My Master Breaks Through Every Limit (My Master Keeps Breaking Through On The Verge Of Death) - Chapter 1120 trade

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Xu Fan was sitting in the small courtyard fiddling with the Houtian Lingbao communication mirror he got from Yuanshimen.

Looking at the recent headline events in the Three Thousand Worlds, I suddenly felt a familiar feeling from my previous life.

"This is also considered to be connected to the Internet~" Xu Fan said, looking at the content in the mirror.

At this point, he looked at the visible additions nearby.

The red-haired quasi-sage of the human race, the Wandao Pavilion, the Tianding Chamber of Commerce, and several top alien quasi-sages in the Muyuan Immortal Realm.

At this time, a message came.

It turned out that the quasi-sage of the human race wanted to add Xu Fan's friend.

Afterwards, Wan Dao Pavilion and Tianding Chamber of Commerce also sent friend requests.

"Does this thing have no hidden function, or it will be hunted down by the enemy, and it will be troublesome to use this positioning." Xu Fan said leisurely.

"Yes, as long as the owner agrees, it can be set to be invisible." Grape's voice sounded.

It turned out that there was an artifact in this communication mirror, but Grape disliked that the computing power was too low to serve the master with all his heart, so he devoured it and took over it.

"Let's set it up, if the Zulong that comes has this thing, it will be easy to locate." Xu Fan waved his hand and said.

At this moment, Xu Fan suddenly froze.

"Then should I call Huangshan back and let him settle the matter of the Ancestral Dragon?"

At this time, Xu Fan took out the treasure mirror and sent a message to Huangshan.

When you get the treasure mirror, there is Huangshan's contact information on it.

"I solve my own affairs myself, a quasi-sage, not the orthodox Zulong personally dispatched."

"You are the inner disciple of my Primordial Sect, believe in your own strength."

Huangshan's gentle and encouraging voice made Xu Fan shut down the communication.

"It seems that some things can't be saved~" Going to look up, the sky in the distance said.

At this time, Grape reported that the people who came to trade from the Daganxian Dynasty had come to the Muyuan Immortal Realm, and then they could take the ultra-long-distance teleportation array to the Yinling Gate.

"It's finally here~ I'll call the Heavenly Food Jinxian, let's go over and entertain."

Xu Fan traded a big Luo Zhenlong with Daganxianchao through Tianshi Jinxian, and the people over there came to receive the goods.

In the welcoming hall, two Daluo saints who came from the Daganxian Dynasty respectfully took over the small world that sealed Daluo Zhenlong and a special space fairy from Xu Fan.

"Daluo Zhenlong has less physical damage, and the dragon's roots are very well preserved by secret methods and can be traded." One of the Daluo saints nodded and said.

"When I took the meat, I specially left one untouched, just to facilitate your trading." Tianshi Jinxian said with a smile beside him.

He facilitated this order, and Immortal Master Dagan will definitely reward him after returning. The most important thing is that he has obtained the inheritance of the Great Elder of Yinling Sect, killing two birds with one stone.

After accepting the Dragon of Daluo, the Saint Daluo next to him took out a sealed innate spiritual script.

"Elder, please inspect the goods."

Xu Fan took the sealed innate soul and nodded with satisfaction after checking it.

Although it has barely reached the level of innate spiritual writing, it is completely sufficient for Xu Fan at this stage.

Xu Fan nodded, and then took 1,000 crystals of Profound Yellow Qi from the Daluo Saint.

After the transaction, Xu Fan politely invited the two big Luos to a full dragon banquet at the level of a big Luo Zhenlong.

After a full dragon feast, the two big Luos said goodbye to Xu Fan and Tianshi Jinxian with smiles on their faces and left.

Xu Fan took the innate spiritual script and went to the Refinement Hall of Clone No. 1 in the underground space.

"Space Hidden Words, Innate Spiritual Script, just matches the Shimen we want to refine." Xu Fan handed the Innate Spiritual Script to Clone No. 1 and said.

"Understood, but it will take at least 30,000 years to burn this innate spiritual script. You can calculate the time yourself and let the grapes adjust the time acceleration ratio on my side." Clone No. 1 refines the innate spiritual treasure. said the embryo.

"Understood, it will take decades for that Ancestral Dragon to reach Muyuan Immortal Realm. This time is enough time to accelerate." Xu Fan said with a smile.

"That's good." Clone No. 1 said and sighed.

"My vacation and the 500 million immortal jade funds are far away, and the main body will cause less trouble, at least give me time to take a vacation."

Hearing this mournful tone, Xu Fan had a rare feeling that he had treated No. 1 and No. 2 badly over the years.

"Come on, after returning on the 2nd, the two of you will refine this innate spiritual treasure together. After refining, I will exchange your previous vacation promise." Xu Fan said seriously.

"Don't forget it then~"

Under the mournful gaze of clone 1, Xu Fan left the underground space.

At this time, the day when the All-Dragon Banquet will be held at the Hidden Spirit Gate is getting closer and closer.

The source world, an area where Xu Fan sealed the true immortal, the golden immortal and the true dragon.

The two disciples of Yinlingmen cuisine are learning the secret method of cooking the whole dragon feast with Tianshi Jinxian.

"When making the Golden Immortal True Dragon, you must first observe the bone age of this Golden Immortal True Dragon."

"Less than 1 million years is one thing, and more than 1 million years is another thing."

"The Golden Immortal True Dragon in front of me should have a bone age of 830,000 years."

The Heavenly Food Golden Immortal, who has manifested into a ten thousand zhang dharma, is holding a Golden Immortal True Dragon, teaching his experience to his two little It is like this kind of Jinxian True Dragon that is less than 1 million years old, The dragon heart and dragon liver are tender and energetic. "

"After using his dragon heart and dragon liver to make dishes, the true immortals and the golden immortals can condense them into a special dragon spirit heart fire in the body. ” said Tianshi Jinxian.

When he learned that the two disciples of Yinlingmen, who majored in gourmet food, did not have inheritance, and came to this place solely on his own understanding, he felt a little more love for talent in his heart.

Therefore, there is no reservation when teaching the whole dragon feast experience.

The two gourmet disciples listened carefully beside them.

"There is also this dragon skin and the meat under the skin, which can be made into a hard dish. People who train the body will eat it and find that it will add a layer of dragon scale defense. Of course, this needs to be accompanied by a secret technique."

"In addition, it is a comprehensive ingredient that combines dragon brain and dragon soul, and it is a great supplement for practitioners."

"I will give you all of these one by one. How much you can learn depends on your understanding." Tian Shi Jinxian said.

Then a pig-killing blade appeared in the hands of the Wanzhang Dharma.

Slashed at the golden immortal dragon.

The two gourmet food disciples who had been listening to and instructed next to Tianshi Jinxian turned their heads to the side.

The Jinxian Zhenlong, who was sealed and unable to move, showed a lifeless expression on his face.

"Dragon whip, especially the freshest dragon whip, is best to drink. The benefits have been told to you. If you have the opportunity to ask your elders for a jar of big Luo Long whip wine, you may not be able to use it in the future. How many years will I have to call you fellow Daoists." Tianshi Jinxian said with a smile.

"The grace of teaching is unforgettable, you will always be our teacher." said the two disciples of the cuisine.

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