Lord of the People: a Hundredfold Increase From the Undead - Chapter 573 , border war

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"Dimitka, what do you mean?"

"My lord, I swear my allegiance to you, and it will not change." Dimitga said solemnly.

Fang Hao is not worried about this.

Dimitega was very loyal from the very beginning.

Moreover, it has already reached 100 points, and any form of anti-interference and buy-in will not work.

Unless the Lizard Queen really calls the ancient sage that the Lizardmen believe in, it may cause some fluctuations in Dimitka.

For the rest, it was impossible for Dimitga to betray himself and the territory.

Fang Hao nodded with satisfaction, "Queen, Dimitka is the hero of the territory, and also my family. I won't use my family as a bargaining chip to trade. Dimitka should think so too!"

This result still surprised the Lizard Queen.

The Lizardmen's belief in the Old Sage is deeply embedded in their blood.

Unexpectedly, when I proposed this condition, the lizardmen themselves would reject it so decisively, without the slightest hesitation, nor like a false lie.

She was a little confused.

Likewise, humans value the lizardmen so much, they call them family.

In addition to being surprised, it also made her impression of Fang Hao change again.

"I will not force this matter. The gate of the Holy Dynasty will always welcome the believers of the Old Sage to come back." Without waiting to speak to the other side, the Lizard Queen continued: "So, what can you offer us?"

Back to the topic, let yourself make an offer.

"Naturally I won't let my friends help me in vain." Fang Hao thought about it and said, "In this way, as a reward, I will pay the Holy Dynasty 10,000 blue-quality weapons, spears or war knives, you can choose whatever you want."

Ten thousand is actually not a small number.

According to the price of the blue weapons in the business alliance station, even the cheapest 200 War Fire Coins, 10,000, is a reward of 2 million.

"Is that so~!" The Lizard Queen pondered.

After thinking for a while, he continued: "Not bad, now we really need to replace a new batch of equipment, what kind of weapons can you provide?"

"Then see, what are you good at using?"

"Look at all!"

Fang Hao didn't hesitate. On Zhang Bin's side, he exchanged several weapons that were in stock in the warehouse.

The blue fire guns, crossbows, and round shields are not among them.

Only weapons.

[Shanking Orc Sword (Blue)] [Discipline Mace (Blue)] [Bandit Ghost Head Sword (Blue)] [Military Spear (Blue)] [Dwarf Sword (Blue)].

There was a clanging sound, and weapons appeared.

The sound of weapons colliding aroused the alertness of the guards outside the door, and they rushed in to confirm their safety.

Then, under the icy gaze of the queen, he immediately closed the door again.

Lizard Queen, pick them up and watch them one by one.

He put them all back again, and said softly: "You are in the business alliance, mainly selling weapons?"

"Well, weapons and equipment, and some utensils."

"How about the price?" It seemed that the Lizard Queen was quite satisfied with these weapons and began to sound the price.

Fang Hao said: "If it is bought by a friend, it will be large and cheap."

"Haha, okay, then I'll have 10,000 of these, and I'll arrange for someone to visit you in the future. If the price is right, we can cooperate more in the future." The Lizardman Queen continued.

The weapon she picked up was the [Shanwang Beastman Battle], which was similar to the machete of the ancient beheading.

At the position where the handle meets the blade, there is a hideous beast head.

The size and weight are all suitable for lizardmen, and they also look very imposing.

If you don't know the attributes of this weapon, it may be mistaken for a purple weapon.

As for the more cooperation in the future, Fang Hao welcomes this even more, only the follow-up will be made from the lizardmen.

If you give it today, you will be able to earn all the money back.

"No problem, ten thousand weapons will be delivered to you now?" Fang Hao asked.

"With so many weapons suddenly appearing here, I am afraid that the business alliance will think that we are going to rob." The queen continued: "When the time comes, I will arrange for a traveler to contact you, and you can trade directly."

It seemed that she knew a lot about transmigrators.

"Okay, then what I want..."

The Queen got up, "Let's go, let's go buy what you need now, and you'll have to pay for the money yourself."


Several people went out of the Lizardman's shop and walked together in the direction of the 'Coral Hut'.

Re-enter the coral hut.

The clerk did not show any surprise at the return of several people.

The Lizard Queen waved gently, followed by the accompanying Lizardmen, who brought an invitation card.

"Tell me, what do you need?"

The clerk didn't react much, picked up the invitation card and looked at Fang Hao.

This approach should not be uncommon in business alliances.

Fang Hao immediately said, "There are 50 clumps of coral crystals upstairs, 50 clumps of Breeze White Coral, and I also need 50 units of Tears of the Ocean."

The clerk carefully recorded it on the side.

