Married Thrice to Salted Fish - Chapter 118

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As soon as Gu Fuzhou's death day passed, Lin Qingyu returned to the court after recovering from illness. The ministers found that the prime minister's return this time was different from before. In a word, Prime Minister became lazy.

Lin Xiang is no longer as busy as before. He let the cabinet decide on small things, and only show up when there are big things. It was the emperor. After he recovered from his illness, he was taught by Taifu Guan. He made rapid progress in academic homework, but his work for more than a year was no different from a normal prince. He appeared in the Palace of Qinzheng more and more time, and he didn't feel dazed and sleepy in the morning. When courtiers have something to play, Lin Xiang will throw it to the emperor: "Your Majesty, what do you think."

All signs indicate that the emperor is not far from pro-government. Sure enough, it didn't take long for the cabinet blue critics on the memorial book to become the emperor's Zhu critics.

Since the emperor was in power, the officials rarely saw Lin Qingyu in the palace. If Lin Qingyu didn't enter the palace, the emperor could only leave the palace to stick him. The queen mother watched her son run out day by day, causing rumors to fly in the sky. She couldn't help but invite Lin Qingyu and said: "Qingyu, or you live in the palace, just like before, in the side hall of Xingqing Palace. "

Lin Qingyu said: "Dare to ask the Queen Mother, in what capacity should the minister stay in the palace?"

The Queen Mother was temporarily at a loss: "This..."

"Before the emperor was mentally insufficient, and his ministers had to go beyond the rules to act as agents of the government. Now the emperor is already in charge, and his ministers are too young. As the head of a hundred officials, he is terrified. I hope that the Queen Mother and prospective minister will resign from the post of prime minister.

Lin Qingyu's recent slack in government affairs was also seen by the queen mother, he would resign, and the queen mother was not surprised. She did not say yes, nor did she say no, but instead asked: "If you leave the post of prime minister, you should still stay in the capital, right?"

Lin Qingyu said: "The minister wants to travel around the world and find the best medicine in the world."

"Don't do this!" The queen mother was anxious, "The emperor can't do without you!"

Lin Qingyu said calmly: "That's the emperor's business, not the minister's business. If the minister insists on leaving, does the queen mother want to stay."

The queen mother's eyes darkened. For her, there is nothing more important than the emperor's body and mind. If Lin Qingyu has to go, then she can only stay strong.

But how can she stay? Do you want to confine people in the palace? No, Lin Qingyu has great prestige in the army, and she will only discredit the emperor and his officials by doing so.

The Queen Mother is worried, please come to Jiang Xing to discuss the matter.

When Jiang Xing heard that Lin Qingyu was about to leave, he nervously said: "Mother, I can't leave the prime minister..."

The queen mother took his hand and patted, soothingly said: "The queen mother knows, isn't the queen mother trying to help you figure out a solution?"

Jiang Xing thought for a while, and said, "The prime minister said that he was overstepping the rules by staying in the palace, so let him stay in the palace to accompany me in a fair way."

The queen mother said, "Li'er, you... do you like the prime minister?"

Jiang Xing smiled crookedly: "I like it, I like it the most."

The Queen Mother gritted her teeth and said, "Senior concubines are commonplace in my court. There are even a few in your father's Queen's Palace. Although I am a bit sorry for Wan Cheng and General Gu, but..."

Jiang Xing smiled slightly: "The prime minister cannot be a servant, nor a male concubine. If you want to, you can be a queen."

The Queen Mother widened her eyes: "Queen?! Lier, are you sick again?"

"Ordinary people can marry male wives, why can't I have a male queen?" Jiang Xing smiled nonchalantly. "Did the mother forget? This matter is still the imperial decree you asked the father to do. If it weren't for you to force the prime minister to marry the wife? Brother is a male wife, so how can Da Yu say anything about a male wife."

The words "make and feel" smashed the queen mother, and after a while he said anxiously: "The emperor is the king of a country, how can he be like ordinary people! Men can't bear children, and the emperor has a male queen, then he has no sons." ."

"I don't have a concubine or concubine. I must have known the queen, whether I have broken sleeves, or broken sleeves that are not good for women." Jiang Xingyou said quietly, "Mother, my brain can't stand the stimulation, don't force me. ."

