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After a thorough examination of the contents of the materials, the old "Eye of Wisdom" nodded appreciatively and said: "You are better than I expected, although this must be due to the enhancement of the'reader' potion. It has improved your memory, but mastering it to this level shows that you are very talented in language!"

   "This is also thanks to the fact that the information you gave is very easy to understand." Abner said habitually and modestly.

"Emperor Roselle once said that excessive humility is hypocrisy, Abner. You know, it took me a full month to learn this ancient Fusac language material! Even though I hadn't taken it at the time. Potions." "Eye of Wisdom" shook his head and smiled.

   Without any plug-in, learned a language in one month? Are you a monster? Abner slandered inside, still maintaining a humble smile on the surface.

   "What is your belief?" At this moment, the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom" suddenly asked.

   I said Believe in the Fool, would you take out the sun brooch and purify me on the spot? Abner was taken aback when he was asked, and he murmured in his heart. Then he remembered that the original owner's family were all followers of the goddess, so he replied, "Uh... Goddess of the night."

The "Eye of Wisdom" chuckled, apparently seeing the weakness of Abner's faith, and said in a persuasive tone: "Looking at how you hesitated just now, you don't look like a faithful believer of the Goddess of Night. I think your character and handling. Ideas are in line with the teachings of the Church of Knowledge. How about converting to the God of Knowledge and Wisdom?"

   Do you mean that I feel that I am impious and look like a two-fifth boy, so it is more suitable to believe in the two-five dragon? what is this? Compatibility?

   Abner lowered his head in thought for a moment, then raised his head and asked, "Is there any benefit in changing my faith?"

"..." With the knowledge of the old gentleman "Eye of Wisdom", Rao was a little speechless when asked by this question, and began to wonder if it was right for him to introduce such a realistic person to the education... After a while, he did not He sighed and said: "Maybe you heard the wind from Casper. I had intentionally accepted you as a student before, but now that I see your talent and hard work, I am even more satisfied... If you convert to my lord, I will Will become your teacher and teach you the knowledge of occultism. I can see that you are lacking in this aspect now."

This is a fact. Abner has read the entire "Lord of the Secrets". He knows a lot about some secret or high-end knowledge. But most of the basic occult knowledge is only mentioned in the novel. Unknown so.

   Although the thigh stretched out does not hug the white, Abner still did not respond immediately, but asked:


   Why do you want to accept me as a student? There are so many people in Backlund, and there are a lot of talented young people. For a sequence 7 guardian, it is very easy to accept students, and there is no need to be so active.

"Eye of Wisdom" understands what Abner is asking, and also agrees with his caution not to be stunned by a pie from the sky, and the old gentleman doesn't seem to want to conceal his thoughts, and said straightforwardly: "If I said I think you are pleasing to the eye and want to help you from the bottom of my heart. You definitely don't believe it..."

When Abner nodded, the words of "Eye of Wisdom" changed, and continued: "However, this is a fact! Since the first time I saw you yesterday, my spiritual instinct told me to help me as long as I can now. You will be rewarded very richly in the future, and even help me through the disaster! I don’t know where this intuition comes from, but it has helped me through difficulties in the past, but it’s not as strong this time, so I Trust it."

"Hey, the premonition of such a magical stick is the ability of the'reader' pathway sequence 4'prophet', right? Are you a Sequence 7'knower' playing so violently? Well, unless you have a book The upper-level gangsters in the sequence take care of you and let you experience it in advance..."

   Abner was habitually defamating, but when he thought of this, he suddenly broke into a cold sweat! Because he thought of a problem, a problem that he had ignored before: as a lone soul in another world with gold fingers, after he had just crossed the fetters with the "reader" pathway, the knowledge at the top of the pathway, known as the "omniscience" Will the God of Wisdom have noticed him? What's more, his golden finger obviously fits well with the ability of this approach.

   He hadn't thought about this before, because he felt that his gold finger obviously had the characteristics of ‘fiction and self-obscure’, which could help him shield himself from spying and pollution, and the two-fifth dragon shouldn’t pay special attention to such a small person as himself.

   The "good intentions" shown by the "eyes of wisdom" made Abner less confident. Perhaps the sense and control of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom on this approach far exceeded his imagination!

"Suppose He knew of my existence, but did not immediately deal with me, but let a believer to indirectly'invest' me... Does this mean that He foresaw the changes that will be brought to the world by my arrival in the future? Is there a positive meaning? Well, at least this change is beneficial to Him! And the way He chooses to help me is not very obscure. This is "being a name for good deeds"?" Abner gradually calmed down and analyzed carefully. . But he didn't dare to call the two-five dragon in his heart, and only used ‘Hi’ to refer to it.

