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Thor said before that the reason why the slayer can become the slayer is entirely because of the sword of the dead. Once the sword of the dead is destroyed, the godslayer is like a tiger without claws and fangs. No more waves can come.

And now, the sword of the necromancer was really shattered, and right in front of Thor's eyes, it was really shattered by the Miaomiao Hammer.

The god-slayer Geer may not be able to do it, but he used the storm axe to open the road to eternity before, but he also succeeded.

Just the moment the Necromancer shattered, Gehr reached eternity.

The surrounding scenery changed for a while, not only Geer, but also Thor and Jane Foster came to this white world together.

The blue sky here is like washing, the white clouds spread over the head, and the feet are like clear water, reflecting everything.

What a beautiful place.

In front of Geer, a very strange looking statue was sitting there, like a life of a higher level, Gu Jing watched everything without any waves.

Or, it doesn't see anything, it just exists.

"Gal, stop!" Thor shouted to Gore before he could check Jane Foster, who was lying on the ground.

"If I stopped, what kind of father would I be?" Goll said, kneeling in front of the statue.

"I know you're in pain, but that's not the solution," Thor said aloud to Gor again. "You're not looking for death or revenge."

"So what am I looking for?" Goll asked rhetorically.

"You're looking for love," Thor said, turning to look at Jane Foster, who was dying.

"Love?" Gerr couldn't see the expression on his face. "Why should I seek love?"

"Because that's what we all want." Thor ignored Goll and turned to Jane Foster.

"How dare you turn your back to me?" Geer felt insulted, brother, I am your enemy, and you turned your back to me, isn't that looking down on me!

"You won, Ger." Thor turned to Gerr and asked him a thought-provoking question, "Why should I spend this last time with you, if I could be with her? ?"

This is so reasonable. With sisters, who would be with the gentlemen?

"I choose love, so can you, you can bring her back and fulfill your wish." Thor gave a very tempting suggestion, and then strode away without looking back.

At this time, Jane Foster had long since lost the majestic appearance of Mengchugel before. Her body was weak and her face was pale, like a candle in the wind, and she would perish at any time.

Thor held it in his arms, and the two looked at each other affectionately without saying a word.

Geer, who was on the side, watched this scene, and a picture that he had buried in his heart suddenly appeared in his mind. He remembered that once upon a time, he also held his beloved like this.

Of course, his love is not the same as Thor's love, his love is his daughter.

But fatherly love is sometimes much greater than love.

Just when he thought of his daughter, Geer made a decision to revive his daughter.

Go to such a special revenge, go to such a special **** slaughter, in front of my daughter, nothing is important!

"I'm going to die, she has no one to accompany her." Gerr still had concerns. "She'll be alone."

"She won't be alone," said Jane Foster, lying in Gal's arms.

It was such a non-painful and non-itchy sentence that did not sound convincing, but it persuaded Geer. He turned around, looked at the eternal withered image, and made his wish.

And Eternal really lived up to his expectations and returned his daughter to him.

Looking at the daughter who appeared in front of him, Geer felt that everything was unimportant. As long as the person in front of him was there, he could give up anything and let go of anything.

Thor didn't come to disturb him, he was busy making the last tender with his horse.

"When I pick up that hammer, it's like I have an extra life, only... miraculous, not bad for a human." Jane Foster smiled, knowing that her time was coming, that she could die In the arms of her beloved, she is not afraid.

"To God

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Not bad to say. ' Thor said.

"Open your heart," Jane Foster said. "I love you."

After the final confession, Jane Foster turned into a light and disappeared into Thor's arms.

Thor knelt there, watching the light dissipate little by little, and his heart was full of grief.

He lowered his head and saw Geer on the opposite side.

This former enemy is not much better now than him. He is lying on the ground, dying, and he is completely different from the murderous God Slayer before.

"Protect her." Gor looked at Thor, his eyes demanding.

It's so strange that he and Thor were enemies before, but now they want the enemy to protect his daughter.

Thor nodded.

Although it was only a slight nod, and there was not even a word of verbal promise, Geer knew that his daughter had fallen.

Although he and Thor were enemies, he knew that since Thor nodded, he would definitely do it.

At this time, the daughter is Geer's only concern. At this moment, the daughter is taken care of, and Geer's heart is no longer concerned.

In his daughter's arms, he slowly closed his eyes.

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"Although Geer slaughtered the gods, he was an out-and-out executioner, but in the end watching him die in the arms of his daughter, I suddenly felt that he was also a pitiful person." Diana Prince said.

"He is indeed a poor man. He was very pious to God before, but God betrayed him and watched his daughter die in his arms." Bruce Wayne said, "But he is pitiful, and it cannot be a reason for him to be forgiven. "

"That's right." Barry Allen also said, "He is pitiful, but his pitiful has nothing to do with the gods who were slaughtered by him. Why should those innocent gods pay for his poorness?"

"Yeah, he's a poor man, but he's definitely going to die," Arthur Curry said.

"This is what poor people must hate. UU reading" said Diana Prince.

"You seem to be saying the opposite. A hateful person must be pitiful," said Barry Allen.

"Gar is dead, the Godslayer is gone, the Necromancer is gone, the gods are safe, this is a good ending." Tony Stark said, "Congratulations to Thor, more a daughter."

"Daughter?" Thor shook his head, "Stark, don't talk nonsense, I'm still single, where's my daughter!"

"I mean you in the video," Tony Stark said. "Gill's daughter, wouldn't you raise it as your own?"

"Why not be a sister?" Thor grinned, "Don't you think I'm more like a brother than a father?"

"Put your face on Thor!" Tony Stark said with contempt. "According to your age, your grandfather will call you young! Brother? How dare you say it!"

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Chapter 492 The God-Slaughter Falls! Free reading: https://,!


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