Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 7 The test of the eye of wisdom

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   "I want to sell potion formulas."

   "Sequence 9 "Fortuneteller" and sequence 8 "Joker" in the sequence of ‘Fortunetellers’."

   "The former is £250 and the latter is £450."

This is the formula that Abner thinks is the most suitable to sell after thinking about it. Although there are many potions formulas in his memory, the only people who have the complete formula of Sequence 9 are "Audience", "Clausor", "Reader" and "Fortuneteller", other pharmacists, sailors, etc. only know the main material, but the auxiliary material is not recorded in the novel "The Lord of Mysteries".

Among them, the audience involved the Psychological Alchemy Society, a hidden organization that is still active in Backlund, and the Adam behind it. If they rush out, they may attract attention. Abner, who knows Adam’s horror, does not want to expose himself now; From the reader’s point of view, when the host of the meeting is the "eye of wisdom" related to the Church of Knowledge, he should not challenge the acceptance of the other party; the formula of the chanter sequence would have been appropriate to sell, but it is In the future, the protagonist of the novel Klein’s business in this party, thinking that the other party is still living poor as an'Cthulhu', he still doesn't rob him of his wealth, blame poor...

Finally, the divination sequence decided to sell. Although this sequence is in the hands of the Tantric Order, the low-order formula has long been leaked, and now the boss of the Tantric Order, Zarathu, is still locked in the kingdom of night by the goddess. The strength is the low point, and he won't cause trouble for this low-sequence trivial matter.

   "Fortuneteller sequence... I just need it. I will pay a total of 650 pounds. If I agree, I will sell it!" After a long time in the room, the woman in a corner spoke.

   The price was within Abner’s expectations. He looked at other people and confirmed that no one had any willingness to bid before replied: “Yes, but you can’t sell these two recipes at this party in the future.”

   "Okay, Mr.'Eye of Wisdom' will testify!" the woman responded.

  Ebner knew that the "Eye of Wisdom" had a sealed object that could be used to identify the authenticity, so he took out two potions formulas that he wrote long ago and handed them to the waiter next to him. The latter came to the single sofa in the center and handed the folded paper to the "eye of wisdom".

   The old gentleman spread out the paper without taking a second look, and placed it on the small round table next to it. Then, he took out his handkerchief, wiped his right palm, and took out a ring studded with many fine diamonds from his pocket.

This ring is complex and exquisite in shape, surrounded by a green gemstone like an eye. Just taking a glance from a distance, Abner’s pure white eyes almost opened on their own. Fortunately, after two nights of exercise, how much he can I controlled a little bit of the golden finger switch, so I didn't fall into a coma on the spot.

   "I remember that this thing is also formed by the extraordinary characteristics of the reader sequence. If there is a chance to analyze it with pure white eyes, don't worry about the follow-up formula?"

   Just as Abner was thinking, the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom" solemnly put the ring on his right middle finger, and then closed his eyes, as if something was brewing.

   Suddenly, the emeralds on that ring bloomed brilliant gold, sunny gold.

   "Eye of Wisdom" the old gentleman quickly stretched his right hand sideways, letting the gem touch the potion formula.

   Dao Dao Jin Mang became more and more pure, and finally evolved into a seal-like projection.

   "True, effective!" The old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom" announced in a deep voice, and immediately took off the ring, not daring to wear it for another second.

   After "notarization", the transaction was quickly concluded, and Abner received a thick pile of cash, all of which were 10 pound notes.

   "650 pounds is really a lot of money... It's a pity that it will be spent soon..." While thinking about this, Abner didn't give others a chance to interject, and continued to ask:

   "Who has the pupil of the Garol fish and the brain slice of the Manhas monkey? You know, I can give a satisfactory price!"

Hearing his words, everyone present was silent for a while, and finally, the lady who bought the fortuneteller's sequence formula said: "The Manhas monkey is a monster that belongs to the dream, and it is not easy to hunt. But its brain I can provide slices now, 10g and 100 pounds, no counter-offers are accepted."

   Abner gritted his teeth and muttered to himself, ‘It’s so expensive! ’But he quickly counted out 20 10-pound notes, and replied: "This is 200 pounds, and I need 20g!"

   "Deal!" The woman was also very satisfied with Abner's. She took out two tin boxes from her arms while speaking, and handed them to the waiter for the "eye of wisdom" to appraise.

   After the old gentleman found it to be true, Abner passed the golden pound over and harvested two tin boxes. He was a little at a loss, because he seemed to have forgotten to prepare a container for extraordinary materials.

   The woman in the corner seemed to see this, chuckled lightly, and said casually: "The tin box is not worth anything, I gave it to you!"

   Abner felt even more embarrassed, but he still put away the tin box calmly, and looked around, hoping to get news of Garol's pupils.

   It's a pity that no one speaks in the living room anymore.

   Upon seeing this, Abner shrugged and returned to a bystander attitude. He listened to others peddling or begging for shopping products and materials, watching a deal or success or failure, but unfortunately there was nothing in it that he was interested in.