Then he said: "50 coral crystals totaling 3.75 million, 50 Breeze white corals totaling 4 million, 50 ocean tears totaling 250,000, a total of 8 million war coins."

Hearing that Tears of the Ocean is also available, Fang Hao was overjoyed.

He took out two suitcases and ordered 8 million War Fire coins from them. Instead of paying directly, he asked, "Can I take it with me now?"

The clerk explained, "Sir, it takes about two hours to prepare and deliver the goods."

50 units each, which is not much.

It's just that Tears of the Ocean needs to be transferred from the sea clan's territory, but there is a teleportation array, and the speed is very fast.

"Okay, I'll give you the money first, and we'll get it later." Fang Hao pushed the war card over.

The clerk nodded, "Okay, sir."

After leaving the store, Fang Hao was in a good mood.

The Lizard Queen asked, "Come and sit in my shop?"

Fang Hao shook his head, "No, I have to go to the undead shop to take a look. Her Lady Queen, do you want to be with me?"

The Lizard Queen also shook her head, "The shop of the undead, I was not suitable in the past. When you come back to the shop to find me, you still need an invitation card to pick up the goods."

"Okay, thank you Queen."

Several people separated and left in different directions.

After the morning passed, the three of them also relaxed a little.

Although he still covered his face, he didn't want to be so nervous at first.

It seems that there are no races, and they will have nothing to do to pay attention to the movements of the three.

Only when passing by the previous auction house, you can see the horrific and blocked ruins.

If you want to rebuild, I am afraid that you will really have to waste some effort.

When I came to the undead shop, I didn't meet the undead hero last time.

I searched for the technician's architectural drawings or bones in the shop, but I still found nothing.

I shopped around from nearby stores.

Feeling that the time is not too long, I went to the coral hut with the invitation card at the Lizardman shop.

inside the store.

"Sir, all the goods are here." The female clerk was more respectful.

Packed gift boxes, filled with empty space.

Fang Hao confirmed it, and then put all these items away.

The clerk continued: "Sir, if you need anything, you can come to the store again to consume."

Fang Hao stopped and turned around and asked, "Seafood, that is, can be eaten in a restaurant, can it be sold in batches?"

The clerk nodded, "It can also be ordered, sir."

"Need influence?"

"Food is a gentleman who doesn't need influence."

"Okay, how to contact you then, maybe we can cooperate a few more times."

The smile on the clerk's face was even brighter, and she seemed to have facilitated this transaction. She was even happier than Fang Hao.

Immediately said: "Sir, this is our store information, just hand it over to the store merchant."

Saying that, he handed over a shell.

That is, last time, I got the exact same shell in the Shangmeng.

Fang Hao took it, "Okay, I see."

"Goodbye sir."

After leaving the shop, return the invitation card of the Lizard Queen.

The three did not continue to delay, and went directly to the teleportation light curtain and returned to the territory.

the other side.

The eastern border of the Federation of Human Cities.

Mount Joburg.

The dense and chaotic footsteps, the rubbing sound of the armor colliding, and the noise of pulling the artillery gears clenched.

filled every corner of the camp.

The center of the army formation, in a built stone building.

It was already full of people at this time.

The first position is the commander of the Hall of Justice, Needham.

At the lower position, dozens of people have gathered at this time.

In addition to the three-way forces of the Hall of Justice, the Church, and the Mage Association, there are also reinforcement commanders arranged by each city.

"Judging from the intelligence and the situation, it is clear that negotiation cannot solve this problem. Only war can break Odis' fantasy." Needham said solemnly.

The movement of the undead is becoming more and more obvious, and the Hundred Cities Federation does not expect to solve the problem through negotiation.

Only a war can make those bones realize their mistakes.

The two sides are already in a highly tense situation at this time.

A slight move by either side could lead to the outbreak of a large-scale war.

"Odis has been preparing for many years, and since he has started, he must have a certain degree of certainty." A mage said, and continued: "We need reinforcements."

In the past, against the undead, humans could find allies.

After all, the undead are powerful, which is not good news for any race.

But this year is a bit special. The dwarves have just finished resisting the undead and suffered heavy casualties.

I heard that the two orange generals died in the hands of the undead.

He even brought back the 'Bellegar' who had been expelled and assumed the position of king again.

Therefore, Bafengshan has no troops to support humans, and can only support and sell a large number of artillery.

to increase human combat power.

After that, Silver Wing City contacted the orc tribe again, hoping to attack the Odis necropolis together with the orcs.

But the news was still surprising.

The city of Tusgow has changed owners.

The current owner is a tauren tribe from a small town before, and the leader is called the Bronze Bull.

