrey for the first dance, to show Earl Hall that he understood his plan.

Audrey also had something to ask Mr. "Tower" about. Seeing that her father didn't object, she didn't refuse, and readily agreed... This made many young gentlemen around her feel heartbroken.

Of course, Xio pursed his lips in dissatisfaction, then picked up a glass of red wine and drank it down.

"Mr. Blaine, is it convenient for us to talk now?" Audrey danced lightly while speaking.


"No problem, other people will only hear what I want them to know," Abner responded with a smile.

Audrey breathed a sigh of relief, and then organized the next sentence: "I wonder if you have a way to quickly digest the 'dream walker?"

"Yes..." Abner nodded slightly, and continued while holding Miss "Justice" in a circle, "As long as you

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to experience various types of dreams in a short period of time to help you digest the potion. "

"How can I get enough 'luck,'?" Audrey pointed to the core of the problem.

At this time, the first dance song just ended, and while sending Audrey back to the previous position, Abner took out a paper crane and handed it to her, and whispered a few words before he hurried to Then I picked up another glass of "Olmere" Hugh.

--The "luck" he accumulated was given to Klein a few days ago, so I can only trouble "Little Snake" Will


Of course, this is not the main reason, what is more important is that he has to try his best to appease Zhuxiu, lest she tear down the house after drinking!

At night, in the luxurious villa of Earl Hall's family.

Audrey returned to the bedroom and took out the paper crane that was obtained from Abner.

Thinking back to what the other person said, she picked up a sharpened pencil and wrote on the surface of the paper crane:

"Abner Bryan, please meet me."

After finishing the pre-preparation, Audrey put the paper crane under her pillow according to what Mr. "Tower" said, and fell asleep lying down.

Soon, she saw a dark and desolate plain, and as a

She was a "dream walker" who had been a self-suggestion before, but she kept awake and walked towards the black spire in the middle of the plain with strong curiosity.

As soon as she arrived at the destination, Audrey was suddenly inspired, raised her head, and looked at the top of the steeple.

At some point, a giant silver-white snake coiled up there.

This giant snake has no scales, and its body is covered with symbols and patterns. They form one after another connected wheels with different logos.

At this time, the giant snake was staring at Audrey with bright red and cold eyes, and said in a low voice:

"What's the matter with Abner Bryan?"

This is the "Destiny" pathway angel under Mr. "Fool" who gave Ms. "Hermit" a drop of blood

Right? Audrey controlled her thoughts, looked at the giant snake calmly, and said her request truthfully.

The silver-white giant snake looked down at Audrey, opened its blood-red mouth and said, "This is not a problem, but you have to pay the corresponding price!"

Audrey had expected this, nodded lightly and said, "I don't know what you need?"

The silver-white giant snake swam up a circle, and a third of its body stood up:

"There's a little thing you need to do.

"Well, I have a favored person, UU Kanshu is an outstanding gourmet, he has a wish, he wants to taste the ice cream of various noble families, and judge the most delicious one."

...This request...Mr. Snake, er, maybe Ms. Snake, is so kind to his loved ones...His tone is like he can't wait... ..But this seems too simple, right? Audrey said thoughtfully:

"no problem.

"But how do I give him the ice cream?"

The silver-white giant snake slowly entangled and said:

"Sacrifice to my 'favored one', that's all.

"His honorable name is, the incarnation of luck, the monster who predicts the future, the disaster that spreads disaster, the witness of all the fates of Backlund, the guardian of chaos and madness."

There is some difference between this distinguished name and the normal Sequence 3 distinguished name. In the end, there was no name... Audrey turned her eyes slightly, and nodded in agreement without saying anything.

In the bedroom of the villa at No. 28 King Street, Abner was finally relieved after appeasing the drunken Xio and putting her to sleep. He only felt more tired than "playing games" with Amon.

Glancing at Forsi, who was gloating aside, Abner narrowed his eyes, and asked with a smile, "Did you say before that you just need to go to a few more special 'worlds' that are different from reality, 'Traveler, magic Can the medicine be completely digested?"

"Yes..." Fors nodded subconsciously, then suddenly thought of something, and said with some "fear"

asked, "Where do you want to take me?"

"Don't be afraid..." are a few places that you are guaranteed to like very much and can help you digest the potion!"

For some reason, Forsi always felt that Abner's smile was a bit "weird".

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