Military Technology - v3 Chapter 2322 The live ammunition demonstration ended perfectly

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The display of the intelligent mechanical exoskeleton system is actually very poorly prepared. It was originally a temporary add-on project, so it was only a simple display after the hasty preparations.

Several testers wearing different mechanical exoskeleton systems came on stage to show everyone the intelligent mechanical exoskeleton system they were wearing.

The entire demonstration process is more about maneuverability, flexibility, and strength. Other aspects have not been prepared in time. For example, the live-fire demonstration that everyone is most looking forward to is also not ready.

But even so, it also caused bursts of exclamations from the crowd. Especially when several testers wore intelligent mechanical exoskeleton systems and began to walk on the ground in some complex terrain, bursts of exclamation and admiration broke out at the scene.

The ditch that was seven or eight meters wide was easily exaggerated, and the high wall obstacle four or five meters high jumped over.

Not to mention some other obstacles in the same class, it is simply a piece of cake. And what is even more surprising is the flexibility of this intelligent mechanical exoskeleton. Like clothes worn on the body at the same time, it can very flexibly match the body movements of the wearer, so that its flexibility is not affected.

"Are these exoskeletons installed in the army?" Leader Meng turned around and asked Wu Hao after watching for a while.

Wu Hao smiled and shook his head: "At present, only some units have been tested, and the applicable tests are still being carried out. Judging from the current feedback on the use of the troops, the practical performance of these exoskeletons is still very good.

The next step is to conduct targeted research and optimization corrections based on some of the problems reported by these fashion troops, so that it can play a greater role in combat.

At the same time, we are also actively seeking cooperation, attracting more unit and enterprise researchers to participate, to jointly optimize and innovate, so as to provide the troops with more powerful and excellent weapons and equipment. "

"When will it be installed on a large scale?" A leader at the scene immediately asked after hearing the words.

In response, Wu Hao shrugged his shoulders and smiled and said, "We don't know this yet. It depends on the relevant arrangements of the military."

In response to Wu Hao's answer, Leader Meng said with a smile: "Okay, I'll look back and personally ask about this matter. Such a good thing can't be left in ashes."

Hearing Leader Meng's words, everyone present nodded, and Wu Hao even showed a smile on his face. This was indeed the result he wanted. It is also one of their mission goals to push these weapons and equipment into the troops as soon as possible.

At this point, Wu Hao's display of related weapons and equipment has been completed, which also made him breathe a sigh of relief. This is a live ammunition demonstration, and there can be no mistakes, so during the demonstration, Wu Hao's heart was actually hanging.

Now that the demonstration session has finally ended successfully, it naturally made him a lot easier.

The on-site weapon and equipment demonstration session continued, and then these manufacturers came up with their latest masterpieces. For example, an automobile company has launched a military off-road commuter vehicle. Compared with the old-fashioned Warrior and some other joint venture foreign-funded commuter vehicles, all technologies and components of this military commuter vehicle are sourced from China, completely domestically manufactured, and there will be no leakage or neck-stuck.

The entire body line of this car is relatively sturdy, but it is not too resolute like the Wrangler off-road vehicle, but the two are joined together to achieve a relatively perfect balance, a little bit of the taste of the Cavaliers 15.

The size of the whole car is relatively large, and it belongs to the level of large off-road SUVs in civilian cars. The body material is also made of steel plates, and the window glass is also bulletproof glass, which can resist the attack of light weapons.

The interior of the car is more business, low-key and luxurious, but not eye-catching. And the whole ride comfort including the ride environment is very comfortable.

The site of the entire military off-road commuter vehicle has the strong off-road capability of off-road vehicles and can adapt to most complex road sections. Its power system is divided into three types, one is a pure gasoline version, one is a pure diesel version, and the other is a hybrid mode.

Generally speaking, hybrid technology is basically a chicken rib for military vehicles, because military vehicles do not care about saving fuel or not, how much emissions are, and so on, but more about their power and reliability.

However, there are some environments where hybrid vehicles are relatively more advantageous. Especially the unit organs in big cities, although special, have to be adjusted according to some of the big cities, so the hybrid mode may be more suitable for the commuting use of unit organs and army leaders in these cities.

In the actual test, this car also performed well. It showed strong maneuverability and passing performance on the training ground. Wu Hao was a little itchy to see it.

"This car is good. I'll get a few back later, but I don't know if it's sold outside."

A leader next to him smiled at him and said, "Since this car is built, it will definitely be sold. Besides, even if it is not sold to the public, with your ability, Xiao Wu, you can't get a few cars. Well."

"Gene Era"

Hehe, Wu Hao smiled and replied: "Forget it, I'd better not break the rules, let's see the follow-up actions of the manufacturer."

Wu Hao prefers this car. What he wants is very simple, a matter of one With his current influence, the manufacturer will definitely be very happy to answer this small request. But he didn't break some rules because of this car. Let him use the relationship to go to the back door. This is definitely not acceptable, and it won't go to this point.

Although Wu Hao only said this, he didn't expect that this word would reach the manufacturer's ears without knowing how, and finally the manufacturer's boss went directly to the door and asked Wu Hao to deliver the car. Of course, Wu Hao couldn't accept this. He refused again and again. Finally, after some courtesies, everyone gave in. He also ordered 50 cars at the internal cost price of this car manufacturer.

Why do you order so many? Because in addition to the need for Anxi's side, Wu Hao also intends to give this car to the Northwest R&D Center, including several branches and research centers, so in this way, these fifty cars are not counted too much.

For manufacturers, this order is undoubtedly a good start, and it can be regarded as a market. And Haoyu Technology is using it for publicity. For example, this car will attract the attention of some other people and enterprises. In this way, they can take advantage of the trend to win this market.

Wu Hao naturally knows what the boss of this manufacturer is thinking, but it doesn't matter, it's just a personal favor.

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