Mystery: Start with the Reader - Chapter 1 Come

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   The Kingdom of Ruen, the capital of mankind, Backlund.

   The city is divided obliquely into two parts by the Tussock River which flows to the southeast estuary. It is connected by the Backlund Bridge and the ferry. With a population of more than 5 million, it is one of the most prosperous cities on the mainland. No, there may not even be ‘one’!

At this time, in a dim alley in the bridge area of ​​this metropolis, a young man was lying prone in the darkness of the corner. He saw no trauma on his body, but his expression was extremely hideous and distorted, as if he was suffering a great deal. pain of.

Liu Bo endured the lingering'buzz' in his mind, opened his eyes with difficulty, and then saw the bridge over the Tasok River directly above, and a round of crimson in the night above. The full moon!

   Crimson Moon... Kingdom of Loen... Backlund...

   Scenes of messy memories quickly flashed through Liu Bo's mind. After a while, he felt that his body seemed to have recovered some strength, so he stood up on the wall.

   He looked down at his palm, which was obviously not his own, smiled bitterly and said to himself:

   "I have passed through... Ruen Kingdom, Backlund? Oh, listening to this familiar name, I still wear the squid-sized "Lord of the Secrets"? This is really not a good place to look forward to!"

Liu Bo was originally an elective course lecturer in a third-rate university. After working for three years, he still hasn't been able to get up. Recently, I was wondering whether to change jobs. How can I know that I woke up and went through it when I woke up? In the world of "Lord of Mysteries" of online literature!

"My body is now called Abner Bryan. I just turned 18 and I was still studying in public school. Because I was in a trance, I accidentally fell off the Backlund Bridge. This is where I can cross. As for the reason for the trance, it seems that the family has changed dramatically... Wait, it doesn't seem right!"

   Liu Bo, who was recalling the memory of the original owner of his body, suddenly replied, and quickly put his hand into his pocket, and took out a thumb-sized, angular blue gem from it.

The jewel shining under the red moon was reflected in his eyes, and a picture flashed in Liu Bo's mind: a middle-aged man wearing only underwear was lying in a pool of blood, obviously almost all his belongings were After being looted, this gem lay quietly on his chest alone! And Abner, who happened to pass by this remote corner, became greedy for a while, picked up the gem, and quickly left.

   "This...this gem will not be the extraordinary characteristic that the extraordinary person precipitates after death? It turns out that the death of the original owner involved an extraordinary event? No, maybe just the erosion of the extraordinary characteristic killed him!"

Thinking of the original Abner carrying this gem next to his body for nearly a week, Liu Bo's eyes jumped, and while silently mourning his ignorance, he hurriedly followed Klein's practice in "Lord of Mysteries" from another trouser pocket. Take out an iron cigarette case, throw away the only two cigarettes left in the case, and then carefully put the blue gem in it.

   After doing this, Liu Bo let out a long sigh of relief. Then he put away the cigarette case, discerned the direction from his memory, and rushed to the temporary rented residence in the East District. After all, the bridge area is not a safe area, the personnel are very complicated, and there are many homeless people at night. In terms of public security, it may not be as good as the relatively good area in the east area.

On the way, Liu Bo has always been in fear, because he has not fully accepted the memory of the original owner, and the other party has been so muddled these days, so he does not know the specific date after crossing over, for fear of encountering the original book of "Lord of Mysteries" Those killers, demons and cultists.

   Fortunately, his worries were unnecessary. Apart from seeing some wanderers who were walking with them along the way, there was no other accident. He smoothly returned to the one-bedroom house rented on Black Palm Street in the East District.

   The area of ​​this house is small, and the rent is 4 sul a week, so the furniture is also very simple, only a bed, a chair, a bedside table, and a half-length mirror hung on the wall. Thanks to Emperor Roselle, his improvement of the process has reduced the cost of glass manufacturing too much, otherwise I am afraid that even this mirror will not be available.

After lighting the candle on the bedside table, Liu Bo stayed in a daze for a while and relieved his dizzy brain since the journey. Then he took out the sapphire from the cigarette case and examined it carefully, before he could not help but mutter: "I don't know which way or sequence is this extraordinary characteristic, and whether it has sequelae to the erosion of my current body..."

   He just said this, he suddenly found that his concentration and logical analysis ability suddenly increased, and the brain seemed to become a high-speed computer, in which data streams were used for calculations and calls! In just a few seconds, severe pain filled the entire brain, and Liu Bo screamed and fell to the ground.

   Before fainting, the light of his eyes caught a glimpse of himself reflected in the half-length mirror. It was a young man with brown curly hair, and his eyes were completely white at this time, as if he had lost his pupils!


