I’m the Pay Thief at the Winery - v2 Chapter 538 A healthy environment that loves and kills

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Under the terrified gazes of the entire vehicle, the 'game' began.

Naturally, the first target chosen by the robbers was to sit next to Nan Ling, who seemed to know Shuichi Akai.

But Nan Ling's answer to this was—

"You only have one chance." He said with half-squinted eyes, "Finding three at a time is a success."

Under such harsh conditions and the ever-shortening countdown, the robbers who had no clue soon turned their guns on the passengers, as if preparing to use some extreme means.

Of course, they haven't planned to kill them directly.

- The bomb in the car is still there. If the passengers make trouble, it would be bad if they blow themselves up.

They just felt that since they were the ones who could influence their plans, they would definitely react differently from ordinary people when faced with life and death threats.

If this method can be used to find the target, of course, everyone will be happy.

If this method also fails...

A sharp look flashed in the eyes of the two kidnappers.

-Since they don't know who is the one who can influence their plans, then when time is not enough and they have nothing to gain, they can use some means to reduce the number of suspects.

The probability of being right is higher.

With the threatening actions of the kidnappers, screams of varying degrees sounded one after another in the car. Some people huddled in their seats, some tried to get up and jump out of the car. There was chaos in the carriage.

The patience of the kidnappers is obviously being worn down at a very fast speed, and they do not know when they will make extreme actions.

Conan gritted his teeth. He looked back tentatively, but what he saw made him feel cold.

—Faced with the chaotic result caused by his own hands, Qi’s eyes were as calm as ever. Those outside eyes are even a little high, like watching a boring drama.

Seven... He didn't care about the lives or deaths of these passengers at all.

After realizing this, Conan's sapphire blue child's hole was gradually stained with a bright anger.

Why play that so-called 'game' with the kidnappers? Just to satisfy your twisted heart? Playing kidnappers for your own emotions, but you want to implicate others - don't you care about other people's lives at all?

Facing his silent questioning, Qi didn't even give him a look.

Conan took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

Now is not the time to care about the good and evil of the seven.

I already knew how cold-blooded Qi was, didn't I?

After all, he is also a person from the underground world—this is why he was so worried about Nan Ling and Qi’s connection before—Qi’s actions are not tolerated by order, he lives in the shadows, maybe he himself You shouldn't have any expectations of him.

Did Qiping's preferential treatment to him make him too relaxed?

It may not be too late to realize now.

But even if Nanami isn't from the same world...

Conan quietly looked at Haibara Ai, who still kept a defensive posture and lowered his head deeply.

Even if some of Qi's actions are unacceptable to him, he doesn't want his worst guesses to come true.

Seven... don't have anything to do with the organization...

—Meanwhile, Judy is working on the rules of the 'game'.

From her point of view, it was clearly herself, Xiuyi and Belmod, who had seven fingers.

Of course, judging from the fact that the child named Conan knew Qi, even if he was a child, his suspicion could not be ruled out.

At worst, the kidnappers just need to choose three of their four to win the game. In this way, the probability of their successful finding is much higher than the situation where there are only three targets.

Xiuyi has been confirmed, and he has just attracted their attention, I don't know if he will be selected...

In this case, the kidnappers only need to find one more to win.

At that time, if Qi really got off the bus as scheduled, the kidnapper's plan could still proceed smoothly.

Judy felt a little uneasy in her heart.

She turned her head slightly to look at Belmod, who still maintained his exquisite acting skills at such a time. The friendly face of the 'new doctor' was full of dissatisfaction with the kidnappers, and he was a little afraid and nervous because of the weapons in their hands.

Even the person who knew the identity of the other party in advance could not see any flaws, let alone those kidnappers.

What is Seven thinking? Since he and Charter knew each other, he should have a close relationship with the organization as well. Wasn't he afraid of involving Belmod?

—Judy, from the peaceful and friendly FBI, does not understand the 'healthy' environment of love and killing within the organization.

Anyway, Nan Ling was very happy to see it.

He was sitting in the back row of the bus, and everything that happened in the whole car was completely unobstructed before his eyes. Whether it is the passengers in the car or the two robbers, the performance between life and death is very interesting.

…Oh no, three robbers.

"Half the time has passed." Nan Ling said leisurely, looking sideways at the woman who was also sitting in the last row, chewing gum, "Aren't you going to help them?"

"What... me?" The woman was startled, UU reading www.uukanshu.com subconsciously glanced at the robber, pointed to herself, "I, I didn't—"

She stopped quickly.

Qi looked at her with a cold look in his eyes, which was obviously a very positive look.

There is no point in arguing again, she can only sigh, stand up and join her accomplice.

Conan lowered his eyes, pretending to be looking at the ground, a flash of enlightenment flashed in his heart.

When he took out his earring-shaped mobile phone just now, the two robbers turned their backs to him, and should not have noticed his small movements. That's when he realized that the two must have accomplices in the back row.

In the end, before I found it myself, I was found by Qi.

Sure enough, just like his guess, Qi didn't want these robbers to win this so-called 'game'. Most likely, it was because of a momentary unhappiness that I decided to play tricks.

...sounds more like that person.

Conan carefully observed the actions of the robbers and was very anxious.

They are still just pointing guns at the passengers, but their actions and attitudes are much more rude than they were at the beginning.

"Sword Comes"

If it goes on like this, they will soon take more extreme actions because of the shortened time!

Just as this thought flashed through Conan's mind, he saw the red-capped robber standing in front of a female passenger and raised his fist, as if he finally could not control his use of violence.

However, before the fist of the red hat fell, a scalpel with silver light was inserted in front of him impartially.

"This is cheating."

Conan immediately turned his head to look at Nan Ling, who was still lazy, and he couldn't tell that he had just shot.

Nan Ling's eyes were not on the robber, but seemed to float in the air, not knowing who he was looking at.

"no next time."

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