Mystery: Start with the Reader - v10 Chapter 35 Truth Tenpyo

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After opening the "Pure White Eye" and observing the "Door of Truth" for a while, Abner pondered for a moment, then said to the projection of "Goddess of Wealth" Helena:

"This item is essentially a part of the 'Collector' pathway sequence 2 'Balance of Truth' held by the Outer God 'Original Hunger'... combined with the main materials of 'Alvin's Palace', it happens to be A complete Sequence 2 Extraordinary characteristic....."

"Tsk, everything has a 'God', which also includes the 'balance of truth' can 'weigh', and even 'define' the value of 'everything'"... Tsk, 'Pricing power', and even the distribution right of 'equivalents', isn't 'Primary Hunger' a top capitalist?

"No, it's more like a capitalist country... Does this trait also have similarities with Liu Bo's? That's why he is targeting him?

"Come back to business, this shouldn't be a coincidence...'Primary Hunger' probably knew that 'I' took away some of the characteristics of the 'Balance of Truth', so I deliberately put in the other half of the characteristics, hoping to use this Find me and you.

"Unfortunately, that half of the traits coincided with the formation of the Sealed Artifact Door of Truth, which was finally acquired by the Augustus family... This made the initial plan of the "Primary Hunger" come to naught. Instead, it worked with George III.

"Of course, that old man's calculations should be more than that...Maybe helping George III is just a random thing. It's good to succeed, maybe you can get a "leading party"... But In fact, there is not much hope. George III is not a fool. He will definitely not betray the Earth camp unless it is absolutely necessary.

"His main purpose now is to let this half of the characteristics fall into my hands, to 'complete' you..."

Through "insight", Abner quickly figured out what the "primordial hunger" was for... If it is said that he wanted to find himself before, it was to take the opportunity to control and retrieve the lost authority, Facing Abner, who has become an angel, it may be more about "cooperation".

"Goddess of Wealth" Helena obviously understood the meaning of Abner's words, and asked in puzzlement, "Why did he do that?

"And I'm just a broken soul now, even if the characteristics are completed, I can't accommodate it."

Abner sneered, and replied: "'Primary Hunger' is probably one of the few outer gods who know the existence of the 'unknown' he knows very well that once that one recovers, based on him If it forms an 'unknown' pillar, then 'primordial hunger' is probably the first 'sacrifice'!

"So he wants 'me' to win...if I'm right

If so, once I choose to communicate with Him through the 'Door of Truth', there is a high probability that He will return your main soul as 'sincerity'...

"Of course, it's very likely that there are other calculations involved that I don't 'see'."

"So it's like this..." Helena's face showed a look of surprise, she knew Abner's "insider", so she could understand what he meant.

She looked at Abner who was sitting on the main seat, and asked hesitantly:

"So, do you want to communicate with Him?"

"Communication will definitely happen...but not now! At least after I become a god..." Abner laughed at himself when he said this, and pointed to the smaller "door" ", "Moreover, this is the seal of the three true gods... Even if I think about it, it is impossible to succeed now."


The Land Abandoned by the Gods stands in a luxurious villa somewhere in ruins.

Klein wiped his mouth after eating the free Feysac meal and dessert, and said to Abner dressed as "Zaratul":

"We're ready to go."

Abner put down the bone china teacup that was steaming inside, and responded with a smile: "No more rest? Take a shower and change clothes?

"You know, you won't have such a comfortable life now for a long time to come."


Hearing this, Klein's heart moved, and he asked, "What do you mean?"

"After 'Chernobyl', you have to treat me as the real 'Zaratul', and try your best to 'suicide', so that no one can see a flaw. " Abner said solemnly.

"We can't let people see the flaws... Who is this for?" Klein asked.

"Of course it's Amon!" Abner said as a matter of course.

"Amon...that is to say, there is a clone of Amon in Chernobyl"? Then why do we have to go there? Klein's face was full of doubts, but out of his trust in Abner, he felt that the other party must have a reason for doing so.

"Naturally, you have to let Amon know that you have fallen into the hands of 'Zaratul'. Even if you escape after some attempts, you are forced to be trapped in the 'Land Abandoned by God', and you cannot return to the Northern Continent for the time being... ....

"In this way, your Miss Sharon will be safe."

While Abner was speaking, he thought in his heart: After all, it is different from the original book, and you also have a bond in your heart... There is no guarantee that it will not be used by Amon... There is no bottom line for that guy How high, effective once perceived

As a result, he must resort to all means. Although I can protect her for a while,

But it's impossible to keep an eye on it all the time, it would be bad if something goes wrong.

Klein also thought of the possibility that Amon would use Sharon to threaten him, so he immediately accepted Abner's suggestion, nodded and said, "In this case, it's better to stay in the Land Abandoned by God until I become an angel...

Having said that, UU Reading paused, and then asked, "You want me to take advantage of the battle between 'Zaratul' and 'Amon' in 'Chernobyl', Complete 'suicide' out of control, right? "

"That's right!" Abner nodded slightly, then changed the topic and joked with a smile, "In the days to come, you will have to stay alone in the Land Abandoned by God to fight wits and bravery with the 'Amons'... ...So why don't you take advantage of the superior environment and enjoy it more?"

Thinking about the scenes in the original book where the believers are drinking and drinking, but the gods are homeless, I feel that Mr. "Fool" is really "miserable", and it would be better to make up for it now.

As he spoke, he pulled over the two "maids" and handed over the control of their "spiritual body strings" to Klein, who still lacked most of his mobility.

— Abner didn’t have the good intentions to manipulate the secret puppet to serve Klein himself. It’s better for him to use the secret puppet to take care of the bathing.

"So... you can wait until before Chernobyl to "control" me and play with me"? Then why hasn't he let go of his control over me? Klein ignored the "benefits" given by Abner, and asked a question that had always puzzled him.

"That's to help you find the feeling in advance.......It's easier to "enter the drama"! " Abner smiled and replied casually.

Looking for a feeling... Did I guess right before? Is this guy out for revenge? The corner of Klein's mouth twitched, he didn't continue the topic, and instead said: "I'm going to go above the 'grey fog' to make some preparations, and ask Mister Fool for help...

"Also, where is the bathroom?"


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