Military Technology - v5 Chapter 2607 New technology to allow frogmen to dive for long periods of time?

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Chapter 2607 A new technology that allows frogmen to dive for a long time?

"Although most of the mechanical exoskeleton on this set of underwater special warfare mechanical exoskeleton protective armor is made of light polymer composite materials and carbon fiber materials, and a small amount of metal materials, it does not affect its strength and load-bearing capacity at all.

The strength of the booster system of the entire mechanical exoskeleton system can reach 90% of the special mechanical exoskeleton protective armor introduced above, and the support system can bear about 80% of the special mechanical exoskeleton protective armor.

This also means that it can carry more supplies and more weapons and equipment. For example, conventional diving equipment can only carry two gas cylinders, but our system, with its super load-bearing capacity, can carry more and more gas cylinders, as long as it can be carried on the back. "

Speaking of this, Zhang Xiaolei paused for a moment, then changed her breath and said with a smile: "Of course, we think it's stupid to carry more gas cylinders to prolong the underwater combat time.

An ordinary gas cylinder can probably provide our divers with underwater activities for about an hour. If the dive is deeper, the consumption of air will be greater. So under normal circumstances, in order to ensure that our special forces and frogmen stay underwater for a longer time, we generally equip them with two gas cylinders, and some may add an emergency tank to the two gas cylinders. Small cylinders, basically. Even if all these are counted, it can only be used underwater for about two to two and a half hours according to the active depth of ten meters underwater.

This time is too short, which greatly limits the underwater combat effectiveness of special forces and frogmen.

So can we use new technology to allow our special forces and frogmen to stay underwater for a longer time? "

Hearing Zhang Xiaolei raise such a question, everyone present couldn't help discussing, but the navy personnel generally shook their heads. If there is, then why are they still carrying oxygen cylinders? Obviously they don't.

Zhang Xiaolei stopped and gave everyone present a time to react, communicate and discuss. By the way, she also took a sip of the water handed by the staff and let out a long sigh of relief. After talking for so long, her voice has become a little hoarse.

However, such an opportunity is very rare today, no matter how hard she worked, she still had to sell these products one by one to try to get more orders.

Except for the list she went to North Xiongguo last time, this should be her first project officially in charge of after taking over Haoyu Industry. Naturally, she wants to make achievements and prove her ability to Wu Hao, and it is also for the purpose of going down. Convince.

She knew very well in her heart that there were still many people in the company's military industry system who had great opinions on her being the general manager. So she also wants to make achievements as soon as possible, so that those who question her will shut up.

Seeing that everyone is almost communicating, Zhang Xiaolei said to everyone with a confident smile.

"Of course, our technical team has broken through this technology after hard public relations."

Hearing Zhang Xiaolei's answer with such confidence and confidence, the people present made a noise again, obviously they didn't believe Zhang Xiaolei's answer.

Zhang Xiaolei, who once again gave everyone a little time to react, introduced it leisurely with a smile on her face.

We all know that 78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, only 21% is oxygen, and 1% is carbon dioxide and other gas impurities.

Among them, only oxygen is what we need for cardiopulmonary blood oxygen circulation, and other components are useless and do not participate in our human breathing blood oxygen circulation activities.

In this case, do we only need oxygen and no other gases? Oxygen can be liquefied, making it easier to store.

This is obviously not the case. The oxygen concentration that we humans need is about 21%. If it is higher than this, it is called enrichment, and people will become very energetic. However, living in an enriched environment for a long time will damage the heart and lungs of the human body. The function makes the human body decline faster.

If the oxygen content is further increased, it may cause oxygen poisoning, and inhalation of high-concentration oxygen for a long time may even lead to death.

So this is why, the diving cylinder is filled with air, not oxygen.

Of course, if the oxygen concentration drops below 21%, hypoxia may occur, which can damage the functions of various organs of the human body, lead to behavioral confusion, and even endanger life.

So can we only give people 21% of the oxygen in the air every time they breathe? This is not enough.

Deliberately throwing such a question, Zhang Xiaolei glanced at the crowd, then shook her head, denying herself: "This is not acceptable, although the 78% nitrogen does not participate in blood oxygen circulation, but it participates in breathing Among them, it can make our human lungs more full when breathing, so as to inhale more air, so that we can get more oxygen. When we exhale, we can also expel these exhaust gases as much as possible~www So although the 78% nitrogen is useless to the human body, it is essential for breathing.

So is there a way to directly allow the human body to absorb an appropriate amount of oxygen without using these nitrogen gases? The answer is yes.

This is the artificial lung, which can directly bind oxygen to the blood protein in red blood cells without passing through the lungs. In this way, we only need a small amount of oxygen to maintain the blood oxygen demand of people for a long time. "

Hearing Zhang Xiaolei's bold idea, everyone present shook their heads. Obviously, this idea or this idea is still somewhat unacceptable to everyone.

Moreover, the price of a set of artificial lungs is too expensive, and it is not suitable for individual soldiers at all. And this kind of artificial lung is also traumatic to personnel, which is obviously not suitable for combat.

"Of course, this technology is theoretically possible, but it can only be used to save patients. It is definitely not suitable for military operations. On the one hand, of course, the price of artificial lungs, that is, ECMO, is too expensive. On the other hand, it is also Because this method is invasive to the human body. It also has to stop lung activity and change breathing habits, which is also a loss to the human body, and it is obviously not suitable for equipment use unless it is absolutely necessary."

Hearing what Zhang Xiaolei said, everyone looked better, and then they looked forward to what kind of technology she would introduce. It is incredible that people can live underwater for a long time. Could it be that artificial gills have been developed? .

This is unlikely. Countries around the world have been developing it for so long, but there is no progress. Everyone can't help but question whether Wu Hao and the others are really feasible. Previous chapter table of contents bookmark back page

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