Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 3 Doubt

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   Forsi is a lazy girl, about 1.65 meters tall, wearing a beige dress with a stand-up collar with ruffles. Hearing what Xio said at this time, she grabbed her slightly curly brown hair and said helplessly: "What's the matter? Can't you do it yourself? I can give you an idea."

"No, I need to search for evidence of a gang leader, and I need your ability to'open the door'!" Xio paused, staring at Forsi's indecent posture still lying on the sofa, and then continued, "Besides, Forsi , You haven’t been out of the house for almost half a week..."

"I knew you were for this..." After speaking, Forsi saw that Xio's brows frowned, and she had to raise her hand and said, "Okay, OK, I'll help you! But you have to tell me the details. what's up."

   Xiu nodded, and recounted the request of Mr. Li'an, the maintenance technician, before finally saying: "So I need some black material from the gang leader to increase the success rate of'persuishing' him!"

"Are you sure this is to persuade him and not to provoke him?" Forsi vomited in his heart, but said quietly on his face: "This is just the words of Li'an? Should you investigate the matter thoroughly before acting? For example, does that gang leader have another purpose?"

   "Yes, I am going to investigate. The reason why I came back is to get some money and equipment." Xio replied.

"Not only these, you have to check if the gang leader is an Extraordinary, or if there is an Extraordinary under his staff... If you don't check all of these, it may be dangerous not only for me to open the door and get black material, even if you try to persuade it. Come back." Forsi said in a sincere and seductive manner.

   "Well... you are right, Forsi, I was negligent." I stopped thinking about it and felt that the other party was reasonable.

   "So, wait for your investigation before you come to me!" In this way, I can delay for a few more days. Forsi thought smugly.

"All right..." After speaking, Xio took out a small bag from her room and tied it around her waist. Before leaving the house, she suddenly looked back in the direction of the sofa and said, "Forsi, although you are right, But I always feel that you are perfunctory me."

   "Why... I can't get up here!" Forsi stood up with a guilty conscience, walked to the door, and smiled and sent Xio to the door.

Xio frowned. She originally wanted to talk to Fors about the strange person she saw in the restaurant, but after thinking about it, she gave up. After all, the feeling that that person gave her was very depressing, but not dangerous. , To say that Forsi might be annoyed.


   Not mentioning Xiu and Forsi, let's go back to Abner's side. The accidental encounter with Miss Hugh did not delay his planned itinerary. He began to run through the Joewood District, the North District and the Bridge District according to the memory of the original owner. I bought different plant powders, silver flakes and other items from various herbal shops, flower shops, jewelry shops, and accessories shops.

   These are all necessary materials for the ceremony. Because they are not spiritual items, most of them can be bought in ordinary shops, but they are not so concentrated, and you need to travel to many shops to get them. However, even though they are not spiritual materials, the price is not cheap. A total of 1 pound and 12 sul was spent, which caused the shy Abner to suffer in secret for a long time.

   And the reason why Abner prepares for the ceremony is to create a spiritual wall in order to obtain a clean and safe spiritual environment to test his pure white eyes. Well, by the way, we will parse out the recipe of the ‘reader’. As for how he knew this ceremony? Naturally, it’s because in "Lord of the Mysteries", Old Neil almost taught Klein how to arrange the spiritual wall and spells, and he remembered every paragraph in the novel when he opened Pure White Eyes. detail.

   At four o'clock in the afternoon, Abner dragged his tired body back to the rented one-bedroom cottage. He first lay down and slept for an hour and a half, then got up and ate some dry food bought from outside during the day, and then adjusted his state at six o'clock, using deep sleep flowers, dracaena, and crimson sandalwood. Herbal powders such as mint and mint are used to make "holy night powder", which are all materials used to make spiritual walls.

   Although Abner knows the method, it is the first time to get hands-on practice after all, and it is inevitable that he is a little nervous. Fortunately, he has incorporated some of the extraordinary characteristics, his concentration has surpassed that of ordinary people, and he has quickly achieved success.

   After sprinkling the Holy Night powder around in a certain order, he twisted out a handful of powder and sprinkled it around himself.

   As the strange, pungent smell evaporates, Abner has a circle of invisible power around him, separating him from the environment in the room.

After doing this, Abner took a deep breath and took out the gem representing the extraordinary characteristics of the Sequence 8 "Inference Student" from the iron cigarette case, devoted all his attention to it, and silently chanted "open". Give yourself hints. Through the accident last night and the fact that he almost opened the pure white eyes when he saw Miss Hugh in the morning, he roughly mastered the switch method of his own golden finger.

   The result was just as Abner expected. Following his hint, the pupils in his eyes disappeared instantly, his eyes appeared pure white, and the data stream that passed quickly appeared in his mind again. His thoughts were also affected by this data stream, and he was involuntarily carrying out high-speed recall, induction, analysis, analysis...

