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"Chernobyl?" Klein looked puzzled, "Why did you go there? Is it also an important place of my original 'fate'?"

After he was promoted to "Crafting Mage", he had already learned the truth about "time travel" from Abner, knowing that he was still on the earth, but he could never go back.

"There is not only the place where the 'Silver City Creator' first appeared, but also the historical 'evidence' you need to play the role of 'ancient scholar'... It is estimated that when you get there, witness it with your own eyes, and your potion will be completely digested Already." Abner explained as he walked forward.

"I see..." If it wasn't for Klein's involuntary actions, he would have nodded, but now he can only continue to ask, "Then how do we get there? According to what you said, the area around the City of Silver is The original northern Europe is thousands of kilometers away from Chernobyl...

"You won't be relying on your legs like this all the time, will you?"

Hearing this, Abner's expression was slightly awkward, and he organized the following sentence: "Well... Regarding Chernobyl, I have sent a large number of historical projections to find it, and it won't be long before it gets better .

"When its coordinates are determined, we will 'teleport' there directly.

"The period before the 'teleportation' is just left for us to "play" the game..."

You made a temporary decision, right? Klein slandered, didn't dwell on this question, and instead asked, "Can 'teleportation' be made in the Land Abandoned by God?"

"The area inside the 'Land Abandoned by God' is fine, but if you want to 'teleport' to the outside world, you have to use other high-level means, such as the abandoned entrance and exit passage of the 'Chaos Sea' we walked in when we came in... ...

"After all, this place is blocked by the 'True Creator', and only powers higher than His level can take advantage of the loopholes." After a few simple responses, Abner pointed to a hill in front and said with a smile, "The projection I control Tell me there is a place to rest and it will be there shortly, and we'll get something to eat there before continuing with the 'game'.

"Although it is acceptable for a demigod of Sequence 3 to not supplement food and water for ten days and a half months, you definitely don't want to try the taste of starvation?"

After walking for a long time, Klein was indeed hungry. He subconsciously wanted to nod, but unfortunately he couldn't, so he asked, "What do you want to eat later?"

"How about the leftovers packed from Sophia II?" Abner turned his head and glanced at him.

Fortunately, I didn't use "Historical Projection" to fool me... Klein smacked his lips, thinking that Fesac's court dishes tasted good.


Backlund, Sodlark Palace.

The future queen Vera Augustus, who had not yet held a coronation ceremony, was sitting at her desk, casually flipping through the letters from the nobles.

Most of them are simple greetings, just a formality, but there are also speculators who want to take the initiative to approach and pledge their allegiance to the new king.

Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open, but the maids and guards who had been guarding the door didn't notice it.

The person who came was Abner with the face of "***" Owen. At present, he was the only one who would not arouse the suspicion of the angels of the Loen royal family when he came to see Vera.

After all, in the eyes of William I and others, Vera is dominated by the "ghost", and they have the means to control Owen.

As soon as he saw Vera standing up with a smile, Abner frowned, because in his perception, the other party's breath was much weaker than before, and he even lost the pressure of the demigod.

"How did it become like this?" Abner couldn't help asking.

Vera is closely related to the "Fog of Uncertainty", and many things about her cannot be "insighted"...Of course, if you use the authority of "Omniscience" once a month, you may be able to get the answer, but that's too much It's too wasteful, why not ask Vera directly.

Vera, who was wearing fleece pajamas, did not answer immediately, but looked around, with an inexplicable questioning look in her eyes.

"Don't worry, even if King William I came to eavesdrop in person,


And only hear what I want Him to hear. Abner immediately understood what she meant, and said confidently.

Although he came in as "Owen", he is still the "Wisdom Angel" Abner in essence, possessing the authority of "wisdom", and with various means, he wants to deceive an angel who doesn't know him well. The problem Not very big.

Only then did Vera relax, and replied with a smile: "As you can see, I only have the power of the Sequence 5 level left now, so I issued the order to kill Xio's father, so as to make you feel uncomfortable. right."

"How did you get to be like this?" Abner repeated the previous question.

"I underestimated Chick a little bit, the main body was dragged by him outside the kingdom of the 'Emperor of the Night,' and couldn't escape for the time being...

