League of Legends Millennium Warlord - Chapter 675 another way

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The latest website: Underworld, like the Milky Way, the souls floating in the river of Styx turn into little stars, and the souls that leave the material realm are surrounded by tall figures of hundreds of meters. into the purest soul energy waiting to be reshaped,

The tawny grass robe is slightly worn out,

Compared with nine hundred years ago, the hunchback figure wearing a mask seems a little tired, and even the blue soul light in the mask's double holes looks a little dim.

It is the creator of the mask spirit who controls the river of the underworld, the mother of the mask who has the authority of the dead.

The dark energy surged, and rippling ripples appeared in the enclosed space. With the appearance of a white soul path, the purple-gray arms of the mother of the mask, which had not stopped for a hundred years, slowly hung down.

The creator of the mask spirit lowered his head and stared at his daughter who was walking towards her toes with her head down.

The mother of the mask soon noticed that her favorite sheep, the mirror claw, did not have the inseparable wolf spirit, nor did she bring the underworld artifact that never left her hand.

"Mirrorpaw, where did your weapon go?"

The voice of the mother of the mask is very flat, a little less the joy of seeing a good daughter in the past,

The weapon in the hands of the mask spirit symbolizes the authority of the underworld, and it is also a powerful tool against the undead army. It is fine if you don't think about making progress. Losing your weapon is the most unforgivable sin.

Looking up at the mother of the mask who looked like a titan, feeling the sternness of the mother of the mask, the mask of the sheep spirit was a little shaken.

"I'm very confused now, mother, before I respond, I want to ask you a few questions, can you?"

Staring at the sheep spirit as small as dust, the mother of the mask put down her palm, let the sheep spirit dance in her palm, and slowly raised it to her eyes.

Standing at the eye sockets of the Mother of the Mask, Lamb is not even as big as the down of the Mother of the Mask.

"Tell me, my child, what do you want to know?"

Pressing his hand on his sheep spirit mask, Mirror Claw's trembling body gradually calmed down.

"We have fought against Mordekaiser for more than a thousand years, and in victories after victories, why are my brothers and sisters less and less, but my enemies are more and more?

Now, the soul obelisk of Mittner Lachen has covered nearly half of the underworld, and the souls falling into the Styx have decreased by a quarter, and the quality is getting worse and worse.

Mother, is this battle doomed from the start? Wouldn't our sacrifice, our determination to maintain the stability of Styx be meaningless? "

The mother of the mask rarely spoke, but lowered her head and sighed, and the withered yellow ragged robe made of nether grass was damaged a few more gaps.


"I didn't expect my favorite daughter to ask such a question..."

"Mother, I just want to know the real answer."

"My child... This is our established mission and the meaning of our existence. My child, as long as we exist, we must maintain it, even if we are doomed to fail."

Lightly tap the sheep's head with the belly of the other finger, the voice of the mother of the mask shakes the river of souls, and thousands of souls that were weakened by washing due to being too evil are directly scattered, turning into crystal light like fireflies point.

The mother of the mask had no choice but to lower her tone, whispering the Lachen language.

"From the moment I put on the mask, from the moment you put on the mask, we have become prisoners of the mask, we can never take it off again,

The ancient gods have long since perished in chaos, the power of order has left Runeterra, and the evil **** behind Mordekaiser...is just one of them,

Too many evil forces are watching our world, but as long as we maintain it for another thousand years, one hundred years, or even ten years, we will not be considered as dishonoring the mission behind us,

This point should be understood when we choose to wear a mask. The mask means the responsibility of maintaining the reincarnation of the two worlds. Even the **** of death will dissipate before the Styx if he cannot fulfill his responsibility. The Void Spirit Evil Owl is born for this,

Even I, who created the Void Evil Owl, will die when all things are silent if no one in the material realm remembers the name of the **** of death.

From the beginning we had no choice, boy,

We are born here, and we are destined to die here. It should be understood that although we are in charge of the authority of the underworld, what we get is only the incomplete parts left after the death of the gods, and we are no different from prisoners.

As regulators, our ability is limited. We can maintain the world that should have been destroyed five hundred years ago until now, and then continue to a hundred years later, waiting for the world to save itself. This is the meaning of our efforts and sacrifices. . "

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The heavy words made Yang Ling a little desperate. I don’t know if it’s because she threw away her weapon and gave up on herself. The mother of the mask chose to put the cold facts in front of her eyes.

