Interstellar Tattered Queen - Chapter 2703 never believed in you

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  Chapter 2703 Never believed you

  No. 1373 was talking, but gradually stopped. It was full of embarrassment and annoyance, obviously knowing that it really said something wrong this time.

  The atmosphere is silent.

  The communication signal that has been connected to Jiyou also stopped for a short time.

   After a few seconds.

  Ji You smiled and said, "No. 1373, you know a lot."

  No. 1373 pursed his lips, a face that was always full of flattery when facing Ji You, now also became very gloomy.

  No. 1373 said nothing.

  Its originally thin and weak body was also swept away at this moment, becoming very strong and full of strength.

  The interior of the entire black ship, which was originally as bright as daylight, suddenly went out with a 'click' at this moment.

   It was pitch black all around, endless black as far as the eye could see.

  Whether it is the driving area, the catalytic chamber, the hive that was cultivated...all fell into darkness.

   Quiet, deathly quiet.

   Ji You, who was in the main control center, finished the last action, and in an instant, an invisible net was thrown towards the 'driving area'.

   The darkness covered all movements.

  But as sensitive as No. 1373, how can it not be aware of changes in the environment because of the darkness, and its face suddenly turned black: "What did you do?"

  Ji You narrowed his eyes, clicked his tongue, and said, "Even Your Excellency Long Aotian didn't call anymore?"

  No. 1373 cast down his eyes and said, "When did you find out?"

Ji You didn't pay attention to this, but deliberately asked in a tone: "You are 1373! Am I not your respected and beloved Lord Long Aotian? Now that you have grown up, you will turn your face and deny anyone. what."

  No. 1373: "…"

  Ji You: "Tsk tsk... Scumbag!"

  No. 1373: "…"

  No. 1373 took a deep breath and said, "There's no need to say this now, is there?"

Ji You immediately retorted: "Why isn't it necessary? You are my little brother from the past. The little brother suddenly became stronger and wanted to stand up and take down my boss. Can I not care about it? I'm going to die of anger! Let me tell you 1373 No, even if you have become an adult, you will never escape my palm!"

  When No. 1373 heard this, her livid face suddenly softened. It seemed that she didn't know much.


   Next second.

  Ji You said: "You are a disabled royal family, what can I do to you? Even if you are an adult, so what, aren't you still a disabled person?"

  No. 1373: "…"

  No. 1373's face was completely darkened: "When did you know?"

   While speaking, No. 1373 had already entered the cockpit of the black ship for the first time, and started the driving program in an instant.


The whole black ship trembled. However, the people standing on the deck of the black ship, whether they were from the red race, the black race, the white race...or He Bi, Chu Jiaojiao and others, did not panic at all. All very calm.

  And, everyone is ready.

  Why bother to say: "The weapons are sufficient, and the ammunition is all ready, ready to launch at any time."

  Of course, this sentence was not meant for the people present, but for Ji You, and even more so for internal number 1373.

  Ji You smiled and said, "I see."

  No. 1373's fingertips trembled, and its face could no longer be described as black as coal balls. The moment it pressed the start program, it couldn't help but ask, "Do you all know? Are you all united to deceive me?"

  Ji You shook her head and denied: "That's not true. I noticed something was wrong halfway, so I secretly contacted them and asked them to call me for cooperation."

  No. 1373 tried to stay calm, took a deep breath, and asked, "Since when did you realize something was wrong with me?"

  Ji You took it for granted, "I never believed you in the first place."

  No. 1373: "…"

  It admitted that it was really choked by these words, choked hard, and if there was nothing in its mouth, it would really choke to death.

  Thanks to his acting so hard, he thought that he had really gained the trust of these Origin Stars.

   didn't think...

  Others never believed it from beginning to end.

   At this time, the black ship has officially started, and is speeding towards a certain destination at a very fast speed.

Ji You didn't try to stop her. On the contrary, she even seemed to chat with No. 1373 leisurely, saying: "Our ancestors had a saying that people who are not of my race must have different hearts. I think this sentence is very meaningful. It makes sense, especially the kind of foreign race that wants to kill you with all means when the two sides meet without saying anything, it's even more unbelievable."

  No. 1373 was almost stunned: "That's why you never believed me?"

  Ji You said: "That's not so absolute. I just think you are very sinister and cunning, and you are not trustworthy."

  No. 1373 took a deep breath again, and said: "It's useless to say so much. Now that the ship is in my hands, you can't find the core controls. Even if you find it, you can't control it. It's not certain whether we will win or die."

  Ji You said: "I didn't intend to kill you."

  No. 1373 suddenly raised his head, staring at the space where the main control center was located in disbelief.

  Ji You said: "You, a crippled royal family, should have been shining brightly, but now you are not as good as a beggar. You are already so miserable. Why should I kill you? I'm not full."

   "..." No. 1373 still couldn't believe it: "You really won't kill me?"

  Ji You asked back: "What's the benefit of killing you?"

  1373 fell silent.

I have to say that killing it has many benefits. First of all, you can extract the key to unlock the core control from its genes. In addition, killing it will prevent anyone from robbing her of energy. The entire cultivation base All the remaining energy can be attributed to her.

  The moment the idea of ​​No. 1373 came to mind, he broke out in a cold sweat.

not good!

  It quickly thought of all its thoughts, put them away, and threw out a bunch of messy thoughts in an instant, in order to prevent Long Aotian from prying into its true inner thoughts through its own mental fluctuations.

so close.

   After confirming that the mental fluctuations around him were normal, the cold sweat that covered No. 1373 dissipated little by little.

   Absolutely can't be fooled by Long Aotian again, no matter what she says, as long as it comes out of her mouth, it will be treated as a fart and completely ignored.

   Can no longer have any mood swings.

No. 1373 kept telling itself, at the same time, it raised its head and said in a sullen tone: "Killing me does not have much benefit, but it is not without any benefit. If Your Excellency Long Aotian wants to kill me, I really can't do it." Prevent."

Ji You laughed, and said, "No. 1373, why didn't you think of cooperating with me? You are a royal family whose blood gene was stolen, and your status and resources were stolen. It is reasonable to want to seek revenge on your own enemies. , why do you want to fight with me?"

   "Isn't it good to live?"

   "Only by living can there be more possibilities."

  1373 fell silent.

   Good night everyone, see you tomorrow^O^



  (end of this chapter)

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