"And Vera's body is just a 'Punishment Knight'. The 'Law Mage' and even the 'Chaos Hunter' personalities shown before are just the effects I simulated by using the 'Uncertain Fog'... ...I remember I told you that the characteristics of the two paths of 'order' are actually a burden to me now.

"So, when William I came to me and asked me to use a '1' level sealed item extraction characteristic of the 'sun' pathway to lower my rank back to Sequence 5 to take over the throne, I just pretended to resist for a while and then compromised and then played a show in front of them, successfully hiding it from them.”

Vera paused at this point, then narrowed her eyes and said, "However, after William I is a threat to my control over Loen's resources, it's better to find an opportunity for him to 'donate' his characteristics.

"The Augustus family retains one Sequence 2 angel, which is enough to maintain deterrence."

It turned out to be like this... Abner nodded slightly, and then asked with a pun, "Do you need help?"

He is not only asking about the other party's fight with Chick, but also talking about dealing with William I.

"Of course I need them all... but it will be safer after you become a god." Vera understood the meaning of Abner's words, she raised her eyebrows and continued, "Fortunately, King William I It seems that I am extremely confident in the means of manipulating "Owen", so my defense level is not high... After I am crowned, as long as it does not involve major events related to the survival of the Augustus family, most of the power in the kingdom will gradually Mastered by me. "

As she spoke, she looked directly into Abner's eyes, raised the corners of her mouth and asked, "Do you want to promote your status as Viscount Beldan to be Prince Pritz?"


The land abandoned by gods, the City of Silver.

Derrick Berg accepted the chief's call, took the "Undark Cross", came to the top of the round tower, and entered a spacious room.

A mysterious and complex altar has been arranged here, and different items are placed in different positions. There are six items in total, all of which exude a dangerous atmosphere.

Seeing him coming in, Colin nodded lightly and said, "I have prepared the remains of six powerful creatures, all of which I hunted alone or as the main force."

Thinking of the "Silver Knight" potion formula presented by Mister "Tower", Derrick suddenly realized:

"You still need the blessing of the gods?"

Colin became silent all of a sudden, opened his mouth after more than ten seconds, and said slowly:


After a period of hesitation and struggle, he finally chose "The Fool".

At least the appearance and help of Mr. "Tower", the friendliness and guide of the giant Grossel, and those "canned wolf fish" and mushrooms really brought hope to the City of Silver.

Derrick endured his joyful emotions, recalled the exchanges at the next Tarot meeting, and asked a question with some doubts:

"Why don't you let those two god-level sealed items bless you?"

He remembered that slave gods, that is, angels, can meet the needs of the ceremony, and it is not necessary for the true **** of sequence 0 to provide blessings, UU reading www.uukanshu. After all, the "Silver Knight" is only a Sequence 3.

Colin hesitated for a few seconds and said, "They won't give blessings."


Land Abandoned by God, in an abandoned town in a hill, I just wanted to sit down and rest


Klein suddenly felt illusory and layered prayers coming from his ears, and he could vaguely grasp a certain content: the other party seemed to be using the language of giants, and the key words seemed to be rituals.

Ceremony, giant language....... This is the little "sun" side...... Uh, that chief hopes to get the blessing of Mister Fool? Klein twitched the corner of his mouth in embarrassment, looked sideways at "Zaratul" next to him and said:

"Can I go to 'Origin Castle' to answer the prayer?"

"Of course... I believe you won't take the opportunity to cheat. After all, your body is here, and it's not so easy to commit suicide." Abner replied with a smile.

Only then did Klein heave a sigh of relief. After realizing that he was indeed able to control his body, he took four steps backward without hesitation and entered above the gray mist.

After bestowing the "blessing" on the chief, he didn't return to his body immediately, but thought about the meaning of "game" that "tower" said:

Logically speaking, in fact, as long as he directly releases the water and makes me succeed in suicide, he can successfully occupy the established "destiny" between Amon and me. There is no need to play games so much trouble... Or, this The game can be replaced by playing backgammon and the like......

What is he for?

Could it be that Miss Sharon and I beat him up when he pretended to be "Hwin" last time, so he's retaliating now?

Klein shook his head, and quickly dismissed this guess, thinking it was unlikely.

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