  Except for the pupils of the Galol fish, what he needs most at the moment is actually some ritual magic arrangements and related occult knowledge, because that is what a ‘reader’ needs to be good at.

   Time passed by one minute and one second. As the party ended, the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom" began to arrange for someone to leave, one every three minutes. There are at least five exits here. The waiter of the "Eye of Wisdom" will take different people through different passages, trying to divert as much as possible to extend the time.

   After half an hour, there were two party members left in the living room, except for the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom", only Abner.

   Feeling the slightly playful gaze of the "Eye of Wisdom", Abner subconsciously becomes nervous, although he has long guessed that the other party will notice him. After all, the ‘reader’ is the way that the Church of Knowledge and Wisdom has mastered. As the secret stake of the Church of Knowledge in Backlund, the ‘eye of wisdom’ doesn’t know what the formula for the sequence 9 potion of this pathway is.

"Don't be nervous boy. You should know that if I want to disadvantage you, you are dead now, after all, you are just an ordinary person!" At this time, the'eye of wisdom' smiled and waved to Abner, and went on Said, "And I have what you want here."

   Abner was stunned at first, and then he was overjoyed. In fact, he believed in the character of "Eye of Wisdom". The tension just now was only because the opponent was too strong relative to him.

   "Do you have Galolian pupils in your hand?" Abner asked expectantly.

"I can see that your body should be contaminated with Extraordinary characteristics. No wonder you have to collect potions so anxiously... Well, it should be contaminated by the'reader' characteristic of Sequence 9. If it is Sequence 8 and above, you I'm afraid it's already dead now." The Eye of Wisdom observed Abner for a while, and then answered the wrong question.

   "I was contaminated by Sequence 8. You guessed wrong... No, it should be correct, because the original owner is indeed dead." Abner muttered in his heart, and then pretended to nodded hesitantly.

'Eye of Wisdom' was satisfied with the correct reasoning, and then answered Abner's previous question: "I do have Galol pupils in my hand. Well, it's a pair!" In'a pair' He increased his tone. He didn't know that Abner knew his details a long time ago, so this is to tell Abner that he knows the formula of the potion in order to win the trust of the other party.

   There really are... Abner restrained his excitement and asked, "How much money do you need to trade them to me?"

  Who knows, the ‘eye of wisdom’ once again answered the question in an unfamiliar way: "What language do you know besides Luen?"

Abner was dumbfounded for a moment, but considering a certain quirk that people in the "reader" sequence in the novel would have, he magically matched the radio wave and replied: "I can speak Hermes... In addition, Guffer Sark recognizes a few words."

   "It's not bad...then have you mastered any rituals?"

   "Yes, I currently master the ritual of making a ‘spiritual wall’." Others also know some from novels, but I haven’t actually practiced them.

"Eye of Wisdom" the old gentleman nodded after hearing it, and seemed to be satisfied. He smiled and said: "It seems that you are a young man who likes to learn, really good!" Then, he changed the conversation and talked about the material. , "As for the price of Galol fish pupils, how about we make a bet?"

   "How to bet?" Abner asked with some caution. He never likes to bet against people, because he rarely wins.

"Today you only need to pay 100 pounds, and I can give them to you. However, I will give you another copy of the "Ancient Fusac" material, if you can thoroughly understand this material before the party next Wednesday night Half, then I will reward you with some books on occult knowledge; and if you can’t master it, you need to pay me another 100 pounds in cash at the party next week! How, boy, would you like to take a gamble?” Eye of Wisdom Said with a smile.

"It turns out that he has already set the time for next week's gathering...Well, UU reading today is Thursday, and there are nearly six days before next Wednesday night. With pure white eyes, I have finished studying'Gufusa.' There shouldn’t be a problem with the information in the “Crack language”... and, what he did seems to be testing me? There should be no conspiracy or danger." After weighing it in his heart, Abner nodded and agreed to the bet, after all, in order to get He had no other choice for potion materials.

After receiving the banknotes, the Eye of Wisdom also took out several small metal boxes and said to Abner: "In the box on the left are the Garol pupils you want, and the other two are given to you before loading you. I bought the brain slices. The owner of that thing is of unknown origin. I don’t think you want to take home the items given by a lady who bought the formula of the'divider' at random, right?"

   Remembering that Klein, the protagonist of "Lord of Mysteries", could locate and catch the **** by a button of his own, Abner nodded with approval and hurriedly transferred the brain slice of the Manhas monkey. Although the Eye of Wisdom is also a stranger to him, the other party's behavior in the original book is not bad after all, and it is much more reliable than the lady who doesn't know the details.

   After finishing this, Abner was obviously relieved, and even joked: "If I deliberately won't come to the next party, how do you know if I have the information?"

  The old gentleman Eye of Wisdom took a deep look at Abner after hearing this, and then said meaningfully: "You have to believe that if I really want to find someone, it will be much easier than a fortune teller!"

That's not necessarily true. In the original book, your reasoning is a few blocks away from Klein’s divination... Abner’s inside is slandered, but he has to accept the “Ancient Fusac” materials handed over by the other party, after all. This is a Sequence 7 guardian who has a '2' level sealed object, and he is also a well-known detective!

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