Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 6 Extraordinary party

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  Early in the morning, Abner, who had worked hard (?) all night but had nothing to gain, came to the restaurant he frequented again for breakfast, but this time he failed to meet Hugh. He wanted to come to the other party to verify the information he told yesterday.

Next, throughout the day, he was busy collecting supplementary materials for the'reader' potion. Among them, pure water, threadball powder, and calamus juice are relatively easy to find. Needless to say, pure water, as long as it is distilled with experimental equipment. Now, Abner has not yet fully completed the business process. You can borrow a public school laboratory to complete it. The sylvestris and calamus are not hard-to-find plants. There are many wild plants that can be collected in the suburbs. The more troublesome thing is the pure white fairy flower. Although this flower is also an ordinary plant with no spirituality, it only grows on some islands in the Sunia Sea... Therefore, Abner almost traveled to Backlund before being in the house. I bought one in the herbal shop and it cost him 1 sul!

   After dinner, I put on the casual clothes and hooded cloak I bought yesterday, and Abner went out again and took the public carriage to Tiemen Street in the bridge area.

   Without taking a few steps, he saw a bar named "The Brave", saw the dark wooden gate that seemed heavy and a strong man who was close to two meters tall with his arms around him.

"The'Eye of Wisdom' party should be held in an apartment in the back alley of the Brave Bar, but I don't know which one it is, so I have to look for the bar like Mr. Fool in the novel. The relevant person in charge led the way.” While thinking about it, Abner didn't stop at his feet and walked directly into the bar.

   The strong man at the goalkeeper looked at him, but did not stop him from pushing the door and entering. He cursed in a low voice when he heard the cheers and cheers inside.

This time period is the peak period of bar business. Before Abner entered, he felt the heat wave on his face, smelled the strong aroma of malt, and heard the noisy noise. In terms of the atmosphere, this place is modern and modern. There is no difference in bars.

   The smell of wine mixed with sweat, Abner looked around, distinguished the direction, and then squeezed towards the bar while protecting his belongings.

Before the bartender could speak, he learned Klein’s tone and experience in the novel and said first: "A glass of Southwell beer." This is the best beer produced by the Ruen Kingdom. Of course, Abner doesn’t know whether it’s true or false. , Because it is seen from the novel.

   "5p," the bartender replied familiarly.

   Ebner took out the 5p he had prepared and gave it to the other party, in exchange for a large wooden cup filled with golden liquor, the beer smelled strong and attractive.

   "In front of it, many beers can't even be called alcohol, but only drinks." The bartender laughed.

After taking the cup, Abner didn’t drink it. He looked at it for a while, looked at the delicate and white foam in the cup, and then asked, “Where is Caspars Cunningham?” This person is in the novel. Here is the guide who leads the protagonist Klein to the party.

   The bartender stopped wiping the cup, looked up at him for a few seconds, and pointed to the side: "In the second card house."

   Ebner nodded, put the cup on and walked to the card house #2. He just knocked lightly and made the door creak open.

   There were four people in the room, and they all looked over when they heard the door ring. Abner didn't recognize any of them, so he could only consider his tone and said, "Gentlemen, good evening, I'm looking for Caspars Cunningham."

Hearing this, one of the four had a big nose and a half-hundred man in a linen shirt covered the cards and limped over. He was a little impatient at first, but waited to see that Abner was hiding under the cloak. When he looked on his face, he was surprised and said: "Ebner? Why are you here?!"

What? Does this old man recognize me? Why am I not impressed? This script is wrong! Abner's mind turned sharply and searched the memory of the original owner, but unfortunately he still didn't have any impression.

"This is not a place to talk, you come with me!" Kaspers seemed not surprised by Abner's persecution, and took him to a private lounge before continuing: "You shouldn't recognize it. Me, but I know you, Abner! Your father once did me a big favor, and he and I are friends."

   "Father's friend?" Abner was surprised, no wonder he had no relevant memory.

"Yes, it's a pity that I knew about the accident in your family late, otherwise I should be able to help him, at least to prevent him from signing the loan shark contract full of traps, and at least save him from suicide. Hey, wait until I hear about this. Afterwards, I can only help you block the debt-collecting gangsters secretly, so that they no longer demand those unreasonable interest. It was also at that time, I saw your picture." Caspers briefly explained a few words.

   So my father also borrowed loan sharks from the gang? That's right, even if you lose your fortune under normal circumstances, as a former big businessman, his father still has the resources to make a comeback, but he is really desperate if he has a debt that is difficult to turn over when he has nothing! Coupled with the disappearance of his mother, it’s no wonder that he would commit suicide... Abner sighed, and at the same time he expressed his gratitude to Caspers. If the other party said it was true, he would be able to live through the past few days. The other party's credit for being so calm.

