Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1903 - A World Without Gods (End)

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Chapter 1903 A World Without Gods (End)

‘Do you wish to use the Cosmic coin?’ Deep in the cosmos, Zhou Wen held his phone in one hand and Cosmic coin in the other. An activation notification appeared on his phone.

Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate to choose ‘yes.’ He wanted to see what was outside this world, as well as where the laboratory and woman in the video were.

Why could the phone download dimensional zone dungeons? Who was behind all of this? Was the main universe a higher-level world than this universe, or was that just a name? Why did they send An Jing and her mother in? All of these answers could only be obtained by leaving. Therefore, he chose to leave without any hesitation; he was willing to risk everything for this.


The Cosmic coin left Zhou Wen’s finger and spun violently in the air. Purple lightning shot out from the Cosmic coin like an energy storm.

The surrounding space distorted as the purple light intensified and grew bigger.


A purple ancient door slowly descended amidst the distorted purple light.

As the ruler of this universe, Zhou Wen actually felt the laws of the universe being crushed and shattered by the purple door. It was akin to glass.

The purple door descended in an extremely terrifying manner and seemed to condense mysterious and ancient nomological powers in every inch. It was incomprehensible.

With it suppressing and shattering everything, it made Zhou Wen feel that even if he used all the power in the universe, it would probably be difficult to budge the door at all.

Back then, did An Jing’s mother steer the ship through this door? Zhou Wen stared at the purple door that had now completely descended and walked to it. Just as he was

about to push it open, he suddenly saw a

strange change in the surrounding space. Four figures tore through the air.

They were the Four Dimitrios Monkeys who stood in four different spots and looked down at Zhou Wen like four demons.

“You may leave, but leave Truth Listener behind.” The Long-Armed Ape Monkey’s voice was like a huge pillar striking a bell. Its voice was heavy and resounding. As it resounded, it seemed to baptize souls with an ancient charm. “Why?” Zhou Wen asked the Long-Armed Ape Monkey.

“It can’t head there, or it will be inauspicious. It won’t be beneficial to you at all. Instead, it will invite a great disaster,” the Six-Eared Macaque said with a grin.

“Why would it be inauspicious when Truth Listener leaves?” Zhou Wen frowned.

“Because Truth Listener shouldn’t leave in the

first place.” The Red-Bottomed Horse

Monkey’s voice sounded.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Give me a reason to convince me,” Zhou Wen said indifferently as he glanced at the purple door.

The Four Dimitrios Monkeys looked at each other. The Intelligent Stone Monkey said, “Truth Listener’s fate has something to do with your fate. If you leave with him, one of you will suffer in the future. It’s best if you leave him behind.”

After hearing that, Zhou Wen didn’t say another word as he pushed open the door. “You can’t take Truth Listener away!” The Four Dimitrios Monkeys roared in unison, hoping to rush forward to stop Zhou Wen. However, after the purple door was pushed open, the purple light that shot out shone on the Four Dimitrios Monkeys. Immediately, they screamed in unison. The places where their bodies were illuminated by the purple light vanished like melted ice.

They flew back, not daring to approach the door or be illuminated by the purple light behind it. All they could do was roar from afar, hoping that Zhou Wen would leave Truth Listener behind.

Zhou Wen ignored them and walked out the door amidst the purple light, disappearing into


He dared to leave with the Devil King and The Thearch. The Devil King was the Child of Dimension and could be said to be the master

of fate. If she could leave this world, why couldn’t Truth Listener?

He didn’t take the words of the Four Dimitrios

Monkeys to heart. In fact, they had said similar things in the past.

Zhou Wen didn’t believe in that at all. He had

already fused with the universe. Even if the Four Dimitrios Monkeys could deduce the heavenly secrets, how could they know more

than him?


The purple door closed and gradually vanished in the purple light. The storm-like purple light finally condensed into a point and suddenly shattered into nothingness.

“It’s over… Truth Listener has left…” The Four Dimitrios Monkeys’ faces were ashen. “Haha, are the four of you jokers? You’re killing me. You wanted to use that nonsense to

fool him. Don’t you know who that person is?” A rich and beautiful nobleman in a white fur coat stood in the air above the Four Dimitrios Monkeys and said with a smile.

“You darn fellow, you dare stand before us?

Why didn’t you stop him from taking Truth Listener away?” The Four Dimitrios Monkeys roared angrily at the white-robed nobleman.

“Why should I stop him?” The nobleman curled his lips and said disdainfully. “You should know the consequences if Truth Listener is discovered by them,” the Long-Armed Ape Monkey said in a deep voice. “How would I know the consequences? I’m not his father.” The nobleman cursed. “I’m just a

calm Adonis. What do I have to stop him? The four of you didn’t even dare to stop him. Why should I? Will you be responsible if my handsome face is accidentally injured?” “Why don’t you just die?” The Intelligent Stone Monkey wore an angry expression, but it couldn’t speak with the nobleman’s eloquence. It only managed to come up with one sentence.

