Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 8 Sequence 9 reader

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After leaving the party’s apartment, Abner, carrying 350 gold pounds plus two extraordinary materials and a handbag of study materials, did not rush home. Instead, after removing his disguise, he took a bend in the bridge area and returned. Go to the Brave Bar.

   After finding Caspers in the lounge, the other party greeted with a smile, and then the first sentence was: "The storm is up, I'm so glad you are still alive, it seems you didn't provoke them."

   And Abner ignored his ridicule, and interrupted directly: "Mr. Caspass, I have a few more things I want to ask you for help!"

   Kaspers narrowed his smile when he heard the words, frowning and asked: "What's the matter? But first, I have to say yes. I consciously owe your father the favor I owe it almost. There is no discount if I go to work."

  Abner, who has a few hundred gold pounds in his body, now has a much harder waist, and just nodded and said: "Money is not a problem...well, there are three things for the time being. First, I need a revolver|gun."

  I remembered the powerlessness when facing the extraordinary powerhouse just now, even if the opponent is not malicious, Abner still eagerly desires that he can have some self-protection! Even relying on foreign objects.

   "Yes, three pounds! In addition, I will give you 50 rounds of ammunition and a gun bag." Kaspers quoted the price immediately. He said there was no discount, but it was cheaper than selling it to others.

   "Secondly, I hope you can introduce me to a shooting club..." Weapons alone can't be used, is it possible to play random marksmanship?

Kaspers nodded, and pulled out a piece of paper from the notebook on the desk, brushed a few lines, and then handed it to Abner, saying: "Go to this address after nine o'clock tomorrow morning and find someone called People from Diff, he will take you there. By the way, to remind you, similar club annual fees will not be cheap."

   Abner took the note and looked at it. The address was located in Hebian Street in the St. George's District. He recalled it and found that the place seemed remote, almost reaching the outskirts. Do you have to take the subway to practice guns in the future?

   Secretly threw some messy thoughts into his mind, Abner's expression on the face was still very serious, and he continued: "Third, I want to rent a laboratory with infrastructure equipment, preferably now!"

   Kaspers took a surprised look at Abner when he heard the words. He obviously knew the Extraordinary, so he immediately guessed what the other party was going to do, and couldn't help but vaguely persuade: "Really in such a hurry? Don't prepare anymore?"

Abner nodded firmly, and only said: "There are many dreams in the night!" He was not so anxious, and planned to borrow a public school laboratory to complete the potion tomorrow, but his experience tonight made him very touched. I think it is necessary to have the power to protect myself as soon as possible. Moreover, in less than three days after the journey, he was directly or indirectly exposed to several extraordinary events. Although it seems to be fine at the moment, it is difficult to say whether he will encounter real danger in the future.

Because of the outstanding contribution of Emperor Roselle, Caspers clearly understood the idiom "Night is long and dreamy". He sighed and motioned to Abner to follow him, while considering his tone, he once again persuaded him: "I have A friend once told me that Extraordinary people seem to be beautiful, but in fact they are just a group of poor bugs wandering on the edge of crisis..."

"Thank you, Mr. Caspers, I know the risks of the Extraordinary very well, but I have to choose this path." Abner followed the other side's limping footsteps, and could not help but sigh secretly: The original owner's father is really I made a good friend!

   Kaspers stopped talking after hearing it, and led him out of the bar in silence, to a courtyard in the next street, took out the key, opened the courtyard door and walked in.

  Ebner looked around and found that it was located on the corner of a street, and it was sheltered by buildings on three sides, and the location was very hidden.

"This is the place where a friend of mine used to stay. The laboratory was not demolished when he moved out. You can borrow it. Anyway, the things are his, I won't ask you to charge for it. Well, you can live here temporarily. Late." After opening the door of the living room, Caspers turned around and said.

   "Thank you sincerely, Mr. Kaspers!" Abner said sincerely in gratitude. Without the help of the other party, how could he have such convenient conditions now.

Caspers waved his hand and said, "It's just a deal. Be careful yourself! I'll take you away tomorrow morning, and bring the revolver you want by the way... If you still existed then..." Then, he didn't wait. Abner replied, and he left the yard directly.

  Drinking Sequence 9 potions is not so easy to lose control, right? Abner felt a little hairy in his heart, but he opened the bow without turning his head back. At this time, he won't shrink back.

After taking a deep breath, he turned on the gas light switch in the house. A bunch of flames ignited and grew rapidly. The bright light first occupied the interior of several wall lamps, and then passed through the transparent glass to cover the room with bright light. color.