"All the gifts of destiny are secretly marked with prices... I don't know this'goodwill', what will I use in the future? I don't think much, even if I know these, I can't change anything, if I reject him. He became an enemy after his kindness? Hey, sometimes it’s not a good thing to know too many secrets. If you don’t understand anything, you can now be a happily tool man chess piece... No, it’s better to Think of these speculations as if I am scaring myself, the truth may be that the "eye of wisdom" suddenly came on a whim?"

After thinking through many things, Abner laughed at himself a few words, looked up at the old "Eye of Wisdom" who was still waiting for his answer, and took a deep breath and said: "I am willing to be your student, teacher. I am. It's Abner, Abner Bryan."

   After speaking, he took off his iron mask. Since you are going to be a teacher, you naturally have to show your true colors.

   The "Eye of Wisdom" old gentleman also seemed to be very happy. He also took off his mask, revealing his blue eyes and thin face. This is an elderly gentleman with white temples and excellent temperament.

"My name is Isengard Stanton, the'Knowledger' of Sequence 7 and also a believer in the God of Knowledge and Wisdom... You will be my official student from today, and I will recommend it to Lemberg in the future. You." "Eye of Wisdom", that is, Old Mr. Isinger introduced himself.

   Is this over? So casual? No process or anything?

Isinger seemed to see Abner's surprise, and explained with a smile: "Unless we conduct ceremonies in the Church of Knowledge, there are not so many cumbersome rules. Everyone will try their best to give guidance to those who love knowledge and are willing to study seriously. What's more, this is in Luen, in the tyrant's territory, everything is kept simple."

Abner nodded to express understanding, and then heard the other party continue to say: "From tomorrow you will move to my residence. I will give you guidance in my free time. You can also read mine when I work. Collection. Of course, you also have to help me do some sorting and analysis of data to cover the cost of board and lodging. By the way, my residence is at 16 Gnar Street, Hillston District."

   Are you not paid? Abner subconsciously complained in his heart, but after thinking about it, don't eat steamed buns for nothing, so he just mentioned that he would go out in the morning to practice firearms and fighting. Not surprisingly, this was approved by Detective Isengard.

"Okay, let's call in that little girl, and then we will go find out and eliminate the Extraordinary who cursed her! Becoming your teacher, naturally, you have to solve the worries of your students." Detective Isinger Station He got up and knocked on his cane.

  Ebner was very surprised. He didn't expect that the other party would help with this, so the thought of ‘recognizing such a teacher is also good’ came up in his mind.

  Xiu quickly entered the living room again under the guidance of the waiter. Seeing the two masters and apprentices who took off their masks, she was obviously taken aback, and looked at Abner with some anxiety.

   "I have become a student of Teacher Isengard!" Abner explained to Hugh, and then continued, "The teacher promised to go with us to find the person who cursed you."

   Xiu pursed his mouth when he heard the words, UU read www.uukanshu. Com felt that she owed favor again, but she didn't want to refuse. If she didn't solve that person as soon as possible, she would probably bring danger to Fors in the future. She didn't want to burden her friends because of herself.

So, Hugh also took off the mask and said sincerely to the two people: "Thank you, Abner. Thank you, Mr. Eye of Wisdom." She thought that Abner asked his teacher to help him. So I thanked both of them.

   "You are welcome. It should not be too late, let's set off immediately! You can tell me the specific situation clearly on the road." Detective Isinger waved his hand, and then showed the vigorous and vigorous action of a famous detective.

  Xiu and Abner looked at each other, and hurriedly followed Isinger's left and right, while telling his previous experience, while leading him to the subway station.


In the subway station near the Holy Wind Cathedral, Isengard stared at a corner near the platform lounge. By observing and analyzing the cursing power on Xio before purification, he quickly restored a picture of the broken badge in his mind. . This is one of the spell-like abilities of the Keeper, the scene goes back.

"That person was backlashed here. Heh, the badge he used for cursing should be a '3' level sealed object... Your transcendent item level is not low!" Isenger glanced at it with a smile. Abner. However, there are a lot of powerful items on his body, so this is not something that covets his own students, but a beating on this kid with inaccurate and untruthful words.

   Abner laughed dryly when he heard the words, and did not explain anything. Pure White Eyes is his biggest hole card, and he will not take the initiative to expose himself.

"The traces of the action have not been cleaned up. It seems that this is not a professional criminal... at least, not a professional criminal who has dealt with a'detective'. You two are following me, I can roughly guess that he is hiding in Where is it."

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