Military Technology - v3 Chapter 2238 Research Centers with Different Positions

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In particular, Haoyu Aerospace, which is held by Haoyu Technology, went public today, and it ushered in a big rise on the first day. This naturally makes many people tempted, wanting to make friends with Wu Hao and the other upstarts in the business world.

So, there is this dinner party. Originally, Wu Hao refused to accept it, but he couldn't bear the enthusiasm of several acquaintances, and finally had to agree.

When he thought of dealing with all kinds of people at night, Wu Hao couldn't help but have a headache. But there is no other way, only to bite the bullet.

Not long after Wu Hao sat down and ate breakfast, he heard a knock on the door, and then saw Zhang Jun in a white nightgown coming in from outside. Looking at Wu Hao who was eating, he walked straight to the chair next to Wu Hao and sat down, then picked up a piece of toast and ate it.

Seeing this, Shen Ning on the side hurriedly greeted the hotel staff to bring tableware to Zhang Jun, and then added meals.

Wu Hao was not surprised by the behavior of this guy, so he took care of everything.

"This crab yellow xiaolongbao is good, give me another basket!" Zhang Jun shouted at the waiter beside him.

The waiter of the hotel nodded and walked out quickly. For top customers such as Wu Hao and Zhang Jun, they did not dare to be negligent at all, and tried their best to meet all the requests of the guests and make them feel at home.

In fact, for these hotels, Wu Hao and his stay will not only bring them a lot of money, but at the same time, these hotels also value Wu Hao and his social influence more. Even in order to attract them to stay, these hotels have started to make relevant preparations a long time in advance, and may also offer related discounts or even free of charge on the price, just to take advantage of Wu Hao and their celebrity effects to attract Engage in the grade of the hotel.

When it comes to publicity, you can tell the public who, who, who has lived in this hotel. The facilities and services of such a high-end business hotel are not bad, and these are the things that everyone is competing against.

Wu Hao smiled and took a sip of wontons, then said to him, "You already understand today's schedule, I'll go to the branch with me in a while, and then go around the research center.

After returning to the hotel, take a rest, and then accompany me to meet the leader. "

Hearing his words, Zhang Jun couldn't help but stunned for a moment, then swallowed the food in his mouth and shook his head at him: "I don't need to go to see the leader, it's not easy if I go. You just have to deal with it. , I still have my business in the afternoon. How about I accompany you to the reception dinner in the evening?"

Well, it's worth rejecting this product. Wu Hao had a wry smile on his face, then shook his head and stopped talking.

After breakfast, the two did not move, but drank a cup of coffee slowly and enjoyed the river view. To be honest, after coming to Shanghai for such a long time, it is rare for them to have such a time to sit by the window and enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Pujiang River outside, as well as the boats going up and down the river.

Seeing that it was almost time, Wu Hao and Zhang Jun drove to their Shanghai branch after putting on formal clothes and getting dressed. As for Yu Chengwu, Zhou Xiangming, and the others, it is obviously not suitable for them to follow.

As a listed company, although it is controlled by Haoyu Technology and led by Haoyu Technology, it is an independent company operating independently of Haoyu Technology. Therefore, go to branch offices and research centers to inspect, they are obviously not suitable to follow.

Besides, they also have their jobs. Obviously, Haoyu Aerospace is not going to be all right after it is listed, and there are still a series of things to be busy with.

He led Zhang Jun and others to the branch. The person in charge of the branch who was notified was already waiting at the door.

Wu Hao exchanged a few words with several responsible persons, and then began to wander around and listen to the work report of the branch. Compared with the other two branches in China, Shanghai Branch is the largest among them, and it has also experienced serious problems.

However, after listening to relevant reports, Wu Hao affirmed the work results of the new team members after Zhang Xiaolei left. In addition, the business of the branch is relatively simple. It is not so much a branch, it is better to say that this is an office responsible for the market in the entire South China and even the Jiang Delta region.

In this regard, Tong Juan is mainly responsible, so more often it is Tong Juan who asks, and Wu Hao and Zhang Jun listen and seldom speak. Wu Hao believed in Tong Juan's work ability, so he felt more at ease when handing over this work to her.

Therefore, after listening to a brief work report meeting of the branch, Wu Hao said a few words of encouragement, then left and went to the Haoyu Technology Business Sea Research Center in the suburbs.

Compared to the last time I came here, this place has become more like it.

The main research area of ​​this research center is still in the field of software algorithms and the design of some electronic components. Therefore, the display of related achievements may not be so intuitive, but Wu Hao and the others were also able to understand the progress of some projects through the introduction of these people.

For example, the continuous algorithm iterative upgrade for the virtual world and virtual reality network and the daily maintenance of some low-level architectures, etc., are all responsible for this side.

In contrast, the research center in Shenzhen is mainly responsible for the research of related electronic components. Because it is close to the Pearl River Delta, it is an important technology manufacturing center in our country, so it has very rich resources and a large number of outstanding talents.

As for the capital, the scale is relatively small, mainly for some small areas of expertise, and it is also limited by geographical factors.

In contrast, the research center located next door to the northwest is mainly engaged in some classified projects, or high-risk projects. For example, related projects in the field of military technology, research projects in biology and life sciences, and projects in the field of aerospace technology.

These projects are either important or sensitive and require a relatively independent and confidential environment to carry out. Either it is more dangerous, and it may cause major disasters if you are not careful. Therefore, it also needs to be carried out in an environment that is relatively separated from society, people, and nature. It is obviously very suitable in this busy desert next door.

As for the field of aerospace technology, there are also two reasons. On the one hand, of course, it is for confidentiality, and on the other hand, it is also for security. For example, some launch vehicles and engines under research and development, and even the launch of propellants, often require related experiments, which are very dangerous. A little carelessness can really lead to a major accident. Therefore, it is more necessary to carry out in such an uninhabited place.

As for the Anxi Linghu headquarters, it is relatively comprehensive and belongs to a comprehensive research center.

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