   By the light, Abner quickly found the laboratory of the former owner of the house. He didn't take a lot of rest before starting the ritual, creating a "spiritual wall" in the laboratory to avoid being interrupted in the process of making potions.

"Except for the pure water, I bring the auxiliary materials with me. The main materials are currently in the tin box and do not need to be processed... All I have to do is to distill the pure water, grind the skein grass into powder, extract the calamus juice, and remove all Just add the ingredients one by one and stir?"

Although according to the "Lord of Mysteries", the preparation of Sequence Nine potions is so simple, as long as the ingredients are put in according to the ratio, but Abner is still a little nervous, and it took nearly half an hour. Only then did the medicine really match up.

   Looking at the blue viscous liquid that is hard to tell whether it was a cup or a piece, Abner swallowed with difficulty, then he gritted his teeth, picked up the glass flask, raised his neck, and drank the potion.

   Gulu! Guru!

   The icy potion descended all the way down the throat, with countless bubbles bursting every moment. Suddenly a huge flow of information poured in in my mind, turning into fireworks blooming one after another.

   If a weak-willed person encounters such a situation, I am afraid that it will lose control on the spot and become a monster!

Fortunately, Abner not only has a strong temper, but also often realizes the sensation of this kind of information flow in his mind when using the "white eyes". He has already resisted this, so he has passed it more easily. The most difficult step relative to others.

   But this is especially true. He still feels his head is swelling, there is a tendency to be shattered, there are countless ghosts in everything he sees, and countless hums and roars can be heard in his ears.

   Abner knew that this was because the potion power could not be completely controlled, and it was caused by spillover. He recalled how Old Neil taught Klein in the novel, and he entered a meditation state, and then he got rid of the abnormal state of sight and hearing.

   After a long while, Abner woke up from meditation, he clenched his fists, and muttered to himself with some excitement:

   "Finally become an extraordinary!"

   Then, he looked down at his body and found nothing unusual. But his clear thinking ability tells him that whether it is his concentration, memory, or even comprehension, he has been significantly strengthened. Although it cannot be compared with the state of'pure white eyes', it is also stronger than the self before drinking the potion. At least two or three times.

   After regaining his excitement, Abner took out the blue gems in the iron cigarette case. He planned to verify whether the pure white eyes had improved after becoming a "reader".

   The left and right eyes blinked four times quickly alternately (this is a suggestive action set by Abner for the active opening of the pure white eye), and his pupils instantly turned pure white.

   Ten seconds later, as his eyes blinked quickly again, his pupils returned to their usual light blue, but this time, he was just a little tired and didn't mean to coma.

"After becoming an Extraordinary, the use limit of Pure White Eyes has probably increased to about 15 seconds. Within 10 seconds, it is implied to close, which will not cause too much burden on the spirit, but it cannot be opened continuously. According to my guess, It must be at least two hours apart. Once the 15-second limit is used, or if it is continuously turned on for a short period of time, there is a high probability that you will still fall into a 6-hour coma! Well, this limit is not static, it should be related to the mental body and oneself. Spirituality is related. With the digestion of potions and the enhancement of spirituality, the use time of UU Reading Pure White Eyes will gradually increase."

"But more importantly, after becoming a'reader', I can finally control the cheat finger initially. This control not only refers to the switch, but also the behavior in the state of pure white eyes! Every time I turned it on before, In fact, it has been operating in multiple threads. Not only is it recalling and understanding the books that have been read, it is also analyzing extraordinary characteristics, analyzing and planning all kinds of information... This kind of computing power is too scattered and wasteful. I had no way before, but now But at any rate, this kind of operation can be limited to a range! For example..."

   Thinking of this, Abner opened the bag at hand, took out the ancient Fusac language information given by the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom" from it, and then blinked alternately and entered the state of pure white eyes again!

   Just a few seconds later, Abner closed his eyes and fell on the prepared cushion. The last thought before he passed out was:

   "My reasoning seems to be correct, continuous activation will surely lead to a forced coma..."


   At the same time, in a workers bar near the wharf area, Hugh and a man in his thirties sat opposite each other in the corner. In the noise of the bar, Xio seemed to ask some questions that made the latter quite excited. He even patted the table and said with hatred:

"You asked the boss why he kicked me out and hired the little boy named Sigg? Shit, I still want to know! Can you imagine? That person just met the boss and talked to the boss for less than 10 Within minutes, I have gained all the trust of the boss! Even more trust than us old folks! You must know that Boss Rosen is a suspicious person, who didn't believe in any strangers at all! If it wasn't for the boss in other ways Normally, I suspect that he was tempted by that little white face!"

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