Married Thrice to Salted Fish - Chapter 119

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Lin Qingyu considered this consideration for several months. During this period of time, the fact that the emperor wanted to establish a forest minister had spread among the civil and military officials, and the reactions of the people were different. In general, the military commander listened to silence, and the civil official listened to tears.

The general only knew that Lin Xiang was the survivor of General Gu, and he would marry again after being a widow for a year and a half. It was so cruel—what? You say this is the last wish of General Gu himself? Lin Xiang doesn't want to marry? Oh, that's all right.

The civil officer felt that the emperor’s dementia had committed again, and he wanted to make a man the queen, or a man who was widowed twice. Obviously, their majesty was not foolish, otherwise, how could Liangzhou governor Qian Xiyuan's corruption case be sentenced so decisively. Not only did Qian Xiyuan's head be beheaded, he also killed a hundred people, and ordered all officials of Grade 4 or higher in Beijing to go to the execution ground to observe the punishment.

So the problem must lie with Lin Qingyu. This person relied on his appearance, and it was not enough to confuse Gu Fuzhou back then, so he dared to covet the next position, it is unreasonable!

The courageous veteran rushed to the general's mansion and yelled at Lin Qingyu. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingyu laughed instead of anger, invited people into the mansion, offered tea, and said: "To be honest, I don't want to marry much. Unfortunately, resisting the decree is a capital crime. Why don't you help me persuade the emperor?"

Veteran: "..."

Therefore, a group of veterans cried and robbed the ground in the Qinzheng Hall: "Don’t be the emperor! Don’t do anything! A male wife is intolerant of nature, and a male queen is a disaster for the country and the people! You will go your own way, where will the ancestors and ancestors of the Xiao family be placed? !"

Jiang Xing raised his head from a pile of melodies, and raised his eyebrows: "Done?"

The old minister flushed with excitement, and added: "...Set the country, where are the people of the Li people!"

Jiang Xing didn't get angry, and could even be said to be gentle and polite: "When you finish talking, step back quickly. I'm busy."

The old minister shouted hoarse: "The emperor!"

Jiang Xing said again: "I am not discussing with you about the future, but I am telling you. I will have a drink at the happy bar when I have time."

The old official covered his chest, almost vomiting blood: "...The emperor!!!"

"Also, the Queen Mother has already agreed to this matter. Don't bother her old man."

Veteran: "..."

After Wu Youyuan, who was far in the northwest, learned of the incident, he cut off one of the arms of the Prince Xixia, and he was overjoyed by Empress He. Back then, when Gu Fuzhou was his age, he took the life of Prince Xixia and became famous in the first battle.

——The poem of juvenile blood and youth has just begun.

Dayu's first male queen, and the first male queen in history, is a question of how this marriage should be formed. The post-closing ceremony is already complicated and complicated, and officials from the Ministry of Etiquette have to reformulate a set of procedures. It dragged on for another half a year, and the veterans couldn't howl, and their hearts were numb. In the end, Lin Qingyu, who didn't want to marry much, also "forced" to nod.

In the second year of Tianshuo, the emperor and queen got married and announced to Kyushu to celebrate the whole world.

Lin Qingyu once again put on Jiang Xing's wedding gown. Counting the previous three times, this is the fourth time. Marrying an emperor is different from marrying someone else. Jiang Xing knows that he doesn't like complicated things. Last time he got married, he chose a simple and solemn wedding dress for him. But this time, he must wear the Phoenix Yufei embroidered by the Shangfu Bureau for half a year, wear a special men's phoenix crown, with a phoenix feather flower tucked on his forehead, and sit on the eight-carriage sedan chair. Carried into the palace.

The post-closing ceremony was held in Hua'elou, with great momentum and demeanor. The first snow is melting, but the calyx upstairs is full of blooming flowers. However, how Ren Baihua strives for beauty, when the emperor and the empress walk up the steps hand in hand, everything becomes their foil.

