Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 2020 The Why Is Crucial!

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Chapter 2020 The Why Is Crucial!

The amalgamations of Absolute Avalon Authority ascended into the endless skies of the Avalon Dimension as no matter how high one went, it seemed they could never reach the top.

They rose until Insula Avallonis was a dot in the skies as here, Guinevere's Absolute Avalon Clone pulsed with the aura of a Fundamental Natural Law as Manadynamics erupted from her to wrap around the both of them.

Noah calmly watched this occur as his finger even twirled with the vibrant essence of the Fundamental Natural Law he was making steady progress in as he heard Guinevere's voice once more.

<No other eyes shall reach here and I shall not reveal your personal information. So I ask again…what are you protecting? Why do you do the things that you do?>

What did Noah have to protect?

The answer to this question would set Guinevere's heart at ease or cause her to never fully accept him as someone she could trust to protect her own home.

Gazing into the purple eyes of the Absolute Avalon Clone, Noah spoke with an enchanting smile.

<You see, I am a selfish man.>


He began grandly in a tone of utmost honesty as Guinevere's eyes became even sharper.

<If you ask me what it is I protect…it would have to be my own safety and happiness, and the safety and happiness of my family. For these things, I do whatever is deemed necessary as it can be considered extreme selfishness.>

<I've undergone multiple apocalypses, and what I learned at the end of each of them was that ultimately, the one with the most power would get to have the freedom of being happy and safe from destruction, so I naturally sought to be stronger in any domain I would be in as at the end…nothing would threaten my own safety and happiness.>

<And something I came to understand about myself was a childish mentality I didn't know I had until a year and a half ago…I came to understand that I loved the exploration of power and learning about all the fantastical things I can do. Edicts? Natural Laws? Decreta? These weren't even concepts that I imagined a year and a half ago as now, I wish to understand all of them and have them underneath my fingertips.>

As he spoke, his eyes shone with thoughtfulness and understanding as Guinevere's eyes retained their coldness and simply listened from afar!

<Me, me, me. My happiness, my love and interest for the unknown wonders, my seeking of safety for those I love and for those that depend on me…this is why I consider it selfish. And I know I am not the only one in this as you are in the same camp of selfishness. You do not care about the other 8 Dimensions as you have only worried about your own Avalon Dimension, staying beside the Sword of Avalon and guarding it all these years waiting for what…me?>


<I did not suddenly wake up and become struck with an epiphany to lead the Avalon Dimension and save the countless Avalonians. I am not reaching for the Seat of the True Emperor to prevent the coming apocalypse out of the overabundance of love I have for beings across the 9 Dimension and the Desolate Mausoleum that I do not even know…No. I am doing all of this for myself and those that I protect.>

<I grasped the Sword of Avalon and pulled Sword from Stone not because I was worthy and was meant to lead everyone here, but simply because Avalon falls in line with me obtaining as much authority as possible over the 9 Dimensions and Desolate Mausoleum. I did it because it would aid me in protecting my own interests and the interests of those that I protect.>


As he spoke, the radiance of Absolute Avalon Authority continued to surge wildly as it formed into a torrential storm, the figure of Guinevere continuing to look at him with utmost coldness!

<I seek to end the life of the Traitorous Dimensional Ruler below us not because he is an Enemy of Avalon and I have to pass judgment as the Imperius Avallonis…I seek to end his life purely because I will devour everything about him and it will help me get even stronger than I am now. It will grant me more strength as this will put me closer to my goals and once more…allow me to have the power to protect myself and those that depend on me.>

<Now…if the Avalon Dimension were to fall under my banner- if the vast stretches of existences here were to come under my protection…then I will treat them the same as I treat those who I protect right now. As it becomes my interest and my responsibility, my selfishness shall extend to it as I can guarantee whatever the results of this coming Cataclysm…the Avalon Dimension and its people would come out of it unscathed!>


A buzzing symphony resounded as at a certain point, Noah's Absolute Avalon Clone arrived right before Guinevere's as he bridged the distance effortlessly, looking into her cold eyes as after all this time, she finally replied to his words.



The Essence of Avalon swept around and rose ever higher like a torrential sea.

Like a blossoming flower, the most dazzling and heart-shaking smile bloomed from Guinevere's already impeccable visage as she spoke!

<Some genuine fucking honesty.>


Absolute Avalon Authority exploded out at this moment as multiple prompts appeared before Noah's eyes.

<<You have gained Increased Authority over the Sword of Avalon, with Hidden Features becoming unlocked.>>


<<You have gained the acknowledgment of the Latent Will of the Avalon Dimension.>>

<<The Authority and Title of Avalon's Dimensional Ruler has been opened and is awaiting for your arrival at the Nature Integration Realm to be granted.>>

Pristine authority descended and waited for him as before his eyes, he felt like he was looking at an entirely different person as he could see an enchanting sly and cold smile from Guinevere who stared at him freely.

"I've always found true honesty to be something that breaks apart barriers the fastest and easiest."

Amidst dense surging authority, she actually spoke without any of it at this moment.

"I will support you on your quest for the Seat of the True Emperor. In exchange…simply extend your selfishness to cover the Avalon Dimension and protect it like you protect your dear family members."

Her eyes, her smile, her brows…everything about her was smiling in a dazzling yet cold fashion as on top of all other torrential waves of essence, Providence also surged the moment this agreement was put out!

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