Moreover, the other party said that a civil war has just ended, and the greatest ability is to arrange for troops to be stationed at the border, giving the cemetery the illusion of an attack.

There is no more ability to carry out human support.

Humans are dumbfounded.

Accidents are happening everywhere, not a single ally.

So, for now, humans can only look at themselves.

Needham knew everything, but couldn't say it.

He can only vaguely say: "Silver Wing City is working **** the reinforcement of the army. Let's discuss the current issue first."

Looking around, Needham continued to ask, "How is the church, the Mage Association, how are the staff?"

An old man dressed in church clothes said softly, "Six bishops, 5,000 Templars, 26,000 Templars and pilgrims in total, and 45,000 clergy have been placed in the temple. in the army."

Clergy refers to the profession of priests and auxiliary priests.

In the army, he is mainly responsible for auxiliary occupations such as 'attribute blessing', 'negative attribute expulsion' and 'rescue the wounded'.

Even if the church has special damage to the undead, the number is here.

There are fewer than 80,000 church personnel transferred from the entire federation, and most of them are in auxiliary occupations.

But the addition of the six bishops is enough to provide the human side with a strong fighting force.

Needham nodded, and his eyes fell on the Mage Association again.

Water Mage, Mapel replied directly, "A total of 23,000 Mage have come, and they are placed at the back of the team and can be mobilized at any time."

The nobility's monopoly on knowledge has reduced the number of mages.

Needham nodded again, expressing his understanding.

Next, he asked about the strength of the remaining cities, as well as some needs.

Needham continued to look at ‘Xu Haide’ in the church area and asked softly, “Saint Xu Haide, is there any new news?”

With the worsening of the situation on both sides, Xu Haide's status has risen.

Everyone is praising that the church has cultivated a saint who 'controls the overall situation'.

Xu Haide shook his head, "No news, the connection with there is broken."

"Well, let's see..."

Needham closed his mouth in the middle of his words.

He looked down at the cup of tea on the table.

In the center of the teacup, the water pattern spreads rhythmically.

Approaching, the alarm bell rang, and there was an instant chaos outside the room, all shouting.


The door was pushed straight open.

A guard from the Hall of Justice rushed in with a pale face.

Loudly said: "The army of the undead is approaching."

Everyone stood up.

Needham's face was extremely solemn, and he said loudly: "Everyone immediately return to their respective camps and prepare to fight."


Everyone responded and rushed to the area where their army was located.

After half an hour, the ground shook more and more.

The dense army of undead crossed the border and began to attack the human camp.


The horn sounded.

Shields stand up, layer upon layer, forming an iron-gray metal wall.

Boom boom boom!

The artillery began to roar, and the shells turned into arcs, smashing into the camp of the undead.

The soil and rocks are mixed with broken bones, flying everywhere.

After the cannonball, dense arrows fell like raindrops.

Dingding, falling among the undead.

But the effect of arrows is extremely limited to the damage of the undead.

Basically, it didn't cause much impact, and the undead still charged forward.

the rear of the army.

Li Rong held the staff in her hands, her palms full of sweat.

In my heart, I cheered myself up and comforted myself that it was a very safe area in the back.

He kept cursing Fang Hao and sent her to such a dangerous place.

He is a woman and a business talent. What's wrong with his brain, he has to arrange her here.

The hand that held the staff tightly began to turn white, but no blood was seen.

"Don't worry, there is danger, I will take you away as soon as possible."

Beside Li Rong, the dark elf Morse said.

As Li Rong's **** hero, she does not accept tasks assigned by the army.

Moreover, the rest of the mages also arranged personal guards.

"Okay, okay." Li Rong's voice trembled.

At this moment, the voice of an order came from the side.

"Magic bullet ready! Release~!"


In an instant, fireballs, water bombs..., large pieces of magic elements, flew into the distance in a throwing arc.

Compared with other powerful magic, this low-level long-range magic bullet.

It is more suitable for long-distance, large-scale intensive delivery.

The effect is almost close to that of an artillery cover strike.

Moreover, this kind of magic bullet is relatively elementary, and the apprentice can also show combat effectiveness.

Magic bullets of various colors slide out of domes in the sky.

Bang Bang smashed into the charging undead, setting off a wave of elemental traces.

"Watch out for enemies~www.novelbuddy.com~magic bullets!"

On the opposite side, the magic missile of the undead also cut through the sky and flew into the human army.

Bang bang bang!

In an instant, the corpses were scattered.

Dark energy began to spread everywhere.

Clergy, began to pray, to expel the spread of negative attributes.

Even so, the undead that ran wildly slammed into the iron wall made of shields.

It's like turning over the waves, pouring in and turning over, over the iron wall, and killing humans.

(End of this chapter)

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