Except for the clash of bead curtains on the phoenix crown, Lin Qingyu could only hear her own heartbeat. He stood beside Jiang Xing, holding Jiang Xing's hand, and felt the sweat in the palm of his opponent.

...Obviously, on the surface, it seems so calm and calm, the aura of a country's monarch is just right. So many people looked at Jiang Xing and looked at him like a god. Only Lin Qingyu knew that Jiang Xing was still the boy who sweated when he was nervous.

He stayed with him in this way and walked to the highest point step by step.

Hundred officials worship, and the world celebrates together.

Starting from this day, winter has added a new meaning to Lin Qingyu.

It's night, a good moon is spent, and a good night is short.

No one dared to drink the emperor's wine. With lessons learned from the past, Jiang Xing came to Fengyi Palace very soberly this time without a drop of wine. Lin Qingyu had already put on the hipa after the post-season ceremony, and sat quietly on the hi bed.

The queen's wedding dress was dignified and heavy, and her body was covered strictly, with only a pair of white jade hands exposed; on the ring finger of his left hand, he wore a ring engraved with a dragon.

Jiang Xing breathed a sigh of relief. Lin Qingyu was obsessed with practicing Gu for many days. He was worried that he would come in and see Lin Qingyu sending all the palace people away, silently hatching a poisonous lizard egg.

so far so good.

He turned the Fengyu ring in his hand, and the palace man reminded him that it was time to reveal the hipa. He raised his hand, seeing that he was about to untie the Hippa, the movement suddenly stopped, as if he didn't want to disturb the beauty. The palace man called again, and he settled down and stretched out his hand again.

The Hippa of Youlong Xifeng was provoked, and a face that looked like a peach and plum gradually appeared behind the tassels of Hippa. When his eyes were facing each other, Jiang Xing fell into a brief loss of consciousness, as if drunk, his eyes were lost because of the bright eyes in front of him, and the beautiful beauty who looked forward to the glory was distracted.

They became relatives three times, dated for three years, and went to bed 306 times. But at this moment, Lin Qingyu still made him startled and at a loss.

The palace person reminded him that it was time to drink the Chinese wine, and he did not respond. Lin Qingyu said, "You all retreat."

Jiang Xing came back to his senses when he heard the sound of the door closing. Seeing Lin Qingyu with a bit of teasing on his face, he immediately took advantage of himself, put on a romantic appearance that had seen a big scene, and laughed: "Beauty, you are my wife again."

Lin Qingyu raised her eyebrows, and the Huatian on her forehead also moved slightly: "What does it mean that my wife is in your hometown?"

"I haven't told you?" Jiang Xing was a little surprised, "Wife is what the wife means."

Lin Qingyu inferred from one another: "In this way, the husband means husband."

Jiang Xing smiled and said, "Exactly."

Lin Qingyu nodded, picked up the hip flask, poured two glasses of wine, one of them was handed to Jiang Xing: "Then, drink at the bar, husband."

Jiang Xing felt that he was almost worth it in his life when he was called "husband" by the classical beauty in the wedding gown. He took the wine goblet, and Lin Qingyu wrapped his left hand with his right hand, and drank the glass of wine.

Picking hipa, drinking together wine... What an ordinary couple should have, none of them left behind. After that, only the bridal chamber was left.

Jiang Xing was not in a hurry, he still wanted to look at the red-haired beauties. Standing in front of Lin Qingyu, he lifted the opponent's chin with his hand, looked at Lin Qingyu seriously, and suddenly exclaimed: "At this time, it would be nice if there was a camera."

Lin Qingyu asked, "What is a camera?"

Jiang Xing sat down beside Lin Qingyu and began to teach him the basic principles of popular science cameras.

Lin Qingyu listened for a while, then chuckled lightly: "On the night of the third wedding, are you sure you want to say this?"

"Didn't you ask first."

"You can tell me later." Lin Qingyu said, "If you don't have a bridal chamber, it will be bright."

Under the red candle, Jiang Xing's eyes were very bright and bright: "But the baby is so good-looking, I don't know where to start."