Queen Mother: "..."

Jiang Xing put on a pitiful expression, as if saying, "If the queen doesn't agree with me, she will be ill and show it to the queen." The queen mother was distressed. When she thought of the appearance of her son when she lost his soul, all the principles and ethics were forgotten by her. She said anxiously: "Even if the Aijia agrees, how can those military commanders and officials accept it? How can the emperor block the world?"

Jiang Xing knew that the queen mother was almost done, and smiled: "This mother and queen don't have to worry about it. There are precedents for marrying a widow in the previous dynasty, and there are even cases of robbing a daughter-in-law as a concubine, and making the father's concubine the queen. I just want to. Just marrying a widow cousin, it’s not a big problem."

After Shen Huai's consideration, he finally chose to stay in the capital. As the sage said, it is incumbent on him to recast the glory of hell. Lin Qingyu also said that as long as he wants to go back to the northwest, he can go back anytime.

Today, Shen Huaizhi can freely enter and leave the palace, and has become Jiang Xing's most trusted minister. Jiang Xing even told Shen Huai his real name. But it was useless to tell. Xu Jun hoped that he would call him "Jiang Zi" somehow, and Shen Huaizhi would only use a respectful name for him. Jiang Xing wanted to hear others call his name, so he could only go to Lin Qingyu.

After Jiang Xing took office, in order to solve the dilemma that the officials of North Korea and China were not available and no one was available, Enke was added to recruit scholars. After the end of Enke, Jiang Xing gave a banquet of Qionglin in the palace and hosted a banquet for Xinke Jinshi. Most of the banquets were young talents, and the three of the top picks were sitting in the nearest place to the emperor, and they could clearly see the emperor’s face.

The students entered the palace for the first time after the palace exam, and were very cautious.

I saw the young emperor in a luxurious black dragon robe, and the sharpness of the ninety-five lords was revealed between the handsome and beautiful. Just look at it and you will know what a "juvenile" is and what a "son of the emperor" is.

The Prime Minister sitting next to him made them understand that a person can be cold and bright, deceptive and dignified. The newly promoted Tanhua Lang is the number one talented man in the south of the Yangtze River.

After drinking for three rounds, Li Yan's shoulder sank, and the half-drunk Grand Duke Wu put his shoulders on his shoulders: "Chuck, what do you think of Tanhua Lang?"

Li Chun objectively commented: "A romantic and talented person with both talent and appearance."

"The hero sees the same thing!" Wu Guogong patted Li Chun's back with relief, and he almost spit out what he was eating. "My husband has already investigated, and Tan Hua Lang has not yet been married. Do you think he can." Is it worthy of Lin Xiang?"

Li Ling did not hesitate: "Not worthy. Although it is good to explore the flowers, I will first go to the Imperial Academy, Yushitai and other places to experience in the future. Lin Xiang is the head of the hundred officials, how do the status of the two match?"

Shen Huai knew that it was time for him to lie again and said, "I heard that Lin Xiang seems to have resigned from office."

Li Chun resolutely said: "That's still not good enough."

Wu Zhan came to join in the fun, heard their conversation, and said, "How about that champion? Although he is not as good as Tanhua, he is the champion after all."

Li Ling shook his head: "Nor."

Wu Zhan said gruffly: "Then who do you say will do it, who do you..."

Li Chan was silent for a long time before spitting out two words gently: "Holy."

Several people were taken aback. Wu Zhan thought that Li Chan was joking, haha ​​said, "Although the emperor likes Lin Xiang, it is definitely not the kind of affection and love." After that, he thought of Lin Qingyu's face, and he was not very sure, "It shouldn't be. Isn’t the emperor still a child?"

Li Chan helplessly said: "The emperor is pro-government, how can he still be a child." Li Chan looked up from the heights, "The emperor, he has grown up a long time ago."

Shen Huaizhi pondered and said: "On status, only the emperor is qualified to marry Lin Xiang. But the emperor's wife is the queen."

"What's wrong with the queen?" Wu Zhan exclaimed, drunk, "Is the person that General Gu valued not qualified to be a queen?"

Shen Huai said: "General Wu said cautiously, this is in the palace."