   At the same time, under the Holy Wind Cathedral in Jorwood District, a member of the penalty squad is reporting to the captain:

"Captain, Old Rhett found An Rui's body in a garbage dump in the bridge area. After fighting in the outskirts last week, he was sent randomly by the evil seal. Obviously, he was not in good condition. As a result, he was killed. I took the opportunity to kill..."

   The captain of the penalty shooter showed obvious anger on his face and interrupted: "Are you psychic? Do you know who did it?"

The team member sighed sadly, and said: "We found An Rui's body too late, and he was thrown into the garbage by a few homeless men. There were not many spirits left, and the psychic results were not very good. However, our'knowledge guard' speculated based on clues that he should have encountered a gang member in the Eastern District under severe injuries and was robbed and killed."

"How dare those maggots in the sewers?! Hmph, since it was a robbery, they should have taken away An Rui's belongings and extraordinary characteristics. Follow this clue to check and be sure to find the **** that harmed An Rui!" He got up and patted the table heavily, then sat back down again like a discouraged, and then said, "You and Old Reid also have a rest for a long time and then check it out... It's almost dawn. Now that there is a definite result, I will Go to face An Rui's family..."

"team leader…"


After Liu Bo woke up again, he did not show any confusion. Instead, he calmly took out a pocket watch from his arms to check the time, and thought: "I was in a coma for nearly six hours... It seems that I also have a golden finger when crossing. Ah, it's just a gold finger that uses three or four seconds to force a coma to cool down for six hours... I'm afraid this thing is not gold-plated, right?"

Then he took another shot in the half-length mirror. In the mirror, his eyes had returned to light blue, but he had not forgotten the pure white pupils he saw before he passed out. He couldn't help but laughed at himself: "What is this? Hokage. White eyes? The insight alone is almost the same, but the duration is too short! Well, according to the style of this world, it is simply called the "pure white pupil"."

   Self-deprecating belongs to self-deprecating, but Liu Bo understands that the benefit of the traverser, which he himself named the "Pure White Eye", is actually quite powerful, because he has already obtained great benefits in just a few seconds. At the moment, he also subconsciously took out paper and pen to sum up these benefits in Chinese.

"The first ability of this pure white pupil is to enhance my memory and memory processing ability! In those short seconds, I not only digested all the memories of the original owner Abner, but also what I learned before crossing. Knowledge and the books I have read are also clear! This is all wealth, and nothing else, the potion formulas and ritual spells involved in the novel "Lord of Mysteries" alone are priceless. Although I used to like it very much. I have read this novel many times, but it is impossible to memorize the formula of the potion. Now the pure white pupil can directly revive my memories, which is great! However, after exiting the pure white pupil state, these memories will Gradually distorted, you must review it quickly to really remember. Well, it seems that the knowledge about demigods is forgotten especially quickly, and the knowledge about the outer gods is even more difficult to remember."

"The second ability is to enhance logic and insight. It allows me to discover many details in the pure white pupil state, and multi-threaded thinking about the internal logic and connections of these details. It is an excellent aid to planning and strategy. Skills. I didn’t feel confused after I was awake, because I thought about everything clearly within a few seconds before I became comatose."

"The third ability I think is the core ability of the pure white pupil, that is, the analytical ability! It is the ability to operate only on the basis of the knowledge in my memory and the specific phenomena observed, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com means that the above two abilities are actually the preconditions for this ability! And this ability is extremely powerful. Within those few seconds, I just glanced at that extraordinary characteristic, then looked at myself through the mirror, and it was resolved. Quite a few things happened!"

Liu Bo changed a piece of paper and recorded the results of the analysis: "First, this extraordinary characteristic belongs to the'reader' sequence, which is the'reasoning student' of sequence 8. Secondly, my body has indeed been contaminated by the extraordinary characteristics, but because I passed through After the suppression of the pure white eyes, these pollutions have been incorporated into my body and spirit, and my spirituality and mental body have been slightly improved. This improvement is not temporary after opening like the pure white eyes. Status, but like the second generation of low- and middle-sequence Extraordinary who are born with some Extraordinary characteristics..."

At this point, Liu Bo couldn't help but smile, and thought: "This also means that I can't go to other sequences. I can only try to promote the'reader'. And the transcendents in this sequence are also improving memory in the early stage. The insight, logic, and analytical abilities, and my pure white pupils are simply standard equipment, and they will definitely continue to enhance the ability of this golden finger... Is this really just a coincidence?"

"Forget it, anyway, I have no choice now, not to really be promoted as a'reader', even if it is suppressed by the pure white eyes, those integrated features are also a great hidden danger, and if they are wrong, they will get out of control..." thought Here, Liu Bo continued to write on the paper with the analysis results:

  "Reader Sequence Nine

   Main material: the pupil of the Galol



   This is the real power of Pure White Eye's analytical ability. This is the ability to surpass the five-level analytical ability of the reader pathway sequence!

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