   Five seconds later, when his face was getting worse and worse, and he was even visibly darkened, Abner hinted with great perseverance that he had closed the ‘pure white eyes’, and then smiled with difficulty. Weakly muttered to himself: "It seems that the current limit of opening in the best state is five seconds..."

   Before he could say anything, he fell to the ground and passed out into a coma.


   At night, East Side, Dharavi Street, a cramped but lively pub.

Hugh Dilcha covered her nose and mouth and squeezed in. For her, this place was not only full of wine and sweat, but it was also easy to run into people who were much taller than her, so she had to face each other. Under the armpits, and the strong smell there can stun normal people.

   After a lot of effort, even using the ability of an "arbitrator", Hugh finally squeezed to the bar counter and saw the person she was looking for.

   That is a kind-looking middle-aged man, his round cheek is always full of friendly smile. But Hugh knew that this man was a cruel and vicious villain. He once stepped on and broke the hand of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old thief only because the other party hid the harvest privately.

   If it is not necessary, Hugh would not even want to see him, but asking a gang leader for information, there is nothing more appropriate than this person. Because he is not only the gang leader, but also has hatred with that one.

   "Duckholm, I have something to look for you" Xio knocked down the wooden tabletop of the bar heavily.

   This rude gesture immediately drew glaring gazes, but they quickly flinched under the stern look of the "arbitrator".

   "Oh, Hugh, I haven't seen you for many days, and it feels like you are better than before!" said Duckholm, half drunk and half surprised.

   Of course, I used to have some arbitrator abilities because of my father’s inheritance, but now I am the real "arbitrator"!

   Xiu replied proudly, but on the surface he said solemnly: "I want to know all the information about Rosen!"

"Oh? "Double-faced" Rosen? Haha, Hugh, did you stare at that **** this time?! Well, as long as you fix him, I will tell you everything I know!" Duckholm was taken aback for a while. , And then gloated in authentic ways.

   "'Double-faced man'?" Hugh raised her brows, feeling that this nickname is not simple.

"Yes, the **** Rosen usually pretends to be a humble and polite gentleman, and he always promotes what he is willing to help the needy through difficulties, but he is actually a loan shark, and the interest is very high! I don't know what he uses. What kind of tactics, every time you can use the contract to deceive people, everyone who borrows money from him will end up ruined! This **** is much more hateful than me, Hugh, you must teach him a lesson!" Holm gritted his teeth with hatred when he talked about Rosen, and he didn't know what kind of feud between them. He kept urging Hugh to kill Rosen. For this reason, he gave many examples of the ruined family because of Rosen.

  Xiu heard the frowning and frowning, interrupting Duckholm's endless chatter, and asked: "He can get involved in the contract every time, and the borrower only finds out what's wrong afterwards?"

   "That's right, that's why I said I didn't know what new tricks this **** discovered. After all, it is impossible for everyone who borrows to be that stupid. Before, this **** didn't lend money so smoothly." Duckholm nodded.

   "Before? When has he been so smooth?" Xio keenly discovered the key to the problem.

"Seven months ago, I remember it very clearly, because that was the time when I and him became enemies. Hey, his career went so smoothly afterwards, and his money was several times more, so I didn't dare to retaliate against him." Holm gritted his teeth honestly.

   "Seven months ago... why did you become enemies with him?" After thinking for a while, he asked.

"Well..." Duckholm didn't want to say, but when he raised his eyes to see Hugh's majestic eyes, UU reading unconsciously shook, and hurriedly explained honestly, "At that time, one of my trump cards was stolen. Sen’s suitcase, which contains something he just found from a debtor’s house. Rosen quickly found out, and sent his subordinates to beat my trump card and regain the suitcase... The original thing was here. It didn't matter if it ended, but the **** found someone to quietly kill a group of people including the trump card shortly after the incident. It was a blow to my face!"

   "What's in that box?" Hugh asked.

"Hmph, you also suspect that there are some sensitive items in it, so Rosen died? I thought about it at the time, but after I found the unlucky person who was in debt and asked about it, I realized that there were only some of the various badges he had collected, and that was his. Hobbies, those things are not really valuable to others, unless Rosen can find the same badge collector to sell to him. So I think he is deliberately targeting me, and has no other ideas." Duckholm Hummed.

   "What is the debtor's name? Where is it now?" Hugh didn't change his mind because of Duckholm's words.

   "The man died a long time ago, all the property was paid off, and his family was sold. He finally jumped into the river and committed suicide." Duckholm said disapprovingly.

   Xiu nodded. After he felt that he knew the same thing, he drew a banknote from his pocket and gave it to Duckholm as an intelligence fee, then turned and left the bar.

   "The it a magical item? I have to investigate it carefully." Xio thought to herself.


At twelve o'clock in the night, Abner opened his eyes. He rubbed his forehead, silently arranged and reinforced the spiritual wall that was close to failure, then picked up the extraordinary characteristics that fell on the ground, and once again opened the "white eyes." ".

   "Tonight, we must fully analyze the ‘reader’ formula of Sequence Nine!"

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