Jiang Xing watched a few people get together from a distance, and invited Xiao Songzi, and whispered a few words. After the Qionglin banquet was over, Wu Zhan and others were invited to the temple of Qinzheng.

Jiang Xing said: "I have one thing, and I need the assistance of your Aiqing."

Several people said in unison: "The ministers must do their best to share the worries for your majesty."

Jiang Xing has always been curious about how these courtiers can speak so neatly: "I don't want to conceal from the Aiqings, I want to put the forest in front of you."

Shen Huaizhi: ...finally.

Li Chan:...Sure enough.

Other people: Ah! !

"I have learned about the general's last wish from Shen Huai's life. The general gave his life for the country and made great contributions, how can I bear to let him die." Jiang Xing's eyes were deep, "I am willing to take care of Lin Xiang for the general. In the whole world, there is only me who can protect the forest for a lifetime."

Wu Zhan was so moved that he almost cried: "The emperor, the emperor..."

Elder Wu Guo burst into tears: "If you have knowledge under Fuzhou Spring, you can also smile at Jiuquan."

Li Chan's mood is a bit complicated, but it is more of a kind of relief. Yes, only the emperor can protect the forest for a lifetime. He asked: "Dare to ask the emperor what do I need to wait for?"

Jiang Xing said: "The Prime Minister is a man of love and justice, I must not forget General Gu now. I hope you can find a way to convince Lin Xiang for me to allow him to agree to my marriage."

After the summer, good news came from the northwest. Wu Youyuan led the expedition to the western army to penetrate into the hinterland of Xixia, breaking several cities in succession, and Xixia was forced to send envoys to seek peace. When the main warlord and Fang had a quarrel, Lin Xiangzheng and the Nanjiang genius doctor delivered a baby lizard together.

The monster lizard laid five or six eggs, and Lin Qingyu buried them in the specially prepared gravel, and fed the female lizard something to eat. When things were done, Lin Qingyu washed his hands and put on the wedding ring Jiang Xing gave him again.

Upon seeing this, the genius doctor of Nanjiang said: "The prime minister puts the ring on and off more than a dozen times a day, won’t it be troublesome?" The genius doctor has deep eyes and a very exotic face. The young man may actually be Lin Qingyu's grandfather.

"It's a bit troublesome." Lin Qingyu put the ring between her fingers again, "but I'm willing to trouble."

Lin Qingyu returned to the General's Mansion, and when he stepped out of the carriage, he saw Shen Huai and Wu Zhan and others standing in a row at the door of his house, with different expressions and eagerness to try.

Lin Qingyu pretended not to understand, invited them into the mansion and asked, "Why."

Wu Zhan has always been straightforward, saying: "Prime Minister, do you want to marry again?"

"I don't want to." Lin Qingyu's eyebrows were dyed with anger, "What is the meaning of General Wu?

"No, no, it's not what I meant." Wu Zhan said hastily, "this is what the general meant."

Lin Qingyu was taken aback: "What does the general mean?"

It's too much to deceive people, and Shen Huaizhi's acting skills are forced to improve: "Prime Minister, General Gu's wish during his lifetime is that you can find another good relationship, join hands and spend the rest of your life."

Lin Qingyu was a little moved: "General, what really said that?"

"Really." Wu Guogong said solemnly, "It's not a joke to die. Xu Guoshi specially came to tell us that it is to become a lonely ghost and cannot be reincarnated."

Lin Qingyu said coldly: "He is a man pretending to be a ghost, do you believe him too?"

Wu Zhan bitterly persuaded: "Actually, the emperor wants to marry the prime minister. The emperor is handsome, and he has been clinging to you since he was a child. You marry him after one country. This, this is not a loss."

"The emperor...?" Lin Qingyu's eyes widened, her expression suddenly changed, "Who taught the emperor to these things. It is extremely absurd."

Li Chan tentatively said: "Lin Xiang, I think the emperor is also sincere to you. You should also have some friendship with the emperor..."

Wu Zhan nodded repeatedly: "Yeah, yeah. Prime Minister, we know that you don't want to marry again. But for the general, you can do it and consider it."

Lin Qingyu closed her eyes, and after a long silence, she reluctantly said: "Since it is the general's last wish, I will consider this matter."

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