At the same time, Abner has a strange sense of familiarity with this matter. After all, he only helped Xiu to reason and analyze the wave, so he said to the old man in front of him: "Thank you for your righteous action... Can you tell me who my father borrowed from? Loan shark?"

"It's the "double-faced man" Rosen! You don't have to thank me. Firstly, I am paying back your father's help. Secondly, I just let them exempt them from unreasonable interest, principal and normal interest. It has been taken from the auction money of your villa." Caspers replied.

   It really was Rosen. I didn’t expect that he and I would have such a ‘fate’. It seems that after I became an Extraordinary, I should help Miss Hugh fix him.

When Caspers saw that Abner heard Rosen’s name, he was silent, not surprising, and asked: "By the way, Abner, how did you find me here? You came to me again. what?"

After hearing this, Abner came back to his senses, thinking about the business, he looked upright, and said: "I came to a gathering organized by the Extraordinary. Yes, that's the Extraordinary you know. I heard that you can lead the way. !"

   "How do you know the Extraordinary?! Why are you looking for them? Could it be...?" Kaspers looked at him suspiciously.

   "Yes, I was involved in extraordinary events, and I can only solve them if I find them!" Abner saw what Kaspass meant and flicked lightly. Not a word about how to know that the other party is a guide.

Caspars pondered for a while, then looked at Abner carefully, and then said: "Today happens to have their party, I will take you there! The people there are quite powerful. As for whether you can gain anything from me, It doesn't matter. But I must warn you in advance not to anger them, or you will probably not see the sun tomorrow! Remember, Abner?"

  Ebner nodded and said, "I won't be so reckless!" After that, he asked sincerely, "Do I need to be paid for leading the way?"

   Caspers nodded in satisfaction: "You know the rules! Well, for the sake of acquaintances, I will give you a 50% discount, only one pound is good."

   Abner did not hesitate to pass the 1 pound note, and then took an iron mask that could cover the upper half of his face from Kaspers.

   After "put it on", Kaspers led Abner, limply towards the kitchen of the bar, from there into the back alley, and walked around to a darkened house.

   Seeing that Abner had put on his mask, Caspers took a deep breath, raised his right hand, and knocked on the door, 8 heavy, 1 light, 7 long and 1 short.

   Seven or eight seconds later, a small wooden board on the door was suddenly pulled open, revealing the tan eyes behind.

   was scrutinized for a long time, and Abner finally saw the door open back. A man wearing an iron mask stood there, speaking to them hoarsely: "The party will start in a minute or two. Move faster!"

   He closed the door, turned around, and led Abner through the dark living room into the living room on the first floor. A candle was lit on the coffee table there, and the whole room was illuminated by the dim yellow light.

   There are already ten people sitting on the sofas and chairs around the coffee table, all dressed in iron masks.

   Abner found a chair with no one to sit down, then looked around, and soon noticed an old man on the solo sofa. The nasolabial lines on his cheeks are deep, and his skin is slightly dry.

   "Looking at his appearance and the faint awe of him by the people around him, this old man should be the'eye of wisdom' Isengard detective, right?"

While Abner was thinking like this in his heart, the old gentleman at UU reading who was suspected of being the "eye of wisdom" looked at the wall clock on the wall and said in an old voice: "The time is up, let's start. No need to wait for late friends."

As soon as his voice fell, a lady rushed and said: "I want to sell a weapon. It is a dagger. As long as it is stabbed by it, the transcendents under Sequence 7 will immediately lose their transcendent ability, and Sequence 7 and its The upper one will also be affected, resulting in a reduction in the effect of extraordinary abilities. In addition, it is sharp and strong enough."

   "What are its negative effects?" someone asked.

"Every time after successfully using it to seal the enemy's extraordinary ability, it will make the user feel as if there is a stream of electric current running through the spirit, connecting into a whip with thorns, constantly beating the soul, which is painful and numb. But as long as you prepare in advance, This kind of pain is bearable," the lady replied.

   "What are you going to use it for?" Someone was obviously moved, and this dagger had a surprisingly winning effect in the battle between Beyonders.

   "550 pounds or sequence 8'barbarian' formula!"

It turned out to be the lady in the original book who had been changing the'barbarian' formula. Although I remembered this formula, I was here to sell another formula today. It is too eye-catching to take out this one, and the melee weapon is also Not very suitable for me, after all, I don’t know any fighting skills at all. If Hugh holds it, it’s just right...

   When Abner was thinking about it, the dagger was bought by a middle-aged man for 550 pounds.

   After that, several people proposed transactions, some succeeded, some failed, Abner looked at the interval of the transaction, breathed out slowly, and said in a suppressed voice:

   "I want to sell potion formulas!"

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