From the moment the gods died and the barrier of order was broken, this world has lost all hope. All prosperity and peace in the material realm are like a mirror image, and will shatter and dissipate like colorful bubbles under the sun at any time.

It's like Mordekaiser, who has been blessed by alien power, can take root in the underworld and gradually eat away at the land and power of the underworld. In addition to the evil gods of the world that Mordekaiser believes in, the void, astral spirits, hell, evil The land, and those evil forces that cannot be known, but can secretly erode the world through projections, are also attacking Runeterra.

Otherwise, how can Mordekaiser alone fight against the Mother of Masks who holds the authority of the underworld.

"Mother, can we just watch this happen?"

Regarding Yang Ling's question, the mother of the mask was silent for a while before asking back.

"Mirror Claw, I smell a human vitality on your body. Did your weapon stay on that visitor from another world?"

Not thinking about hiding anything, Yang Ling nodded and didn't speak.

"Can you tell me your reason?"

"Mother, you said that there is only one way to revive this world, and that is to have a fire that controls the authority of all gods, and use divine power to reshape the world.

In addition to recovering the powerful soul, the hunting orders you have arranged for me over the years also have the meaning of searching for this fire seed. In the end we found Lester. A soul or Mordekaiser's soldiers make more sense.

Mother, Lester has proven his ability, but you still don't recognize him. I don't understand the point of doing so. "


Hearing the name of Lester, the Void Spirit Evil Owl appeared out of thin air, grasping the shoulders of the Mother of the Mask with both feet, looking at Yang Ling with indifferent soul eyes.

The mother of the mask caressed the wings of the evil spirit owl with her hand, and explained patiently.

"Child, we don't know whether Lester is the fire seed, but what he did is tantamount to betrayal. He raised demons with his soul and sold his soul to demons from other worlds. For this alone, I will not recognize his identity. He If it’s a fire seed, how can you do such a despicable thing?”

Glancing at the Void Spirit Xie Xiao who was staring at him, Yang Ling turned his head and stared intently at the eyes of the masked spirit.

"If all this is to save the world that you say has no hope, mother, won't you admit it?"

Before the mother of the mask whose eyes were getting colder hadn't spoken, Void Spirit Xie Xiao opened his mouth, red light flashed in his eyes, and made a hoarse and cold voice.

"Qian Jue, have you forgotten your identity by being so disrespectful to the Mother of Masks?"

But Yang Ling ignored Void Ling Xie Xiao.

"Mother! Are you guarding the dogma of the mask spirit or the world?"

"Ga! Ga! Ga!"

Sensing the emotional fluctuations of the mother of the mask, the Void Spirit Evil Owl flapped its wings and let out a threatening cry, like a dead crow.

Under the gaze of Yang Ling, the mother of the mask took a last look at the mask on Yang Ling's face, and slowly lowered her palm, letting Yang Ling return to the ground.

"Mittna Lachen established a temporary portal, Qian Jue, take back your weapon, and take the wolf to investigate clearly, what exactly is Mordekaiser trying to do?"

Taking a half step back in disappointment, Yang Ling lowered his head, turned and left silently.

"Mother of the mask, can I go to supervise?"

After Yang Ling left, Void Spirit Xie Xiao turned his head to look at the Mother of the Mask, without showing much awe.

The mother of the mask spoke.

"No, after Qian Jue leaves, you will take over the area she is in charge of."


The Void Spirit Evil Owl responded and flapped his wings to leave.

As the last insurance against the fall of the masked spirit, he is born with the urge and desire to hunt and kill the masked spirit, so he can suppress or even obliterate the mother of the mask, so he will not be afraid to create his own mask maker, but it is not yet possible to do it Sometimes, even though he was a little upset, Void Spirit Xie Xiao could only accept orders.

When the sheep spirit left the Styx space, in a certain jungle in Ionia, a short but fierce hunting battle ended quickly.

The wolf spirit who had bitten out a piece of blood finally let go of his mouth, and the black rose mage who had been dead for a long time fell into a pool of blood. The marked soul flew to the river Styx under the traction of the mark, perfectly avoiding the gate of the underworld. The obelisk of the soul in the city of Mitna Lachen.

