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"However, why did Zaratul take him to the Land Abandoned by God? How did he get in?

"A request from 'The Hanged Man?

"The Zaratul family is Solomon's courtiers, and it's normal to have a tacit understanding with the Hanged Man."

Amon pressed the monocle with his hand, only felt that in recent months, more and more things he could not "decipher" could make him feel more and more interesting.

After thinking for a while, he stopped waiting at the hotel and disappeared in place with Klein's secret puppet.

A land abandoned by gods, Chernobyl in the cracks. After "opening the door" time and time again, Klein and Abner finally entered the depths of this well-known nuclear accident site before the doomsday, and saw a half-open heavy iron door.

This iron gate is not high, that is, about 2.5 meters, and it is obviously prepared for humans.

And in front of it, there are two dark trails and two guns that are more sci-fi than any weapon in the current era.

These two firearms are somewhat similar to the ones Klein saw when flipping through certain magazines in his previous life, but he is not a fan of this, so he cannot be sure.

They have been completely corroded, and the vibration caused by walking caused them to collapse in an instant, turning into foam... just like the dissipated historical projection.

The two passed between the two black marks and the "foam" and came to the back of the iron gate.

There is a wide aisle here, with rooms of different sizes on both sides. Some of the tables, chairs and utensils inside are overturned, some are safe, and some are missing half. There are black traces everywhere on the walls and floors.

"It looks like a research institute..." Klein made a preliminary judgment based on the remaining things and the overall layout.

As soon as he thought of this, Abner led him into a room where the machine had collapsed, and came to a table with a few yellowish papers on the surface.

It seems that someone collected it and put it there casually. The ancient sun god, or Amon? Klein had some guesses in his mind, but under Abner's hint, he quickly scanned the words on the paper.

But the next moment, Klein had a bitter face, because it was all in Russian, and he didn't know a single word...

In my previous life, I could barely pass English, let alone other languages? Klein glanced at Abner, and suddenly understood the mood of people of this era when they read Russell's diary.

Abner maintained the posture of "Zaratul", and activated a "General Language" spell on Klein.

Although Abner himself does not know Russian, the "True Creator" does understand. This "charm" was completed after "praying" to her and "whoring" her relevant knowledge.

This is also the authority of "wisdom"... Of course, what is more important is that the "true creator" itself has the symbol of "fallen nature", and often spreads all kinds of deadly knowledge through "babbling". You can get a lot of what you want with a little inducement... The premise is that you can withstand the revenge of the other party after he "wakes up".

In general, the existence of this talisman can continue to mislead Amon, making her feel that there is a certain tacit understanding between the "True Creator" and Zaratul.

After receiving the help of the "Language Proficiency" spell, Klein finally understood what was written on those pages:

"...Research on the re-production of dry oil fields...Why do you need to build a research institute in a place that others can't think of?

"...God, what did they find deep in the oil field..."

"...This is really some wonderful material..." "...What happened? The doctor just turned into a pool of black oil in front of me!"

"... More and more people have turned into oil, and the institute is blocked from the outside... No one can leave, no one can leave..."

"...Crazy, all crazy, we are the only ones who are normal, but our food is running out..."

"... I seem to have an auditory hallucination. There seems to be a voice coming from the ground. It is calling me, she is calling me!"

These paragraphs of plain and straightforward text made Klein's spine uneasy.


The name is cold, and there is a feeling that I am also stepping towards madness and death step by step.

At the same time, he also understands that this is the "evidence" that Abner prepared for him, proving that he is still on the earth, just the evidence of "traveling" through time... or the historical data needed to fully digest the "ancient scholars" with evidence!

Lao Liu didn't lie to me... I have never left my hometown, but I will never go home...

As soon as he had such a cognition and enlightenment, the gray mist appeared in front of his eyes without a sound.

This time, the boundless gray fog in front of him was no longer empty, and in the depths of the fog, far, far away, one after another shattered spots of light lit up.

They are like lighthouses, illuminating the path of history, leading Klein to run forward, going back and forth, traveling through tens of thousands of years or even more time.

Then, he saw the brilliant light door dyed a little black and blue, saw the transparent silkworm cocoons one after another hanging on the light door, and saw himself in a T-shirt and slacks.

The invisible wind blew, and the gray mist under the light gate opened layer by layer, revealing cities.

Tall skyscrapers are erected inside them, various cars are parked, and pedestrians coming and going are frozen.

These cities are one on top of the other, covered with gray dust, many buildings have collapsed, and broken steel bars are pierced, some cars are dented, some collapsed, some are spread into discus, pedestrians are lifeless, like a statue wax figure...

Seeing this scene, he stopped and stared deeply. "Earth!" Klein sighed slightly. His "Ancient Scholar" potion was completely digested at this moment.

Suddenly, Klein's consciousness returned to the real world, and he found that his connection with "Origin Castle" had been further strengthened.

At the same time, the voices of members of the Tarot Society chanting "Honored Names" came, and this "ensemble" resonated with the "World" Secret Puppet sitting at the bottom of the long table.

And Klein also established a direct connection with the Secret Puppet in "Origin Castle" at this time.

He suddenly had a clear realization, that is, at this moment, he didn't need to recite the mantra, and he didn't need to take four steps backwards. With just one thought, the spirit body could enter "Origin Castle" and become one with "Crimson Star" one.

This should be the best chance for "suicide" as Abner said... But Amon didn't come? Who is this play for?

Just when Klein was wondering, UU Reading A palm that was shriveled to the point where only skin and bones remained appeared from the darkness, and then jumped out, landing on Klein and Abner in front of the eyes.

He was wearing a soft pointed hat, a classic black robe, and a monocle stuck in his right eye socket. He was the "Angel of Time" Amon.

But the state of this Amon is not very normal, like a skeleton covered with skin.

Klein didn't hesitate any longer, and immediately decided to board "Origin Castle" and start self-destructing.

"Don't think that it's really safe to be near the Sea of ​​Chaos, Zaratul.

"Tsk, thank you for creating such a good opportunity... But it's a pity, now 'Origin Castle, belongs to me,' and 'destiny, belongs to you!" While Amon was speaking, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, with indescribable joy.

He thought that Zaratul deliberately gave Klein historical knowledge to help him digest the "Ancient Scholar" potion, so that his connection with "Origin Castle" would be further deepened, and he took the opportunity to take it away when he tried to lure "Origin Castle".

And bringing Klein to Chernobyl also has the purpose of eliminating other interference by taking advantage of the special "Chaos Sea".

But it is obviously impossible for Zaratul to know that Amon will have a clone hidden in the entrance of the "Chaos Sea".

No, since it was discovered that someone entered Chernobyl just now, he is the real body.

Therefore, all the efforts made by Zaratul belonged to him, Amon!

However, the next moment, Amon's smile froze, because Zaratul in front of him was not "grafted" with "Origin Castle", but an "unknown" place he had never seen before.

Zaratul... No, the corner of Abner's mouth curled up, showing a smile exactly like Amon's:



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