Mystery: Start with the Reader - v10 Chapter 41 Tell and trade

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Latest website: Among the members here, except for the three parties involved in "World", "Tower" and "Judgment", as well as "Magician"

” and “Temperance” are more familiar with what happened on Saturday, and only “Star” Leonard knows more because of the old man.

Among the other members of the Tarot Society, the only one who was more at a loss was "The Sun" Derrick, but he didn't care about the death of George III at all.

"The Fool" Klein smiled, and summed up in a flat tone:

"George III wanted to become the 'Dark Emperor', so he excavated Tudor ruins, trafficked people, created the Great Smog incident in Backlund, started a war on his own initiative, and let the Feysac airship bomb Backlund. It's a pity , he failed the last rite, and the secret tomb that was needed was destroyed."

He briefly described the whole story in the most plain tone, without mentioning what he had done, just casually glanced at the "world" and "tower".

--If Mr. "Fool" explained the specific situation in person, it would be too cheap. This kind of matter will be represented by "Follower"

That's it.

Backlund's great smog incident...the airship attack...George III really did anything to become a god!

Although Audrey "Justice" knew most of the things here, she still found it difficult to accept.

Mr. "Fool" is so kind, is he unwilling to see such a cold and cruel new **** appear? That's why he sent two gentlemen "World" and "Tower" to stop each other?

Well, if it were me, I would also want to do it, but I would hesitate, and would be stopped by possible bad developments... and Mr. "World" and Mr. "Tower" are so determined... This is a matter involving the gods, well, there should be Mister "Fool"'s will in it... Besides, Mister "Tower" may also have the idea of ​​revenge for Miss "Judgment"...

Audrey glanced at "The World" Gehrman Sparrow sitting silently at the bottom of the mottled long table, then glanced at Abner who was still in a good mood across the way, and nodded slightly to express her gratitude. Agreed, and then waited for the detailed explanations from these two gentlemen.

"World" Klein organized the language, and said in a hoarse voice: "I mainly cooperate with 'Fool, first

Several angels under the seat of the king took on the task of a feint attack, restraining several angels including William I and Zaratul..."

Having said that, he paused for a moment, turned his gaze to Abner, and continued: "'Ta, Mr. is the one who is responsible for this incident.

main force.

Can Mr. "World" participate in the battle between angels? He is just at Sequence 3, right?

It's Mister Fool's favored one.

"Star" Leonard, "Justice" Audrey and other members of the Tarot Society were shocked when they heard the words.

I can't imagine what kind of scene it will be at that time, I just feel as if I have already been in a fairy tale.

And following the information revealed in the words of "World", they couldn't help but turn their attention to Mr. "Tower".


Abner looked around and said with a smile: "Simply put, 'George III was judged by me and 'Ms.

Using the "ghost empire", smashed most of the body, and finally was stabbed by a "death consul" with the "0, level sealed item"

Through the chest.

Then, he gave a selective account of the situation at that time.

"Empire of Ghosts"... Did the legacy of the Trunsost Empire fall into the hands of Mr. "Tower"?

It was used to stop George III who promoted the "Dark Emperor" from the "Blood Emperor" mausoleum...

Is this the "Night Emperor"'s punishment for betraying his courtiers, or is it a continuation of the "Four Emperors' War"?

"The Hanged Man" Alger and the original Abner thought of a place, and only felt that George III's death was full of "fate".

Is Hugh really involved in this matter? Abner is helping her to avenge, right? This is really... blame Huo Ming

Knowing Abner's reputation, he is still willing to stay by his side. Audrey "Justice" was full of emotion in her heart, and felt that if she were herself, she would be very moved.

It was also the first time for Klein to know what happened in the depths of the mausoleum, but he didn't care too much about it. He only wanted the result of George III's death.

Glancing at "The Hermit" Cattleya, seeing that she had no other questions this time, "The Fool" Klein nodded.

To begin with:

"Let's get started."

Hearing this sentence, "Star" Leonard immediately turned to the bottom of the mottled long table, and said to "World":

"What's your situation now?"

"Justice" Audrey, "Hermit" Cattleya and other members of the Tarot Society also turned their attention to the past.

Gehrman Sparrow's situation expressed concern.

In their view, the task of reciting the honorable name of "The World" sent out by "The Fool" was obviously to provide him with

For occult help.

Feeling these more or less concerns, Klein manipulated the dummy "world" and said with a hoarse smile:

"It's not too bad... I was caught by Zaratul when I was evacuating from the mausoleum of the 'Blood Emperor', and I was with him

Awakened to the land abandoned by the gods...

"However, with the assistance of 'Mister Fool, Mister and you, I have successfully escaped."

Sure enough, he was caught by Zaratul, the old man's guess was accurate! "Star" Leonard secretly sighed, and then asked: "Is there anything else we can do for you?

"Yes..." Klein glanced at him and said with a chuckle, "I may be with Zaratul in the next few months.

, and even Amon was playing a game in the Land Abandoned by God, so he needed a certain amount of food every day. "

Although the food problem can be solved by Sharon, it still requires her to spend money. Since Leonard took the initiative to deliver it to his door, Klein will not be polite.

As for playing games..."hide and seek" is indeed a game, he is not lying.

This is not pretending... Is it appropriate for Guerman's character to speak like this? "Star" Leonard twitched his mouth, but he still agreed. It's just three meals a day, and he still pays for it rise.

Derrick "The Sun" who has been listening is also very happy, because Mr. "World" he admires has come to the land abandoned by gods

, I just don't know if the other party will visit Silver City.

After this matter was finished, "The World" Gehrman Sparrow looked at "Tower" Abner again:

"Do you have any extra 'Star Worms'? If so, what do you need to exchange them for?"

"Star Insects" are high-level spiritual materials, UU Reading most of the time do not contain Extraordinary characteristics, so their spirituality will be irreversibly lost, and it is difficult to preserve them for a long time without special methods.

And Alvin Abraham has been promoted to "Master of Miracles", the original "Star Worm" has mutated, if

If you haven't saved it before, you can't provide it.

The same is true for "Secret Puppet" Botis, because he has been dead for a long time, and the "Star Bug" has already lost its activity.

And when Klein got Botis back then, he was already a Secret Puppet, and he couldn't "squeeze" out a fresh "star worm" from history.

"Star Bug"... there is no "fresh" one, but I can take it from history, you just use it anyway

as supplementary material.

What's more, Forsi should be promoted to "Mystic Mage" soon... As his thoughts turned, Abner smiled and said:

"Use the 'spirit worm, just exchange it.'"

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