Lin Qingyu grabbed his hand and placed it on her body, with a slight smile at the corner of her mouth: "From here."

Jiang Xing breathed tightly and smiled: "Well, listen to his wife."

Lin Qingyu was pushed by Jiang Xing and fell into the blush.

When the love was strong, the two eyes were entangled in one place. Lin Qingyu tried to raise his hand, trying to touch the corner of Jiang Xing's eye: "It looks good..."

"I look good?"

"Yeah." Lin Qingyu whispered, "The appearance of you sweating like rain on me is beautiful."

Jiang Xing's action paused, and emotions rolled in his eyes, and his voice was almost silent: "It's dying."


Waking up in the middle of the night, Lin Qingyu rolled over, before opening his eyes, he heard a voice: "Qingyu, I am here."

Lin Qingyu slowly opened her eyes, without realizing that there was no one beside her pillow, she saw Jiang Xing sitting at the table, turning over a page of the memo in her hand: "Why did you wake up suddenly?"

Lin Qingyu blinked, making sure that he had not read it wrong: "What are you doing."

Jiang Xing resented the sky: "Looking at the official document. I understand that my dream of salted fish was completely shattered the moment I became an emperor. From now on, I will be a donkey carrying Jiangshan Yangjiajiajiao forward. "

Lin Qingyu: "...Even if you are a donkey, you don't have to read the memorial book on the wedding night, right?"

"Indeed." Jiang Xing said in pain, "but I was so nervous and anxious a few days ago that I couldn't do anything, so I left a lot of things unhandled."

Lin Qingyu was surprised: "Why are you nervous and anxious?" Jiang Xing calmly: "You made me nervous. I'm going to marry you again."

Lin Qingyu laughed: "It's not the first time we got married, so what can I be nervous about."

"No matter how many times I get married with you, I will definitely be nervous. And this time, I used my body to get married with you. Of course, it feels different."

Lin Qingyu throbbed, her chest slightly warmed. This person, with a casual word, made him blush and heartbeat again, and he is like a young man who first met Fengyue, really capable.

"Then you approve, go to bed early after approving."

Jiang Xing sighed: "Okay. You go to bed first, don't have to wait for me."

Lin Qingyu couldn't feel the temperature and breath of the person next to her pillow, and she was still not used to it, and asked, "Can you come to see it in bed?"

Jiang Xing raised the corners of his lips: "It's better if you want your husband to coax you to sleep."

So Lin Qingyu said directly: "I want my husband to coax me to sleep."

Jiang Xing went to bed with the memorial book in his arms, lay down on the pillow, and embraced Lin Qingyu in his arms: "Go to sleep, baby, tomorrow morning we will go to the Ci'an Temple to greet you."

Lin Qingyu nodded, found a comfortable position in Jiang Xing's arms, and closed his eyes again.

As the night darkened, Jiang Xing's tiredness grew. He forced to finish reading some, and turned his head to see a mountain of memorabilia on the side, and couldn’t help but feel sad: the wedding night was still working overtime, and the production team’s donkey didn’t dare to use it like this-how did he fall to this To the point? !

The person in his arms moved slightly in his sleep, and Jiang Xing looked down.

Lin Qingyu pillowed his abdomen, breathing shallowly on his abdominal muscles, and her long eyelashes cast a clear shadow under his eyes.

He has the answer soon.

Because one thing is more important than making salted fish.

He hoped that Lin Qingyu would not be restrained, and that he would do what he wanted to do, even if he did bad things unscrupulously; he hoped that Lin Qingyu would be able to pursue his ideals freely and live the most dazzling and bright appearance.

He didn't want Lin Qingyu to be well-behaved and sensible, and he didn't want Lin Qingyu to suppress himself for the so-called overall situation of the country.

He hoped that Lin Qingyu would always be willful and happy forever.

For this reason, he is willing to be a salty fish that is not so idle.

——End of the text.

The author has something to say: the text is over! ! After two days of rest, it will change from time to time=3=

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