“Truth Listener has already been taken away

by him. It’s too late to say anything now,” the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey said with a sigh. “You have yourself to blame. Why didn’t you

take action in the past? Now that he’s the ruler of a universe, what’s the point of stopping him?” the nobleman curled his lips. “Who would have expected him to succeed in

the end? That Devil King was clearly the destined one.” The Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey felt even more helpless when it heard

that. “That’s why you can’t beat the heavens no

matter how much plotting you do. Instead of wasting your time on useless things, you might as well drink a little more.” The nobleman looked at the spot where the purple door had

vanished and turned to slowly leave. “Truth Listener doesn’t belong here to begin with. Leaving with him is a hundred times better than cowering here with the four of you cowards.”

The Four Dimitrios Monkeys were enraged and

were about to attack the nobleman, but he was nowhere to be seen. What is this place? Zhou Wen looked at the

scene in front of him in a daze. This was

somewhat different from what he had imagined.

The place he stood was before a huge tomb that was as huge as a mountain. Around him was a boundless void. This huge tomb was actually floating in the void.

On the mountain-like tomb, there were all sorts of strange objects stuck in it. There were

common things like swords, sabers, and axes. There were also some strange things, such as rulers, banners, cauldrons, furnaces, and even a broom stuck upside down.

No matter what item it was, it seemed to have

a mysterious power flowing in it. Every item

was unbelievable.

If he could take back any item here, it would probably be an earth-shattering divine item. However, many of these divine objects had already snapped, leaving only their incomplete bodies embedded in the tomb, adding a hint of sorrow to the tomb.

At the top of the tomb was a cloth flag. It looked ordinary and nothing special.

However, on the cloth flag, there were the words: Destiny Divination!

Zhou Wen silently chanted the words. Although the flag didn’t have anything special about it, the words gave him a mysterious feeling. “Welcome to the world without gods. This will

be the place where you begin and end. Please leave an item that represents you on the Heavenly Tomb. If you die there, this item will be your last tombstone. The item will remain intact as long as you are alive. Regardless of whether you were a god or devil, immortal or

saint in the past, from now on, you will only struggle to survive in that terrifying world as a normal person. There are no gods, immortals, or saints in that world because even the most

ordinary person was once the ruler of a world. And in that world, you are just an ordinary person who can die at any time. What you need to do is live on and walk to the end…”

There were no words engraved in front of the


grave. The tombstone that resembled wordless heavenly monument suddenly lit up as a voice sounded in Zhou Wen’s mind.

“Who are you?” Zhou Wen asked the tomb. There was no answer. No matter what Zhou Wen said, he didn’t receive any response. Furthermore, he couldn’t find a way to leave. The boundless void seemed endless. He couldn’t sense any life, not even the existence of matter. It was as though there was only one

tomb in the entire world.

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and removed the Human Sovereign Stone Saber at his waist before casually stabbing it into the grave. Although the voice didn’t say what needed to

be left behind—probably anything-Zhou Wen still decided to leave the Human Sovereign Stone Saber behind. If any creature from Earth or the dimension came here in the future, they

should be able to recognize the Human Sovereign Stone Saber and determine his life and death from its condition.

Of course, at Zhou Wen’s level, the Human Sovereign Stone Saber was already useless to him. It was no different from an ordinary weapon. It was useless keeping it by his side.

The Human Sovereign Stone Saber stabbed into the Heavenly Tomb, and the light on the tombstone immediately transformed into a vortex tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel

was likely the “world without gods” mentioned by the voice.

Live to the end… Live to the end… When Zhou Wen was devoured by the vortex, he heard the

voice again, constantly echoing in his ears. “System unlocked… Vitality evaluation… Rookie Lv. 1… Guardian 1… Discovered lifeform that can be converted into Destiny Guardian… Discovered lifeform that can be converted into a Guardian… Converting… Discovered lifeform that can be converted into a Guardian… Converting… Discovered lifeform that can’t be converted into a Guardian… Energy restructuring… Energy restructuring… Error….. Error… This lifeform can’t be restructured… Resetting scan… Origin of lifeform… Z14 spacetime… Name: Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General… Can’t be reconstructed… Equivalent transformation into a Guardian… Lifeform can’t be converted into a Guardian… Energy restructuring… Restructuring failed…” Wen kept hearing a voice in his mind. It was likely the voice of the phone’s system. Then, he felt his vision go black as he fell unconscious. “You’re finally here… My lovely… toy…” In a


huge prison in the cosmos, there was only one bespectacled female prisoner. She seemed to sense something as she looked up at the cosmos beyond the prison. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly as she wore an intriguing smile. She was like a hunter who had discovered her prey.

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