Kaleidoscope of Death - Chapter 147 Fanwai (eight) Tan jujube

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Tan Jujube has shot many movies and played countless roles. There are enchanting dancers, heroic swordsmen, loving mothers, and girls who fall in love.

Each character is different, just like everyone has a different life.

Tan Zao jujube had encountered an accident when he entered the entertainment circle. When he took a scene, she accidentally fell from the horse. That time she was very hurt and almost lost her life. When a friend who had a good relationship with her came to the hospital to visit her, she slammed her and said that she was not going to die. It is not necessary to substitute for such a dangerous singing.

Tan Zaozao smiled and replied at the time: "My life is not so valuable." At that time, Tanzao jujube was still young and fearless of death. She thought that she would always be like this until one day, she participated in an interview class. program. When Tan jujube came out of the dressing room, he found that the corridor that should have been to the stage became a twelve-door iron gate. The iron gates were exactly the same, and the indifference exudes a cold atmosphere.

Looking at this scene, the smile on the face of Tan Zao jujube froze. Her first reaction was that this was not a spoof program prepared by the program group, so she forced the inner uneasiness until she... she opened it. One.

After the door was opened, she appeared in a strange place surrounded by a desolate cemetery with a tall, gloomy castle.

Tan jujube slowly along the road, in the open space in front of the castle, she saw several people standing together and discussing something in detail, these people's faces are strange, after seeing her, also However, it was a moment of attention and he took back his eyes.

"Excuse me, where is this?" Tan Zao jujube asked.

No one answered her question.

"Is this a show?" A thick sense of uncertainty, hit the heart of Tan Zao jujube, she cautiously asked, but saw someone in the crowd with a mocking expression, the man said: "Do the show? You see Have you been so realistic?"

Tan jujube is dumb.

Although she holds a glimmer of hope, I hope this is just a realistic spoof show, but this hope is ruthlessly shattered when I see the first dead. The man died so badly that he was wounded under his body, and the blood was sucked clean. He was dead and could not die any more.

Tan Zao jujube looked at the body and stood on the spot. She clearly realized for the first time that this is not a mischief nor a real game. Here, it is really dead.

The first door of Tan Zao jujube is not too difficult. She is lucky and lived from it. When she returned to the world, her whole person’s mood almost collapsed and she was shocked by the assistant next door.

"What are you doing with the date?" The assistant worried about the inquiry.

"Where were you at the time?!" Tan Zao jujube said with anger, "Why don't you help me?"

The assistant looked at her blankly: "What... Where? Are you not sitting here all the time?"

Tan Zao jujube lived, she said: "I have been sitting here?"

"Yeah." The assistant replied, "You have been sitting here in a daze..."

Tan jujube was sluggish for a while, and she understood something vaguely, but before she could understand, the assistant urged her to go to the stage and start an interview.

Tan Zao jujube on the stage was absent-minded, and there was a reply to the host's question. The host saw something strange and was about to ask questions, but he heard the next panic call. The host had not come to remember the reaction. There was a burst of glass shattering on the top of his head. He looked up and saw a black shadow pressed against him.

Tan jujube was sitting next to the host, watching the huge chandelier on the top of his head squatting down and falling in front of her eyes.

The host who just talked with her and smiled suddenly turned into a corpse with a stagnation. The Tanzao jujube stayed in the same place and looked very radiant.

Tan Jujube can survive from this accident. It is a miracle. God knows that she was sitting next to the host. The heavy lamps almost wiped her skin, but she did not hurt her.

Because of this incident, Tanzao jujube was severely irritated and forced to rest for a while.

During this time, she finally understood what the door was.

It is torture and new life.

Without a door, she would have died long ago, but with the door, she might not be able to survive.

Through friends, Tan Zao jujube met the candlestick of Minnan, and also knew that there were such a group of people selected by the door.

"You just want to pass the door or do you follow the door?"

Tan jujube said: "What is the difference..."

Minnan Candle said: "The difference is that you don't need to think about anything, just follow me, and the other, you have to rely on yourself."

Tan Jujube said the result: "I choose the first one."

"But the Obsidian does not pick up the door after the fifth door." Minnan Candleway, "If you choose the first one, you may start to live easily, there will be no guarantee in the back."

Tan Zao jujube smiled reluctantly: "But I am really scared."

The silence of the Minnan candle is considered to be the requirement of the Tan jujube.

Tan jujube is just an ordinary girl, afraid of black, afraid of ghosts, to say that in the obsidian, she is the most like the one in Cheng Qianli. But this similarity also means that they are not suitable for the door.

Tan jujube made her choice. She knew her final ending and had doubts in the process, but in the end, she never changed.

After five doors, Obsidian will not be alive, and the journey of Tan Jujube will also reach the end.

"Jujube dates, or I will take you in." Lin Qiu Shi is a good person, his eyes are worried about Tan jujube, Tan Jujube smiled and refused him.

In the depths of her heart, she once raised a little bit of enthusiasm for Lin Qiu Shi, and the candlestick of Nannan gave him preferential treatment. But when the heart of the cockroach fades, Tan Zao jujube finds that he understands the candle in the south. Lin Qiu Shi is so beautiful. He is smart, brave, kind, just like a gleaming gem. Anyone will be on him. Those qualities are attractive. Not only the candlestick, but even herself.

If you are a candle in the south, you will make the same choice.

Tan Zao jujube thinks, who does not want a strong and courageous partner.

She eventually chose another organization that promised that she could take her out of the sixth door but failed.

This is also expected in the Tanzao date, the only thing beyond her plan is that she died on her favorite stage.

It is also considered to be benevolent, Tan jujube wants to die calmly, but she finds that she can't do it. In the world of the horrible door, she was pulled into the endless darkness by her hands. And when she came out of the door, there was a gorgeous stage in front of her. Under the stage was a dazzling light, and there was a buzzing sound of the camera in the ear. Everything was seen by the audience, and everything was recorded.

Realizing that the death of Tan Jujube, which is about to come, could not help but uttered a miserable scream - she regretted that she still didn't want to die, she still has a lot of things to do.

She is not willing to...

It’s too late.

The final road has long been decided at the time of the initial selection.

On the top of the head came the familiar sound of broken glass. Tan jujube looked up, saw dazzling lights, and countless broken glass falling towards her. The chandelier was like a crown, and it was heavy on her body, smashing her body.

Before the darkness, Tan jujube heard the panic call of the people under the stage. She even saw one or two panicked faces. Tan jujube was lying on the ground, but her face showed a faint smile. She felt the darkness invaded. Her vision, eternal tranquility, was a bit sweet.

She is caught in a long sleep that will never be disturbed.

The author has something to say: It’s almost like this, and I don’t plan to continue writing.

Seeing that some of the babies want to watch the ghost tea party in the door, this can't be written, because most of them are not self-conscious, in chaos, only a few parts have consciousness. Emmmm, it is impossible to go back to visit relatives. For example, Minnan Candle is the audience of the game. Watching Lin Qiu Shi playing the game is particularly good, attracted by Lin Qiuishi, and then reopening an archive to pull Lin Qiushi back to play again. Once again, so the ghost will not give him any preferential treatment, and he will kill him if he kills him.

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