Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 4 Get acquainted

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   The morning light was shining and the crimson faded. Looking at the golden color that spilled into the room along the window, Abner thumped his somewhat stiff shoulder and sat up.

  He was in a good mood at this time. Although the continuous opening of the pure white eyes made his spirit a little bad, after all this night's efforts (coma), he finally resolved the "reader" potion formula completely.

  " reader, sequence 9

   Main ingredients: a pair of Galol fish pupils, 15g of manhas monkey brain slices

   Auxiliary materials: 80ml of pure water, 10g of thread ball grass powder, 1 petal of pure white fairy flower, 10 drops of calamus juice


Galore fish should not be a rare species. After all, even the original owner as an ordinary person has heard of it, but has never seen it. The pupil of this fish should not be difficult to get in the extraordinary circle... As for the Manhas monkey, in The inherited memory seems to be a kind of monster in a horror story, but since the pure white eye has resolved it, then it shows that this kind of monster really exists...Well, go back and ask in the extraordinary circle.

As for where to find Extraordinary Circles, Abner had already planned. After all, after remembering the detailed potion formulas in the novel, he wondered how to sell a few copies in order to improve his quality of life and raise purchases. Material funding.

   According to the information recorded in the novel "Lord of Mysteries", there are two extraordinary gatherings that are relatively safe at this time. One is the intelligence and material exchange meeting held by Mr. Aurora Club which is frequented by Hugh and Forsi; the other is the extraordinary trade fair organized by Mr. "Eye of Wisdom" that the original protagonist Klein contacted.

   For these two gathering circles, Abner prefers to participate in the latter. First, as the party organizer, the true identity of the old Mr. "Eye of Wisdom" is the well-known great detective Isinger Stanton. He is related to the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, and is regarded as a small official official in the Kingdom of Loen. The character is also decent, and it is much more reliable than the Aurora Envoy, which will go mad when not activated; secondly, the "Lord of Mystery" novel records in detail the location and time acquisition method of the "Eye of Wisdom" party. The Aurora Fair trade fair that I have brought up a few sentences is easy to find; in the end, behind the Aurora Fair is an evil **** who is willing to do things, and Abner, who has gold fingers, is actually quite guilty. He doesn’t want to prematurely The secret is exposed to the true creator.

"Well, it’s almost eight o’clock. Let’s go out and buy a copy of the Backlund Morning Post to see if the recent gathering will be held. If not, I’m afraid I’ll have to work and earn money first. I only have 1 pound left in my pocket. It’s zero 5 Sule, let alone buying materials, I’m afraid it’s going to be a problem even after a few days." Abner gathered up his thoughts, packed up the ritual materials, washed a little and went out.

   Then, he bought a copy of the "Backlund Morning Post" from a newspaper boy on the street, and turned to the fifth page directly, and saw an advertisement for the Ernst firm to purchase goods! This is the code used by the "eye of wisdom" in the novel to inform the party!

"This is a coincidence. Well, let me take a closer look... The prices are 8 pence/liter for flour, 1 pound for butter/pound, 7 pence for lard, 1 pound for butter, 3 pence/pound for marquis tea. Tea 8 Sule/lb... In other words, there will be an Extraordinary party at 8 o’clock tomorrow night. The code to open the door is 8 heavy taps, 1 light tap, and the interval is 7 long and 1 short, and proceed in turn... There are no 3 and 8 behind. significance…"

   Abner sorted out the content according to the interpretation method described by the "Eye of Wisdom" in the novel, and suddenly felt a little excited. He felt that his luck was really good, at least not having to go to work.

   With joy, he once again came to the restaurant where he had breakfast yesterday. As soon as he opened the door, he was taken aback. Because a conflict is breaking out in the restaurant at this time.

  It is not accurate to say that it is a conflict. Abner's eyes are greeted by a girl with messy hair and a height of only 1.5 meters and three burly men with a height of more than 1.8 meters. But what is surprising is that the three big guys are already lying on the ground with a swollen nose, and the young girl calmly grabbed one of the big guys by the collar, and asked, "Who told you to come and catch me? of?"

   Although she is not tall, her majesty is so strong that even the waiter who is not close to the restaurant can't help but step back. Surprisingly, although the man who was drunk questioned was sweaty, he withstood the majesty and did not reveal anything.

   Abner was surprised to see this scene. These people are obviously ordinary people, otherwise they would not be able to defeat the "Judgement" lady who was promoted to Sequence Nine... Then, how did they resist the extraordinary ability?

  Although he was a little curious, Abner obviously didn't intend to go into it. He can only be regarded as a half extraordinary now, but he doesn't think he has the ability to mix things like this.

   "But I have met Hugh here for two consecutive days, so I think it is destined, otherwise I will talk to you for a while?" Abner thought.

