Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart - Chapter 501 - Calling Li Xiu

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Chapter 501 – Calling Li Xiu



Now that everything was settled between them, Hao Huizhong did not bother with any more issues. She laid quietly in his arms all day, only getting up to eat, drink and take her bath of which they both did together.

Luckily for both of them, it was a Saturday so there was no need to bother themselves with work.

With this issue aside, they could both sit down and think properly about the way forward in making their enemies pay.

"Hey babe," Bai Qing Mei called out.

"Yes, dear?" He stopped what he was doing on the table with the pile of work and looked at her with eyes full of love. "Anything the matter?"

"Umm, no." she did not want to honestly ruin their time together and thought that just keeping silent would solve it but no.

Once she began those words, his eyes dimmed and his brows kneaded together.

"Do not say that. You are worried about something. Tell me what it is."

"Well," Bai Qing Mei began then she stood from where she sat on the bed and made her way towards him. "You see, I do not want to ruin the mood but I think we are neglecting something."

"And what is that?"

"Li Xiu. We haven't heard from her in a while. She stormed out of my life thinking she is extremely important," Li Xiu complained.

"But she is, isn't she?"

"Technically not so much. I am only using her because we share a similar goal and that…"

Before dear, you were obsessed with Ye Cheng and that was why you got mad at Li Xiu, right?"

"Yes, but now…"

"Now," he interjected. Now you do not love him but me, so dealing with her should not be a problem now that you know that she has nothing worth to get mad at you."

"I know but I just…"

'It is alright. I know it is hard for you especially for you not to get what you want. Do not worry my darling, I would ensure that she doesn't get him too."

"How so?"

"Isn't it obvious?"


'See," he pulled her hand and brought her to sit on his lap. "Ye Cheng is in love with your enemy and Li Xiu being her stepsister who was so rude and maltreating to Li Jing, nothing can ever make Ye Cheng do fall for her."

"So your confidence is in him?"

"Yes. He is too faithful to want to follow another lady. If I did not know better, I would have said that he was gay. He refused you the daring beauty and so many other ladies. He stayed through to his first love until now. It takes a lot for him to just…"

"I understand. If he was to fall then he would have for her since but then he chased her out. It shows he isn't blinded by her arts od seduction," Bai Qing Mei completed.

"Exactly my point. He is just an indifferent person.It is a wonder how Li Jing managed to pierce that locked heart of his."

"Fine. Enough talking about Ye Cheng." Her face looked dull so she wanted to throw him out of her head as soon as possible.

"Great then. So what do you want to talk about?"

"Umm," she thought for some seconds till an idea popped into her head. "Fine, let us call Li Xiu. We still need her to do the dirty work and she needs the money."

"Okay. If you are willing to use her then."

"Yes, I am. She knows the people in question and her hatred and jealousy is seething. Worse, even if she is caught it would be nothing. They wouldn't want to know who is behind it because herself in question, she had the worse motive for doing so."

"Bingo. Our scapegoat is ready. By the way, what is grandpa planning for Ye Cheng and his company?"

"Oh well, I myself do not know. It is a secret between him and just a few persons. Anyways, at the spot he wants us involved he would let us in."

"Fine then. Where is your phone so we put the call through."

Getting up, she quickly retrieved her phone from the bed and searched out Li Xiu's number.


It was at the fourth time that Li Xiu picked up the call and greeted.


"Hello, evening."

"Evening. What do you want?" She asked going straight to the point and not bothering to beat around the bush.

"I am fine, thanks for asking."

I never asked, Bai Qing Mei. Now stop wasting my time and do the needful."

"Are you…" She did not give Bai Qing Mei time to speak before cutting her short.

"Hey, I do not have time for this. State what you want and let me return to what I am doing."

"Okay, no more jokes. I am going to be real with you and that is all."

"Good. Time is of the essence."

"Intelligent. I can actually hardly believe that such words are coming out of your mouth."

"They are. Got a problem with that?"


"Good. Now, Bai Qing Mei, I know you definitely did not call me to waste our time. So spill."

"Great. I need our revenge against Li Jing to be back on track. I apologize for the way I talked back then. I know we need each other so I would be upfront."


She could neither believe her ears nor her eyes and she pulled the phone from her ear only to confirm the caller again. "Hello, Li Xiu, Li Xiu, are you there?"

"Yes. I am."

"Why weren't you speaking?" Bai Qing Mei asked confused. She looked at Hao Huizhong for clues on whether she said something wrong and all she got was a shrug of his shoulders.

"No, you didn't. I just… What am I saying? See I just got shocked that is all."


"You apologized to me."


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