The wolf spirit who finished hunting was not happy. Looking at the empty forest, the wolf spirit lay beside the corpse and stared blankly at the tree trunk, looking a little lonely.

He missed the sheep, but the sheep never came to him.

With a sigh, the wolf closed his eyes a little lonely. His life was actually not easy.

In the past hundred years, due to Mordekaiser's active plunder and a series of other factors, although the population of Runeterra has gradually increased, the total mass of souls has decreased rapidly.

In order to cope with the dwindling soul quality, and in order to prevent the powerful soul from falling into the hands of Mordekaiser, the masked spirit began to actively hunt and kill mages with tough souls, so as to make up for the loss of souls and allow the Styx to function normally.

The quality of the soul is related to personal talent and personal lifespan. Those with strong souls not only have a long lifespan, but also have a strong affinity for magic. They can get twice the result with half the effort during meditation.

The arcane mage is one of the best, and Syndra, who has the talent for dark elemental magic, is an extreme example.

In the past, Runeterra could still see many groups of mages walking around the world. Under the active hunting of masked spirits, it is very difficult to see people with magic talents nowadays. Buddhist life.

Newborn babies are getting weaker and weaker, and the average life span of human beings is getting shorter and shorter. There are very few children who can master strange talents and magical talents from birth. The magical power of other continents is declining at an accelerated rate. The birthplace blessed by the spirit still retains the most original magical environment.

Therefore, Ionia is also the main hunting ground for wolf spirits.

As if sensing something, the wolf suddenly opened his eyes, stood up vigilantly, stared at the middle-aged man in front of him, and opened his fangs.

The middle-aged man was wearing a plain green robe, his long hair was tied behind his head, and he was wearing a headband of light green gemstones. He exuded a terrifying oppressive force. He was Karma, the reincarnation of the contemporary Ionian spirit.

Karma glanced at the black rose mage who was obviously not Ionian, and her frowning brows relaxed a little.

"Qianjue, your frequent appearance has already caused panic among the Ionian people. Although you are not hunting Ionian mages, I cannot continue to allow you to continue hunting in Ionia, at least not within a year. .”

Knowing that he has taken the initiative to work a lot of overtime recently due to a bad mood, and that too many people have been hunted and killed, causing the Ionian people to fear, the wolf spirit did not refute anything, after all, the mother of the mask and the spirit of Ionia Established a covenant, let alone whether he has the ability, he really can't attack Karma.

Just thinking so in his heart, the wolf still maintained a 'majestic' look, with his teeth bared and his mouth grinning, at least in terms of momentum he had to hold on.

"Spirit of Ionia, you shouldn't interfere with my hunting... But Ionia's hunting grounds have been cleared, so I'll give you a face and go to the next hunting ground."

Knowing that she had persuaded the wolf spirit, Karma also heaved a sigh of relief.

He wasn't afraid of these masked spirits, but he didn't want to fight the envoys of the Mother of Masks unless it was absolutely necessary.

"Why haven't I seen the sheep spirit recently?"

Hearing this, the wolf spirit with its teeth bared languished like an eggplant beaten by frost.

"Sheep, she has more important things to do...things more important than hunting with me..."

"Something more important?"

Although I am a little curious about the whereabouts of the sheep ~www.novelbuddy.com~ Karma is not a person who likes to gossip, especially the wolf spirit is in pain, and it is not suitable for further inquiries here.

Now that the goal has been achieved, there is no need for him to stay any longer.

Karma turned around and left. The wolf spirit was lying on the ground alone and sad, but the sheep spirit walked out from the soul realm. The sad wolf didn't even realize that the companion he missed had come behind him.

Noticing the loss of Wolf Spirit, Yang Ling sighed softly, bent down and hugged Wolf Spirit, and put his face on the wolf's forehead.

Shrouded by the familiar feeling, Wolf Spirit froze, and instantly turned from sadness to joy, and the tail between his legs turned rapidly like a fan.

"Sheep, you're back!? You must be very busy this time, right? Take a rest, I've put..."

But Yang Ling said something that made Wolf Ling stupid.

"Wolf, I've decided to take off my mask."

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