   Xiu also found Abner walking into the restaurant at this time. Although she was a little wary, most of her energy was used to interrogate the three gangsters. The failure of her ability surprised her, but her rich experience made her immediately switch to the "physical" method!

   As the three screamed, they finally couldn't resist the "majesty" and began to explain. It turns out that these three people are Sigg, a consultant employed by the "double-faced man" Rosen.

   This consultant named Sigg is a "double-faced man" Rosen who took refuge in about seven or eight months ago. He has won the trust of the other party and can mobilize most of Rosen's thugs! He heard that someone had sent someone to investigate immediately after hearing about the badge last night. Who would have thought that the three of them had decided to take her back after seeing that Xio was just a little girl.

They didn't speak loudly, but Abner, who was more insightful than ordinary people, could hear clearly. His brows instantly frowned, and he instinctively analyzed and reasoned: "Badge? Could it be the extraordinary item that Xiu found?" Used for contract fraud? If these three people are telling the truth, the key person in this incident does not seem to be Rosen, but Sigg! This person is likely to be an extraordinary! So the question is, why should an extraordinary Serving as a consultant for a small gang leader? One may be that Rosen is a more powerful Extraordinary, and let him surrender, but it does not fit the facts. Another possibility is that Sigg is playing! And playing such a role, he is afraid not The Sequence 8 scammer of the wrong way? Both scam ordinary people, scam cooperators, and even misled and scam potential investigators! Hey, thinking about it, it’s not necessarily true that someone was sent because of the badge... , I’d better remind Hugh, just as the starting point for the conversation."

  Although these are only things that Abner speculated, there is no obvious evidence, but even if the reasoning is wrong, it can remind Xie and reduce her danger. In the original book, she may have gone to jail just because of this case, but now she may not be really unscathed. This girl is still reckless sometimes.

   On the other side, after interrogating the gang members, Xio ordered the waiter to call the police from the street and hand the three people to the official. As the assailant and a female, she passed the test simply after being cross-examined for two or three sentences, and watched the three people be taken away by the police.

   Just when she was about to leave the restaurant, she suddenly saw Abner walking straight forward. The other party smiled slightly and said, "Ms. Arbiter, can you be lucky enough to have you a cup of coffee?"

  Xiu is obviously the first time someone has been accosted, and she couldn't help but stay in a daze, muttering in her heart how her ‘majesty’ has repeatedly failed to work today, but on the surface he asked vigilantly: "Who are you? What can I do for you?"

   "It doesn't matter who I am, but I have some my own opinions and inferences about what happened just now, which may be helpful to you." Abner said bluntly, and there is no need to roundabout people like Miss Hugh.

   Xiu was a little surprised when she heard the words, she hesitated, nodded, and sat down at a table again. Abner also sat down opposite her, and ordered two cups of coffee, two slices of bread and a piece of butter under the reluctant gaze of the waiter.

   While waiting for the meal, Xio took the lead and asked: "Are you an Extraordinary too? An official person? What do you want to tell me?" Because of yesterday's inexplicable induction, Xio was actually very wary of Abner.

Abner shook his head and said vaguely: "I'm not an official person, just a fan who knows something about extraordinary things... Just now I heard your conversation and heard some questions. I want to remind you." He didn't lie either, so far he is not really an extraordinary person. UU Reading

Xio didn’t believe that the other party was just a fan, and concluded that he was an extraordinary, and the sequence was still above her, but she didn’t break it, but directly asked: "What do you want to tell me?" Isn't this very important? understand? It's just that ordinary gangsters got an extraordinary item and used it to do evil.

   Abner did not sell Guanzi either. After finishing and polishing his previous reasoning, he told Xiu in detail.

   Xiu heard a little confused, and asked suspiciously: "Scammer? Impersonate? What does this mean?"

   "So you don't know how to play..." Abner patted his forehead and thought: I'm negligent. Hugh at this time really doesn't know how to play. That was only taught to her after Forsi joined the Tarot Club. Forget it, anyway, she has been unconsciously acting as the ‘arbiter’, and it’s okay to tell her in advance.

   "What is the acting method?" Xio was even more unclear, so she only felt that she was a fake Extraordinary.

Abner thought for a while, learning the tone of the Fools in the novel playing with members of the Tarot Society, saying, "For potions, it is not mastering, but digesting. It is not digging, but acting. The name of a potion is not just a symbol, but an image. , It is the'key' to digestion."

After that, Abner didn’t want to explain more, and changed the subject: “If my inference is not wrong, this matter is obviously beyond your ability. You’d better find an opportunity to report the clues to the official transcendent. , With their expertise, I’m afraid I can see more problems." Reporting is a masterpiece of the future master of mystery, so he doesn’t mind using it in advance...

Hugh originally wanted to ask a few more questions about how to play. It can be seen that Abner was reluctant to say more, so he had to pursed his lips and asked again: "Sir, why are you helping me by telling me these knowledge and inferences? "

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