I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses - Chapter 1354 - Condemn Master Pei and Everyone's Old Acquaintances!

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Chapter 1354: Condemn Master Pei and Everyone’s Old Acquaintances!

Although Old Master Bo did not dote on this distant granddaughter who was not related by blood, she had indeed grown up in the Bo family.

“What’s going on?”

Bo Jinqiao started to cry. She only said that she had accidentally spilled water on the other party’s pet and was thrown into the water.

“Grandpa Bo, you know that Jinqiao is afraid of water. If it wasn’t for Mr Tang just now, she would really have died there.”

Tang Boyang immediately acted like an elder and said humbly, “Old Master Bo, I didn’t protect Jinqiao well. That woman my son raised is actually so daring.”

“Shidu’s people?”

Old Master Bo’s dark expression instantly brightened.

Tang Boyang hurriedly explained, “Yeah. But Old Master Bo, you know that how can the heir of our Fernans family agree to let a vase enter the family?”

Actually, even the Bo family was too good for the Fernans family. However, Tang Boyang was unwilling for Huo Shidu to marry a woman from R Nation. In his opinion, Huo Shidu was even more difficult to control.

Old Master Bo frowned, feeling that these words were a little ear-piercing. He only said calmly, “Let her come and eat.”

However, in the ears of others, these words meant that Old Master Bo was ready to pursue the matter.

At the same time.

In the medical room, Alas’s fur around the wound was forcefully shaved.

“Miss, your beloved dog is a little… aggressive.” The doctor had no idea where to start.

After being scalded, Alas’s character suddenly became much fiercer and he did not let strangers approach him.

Pei Yunge could only put on her latex gloves and sit beside Alas. “Doggo, do you think I have food in my pocket?”

Alas had just turned its head when Pei Yunge pressed Alas’s head down shamelessly and said slowly, “Shave it quickly.”

The doctor regained his senses and immediately started to prepare.

However, Alas’s body froze. It felt like it was in trouble and struggled with all its might.

However, it did not dare to hurt her master.

Not long after…

Alas saw that more than half of its smooth fur was gone. Its pitiful dog eyes revealed shock, as if it had suffered a huge blow.

After applying the medicine…

Alas turned its head away from Pei Yunge and started to ignore her.


Alas pretended not to hear her.

Pei Yunge licked her lips and chuckled. She slowly took off her gloves. “Don’t, Brother Dog?”

“For you, I was ready to be bitten and get a rabies vaccine.”

Hearing the interaction between the girl and the dog, the doctors suppressed their laughter.

Not long after…

Pei Yunge received a call and Tang Boyang said in a terrible tone, “Aren’t you coming back? Do you know how shameless you are after doing such a thing?”

Pei Yunge hung up the call before she could finish listening.

“Sister, is Alas dead?” Momo’s eyes were red as he asked in a choked voice.

“No, but Momo has to go for a meal with Sister first before coming to fetch Alas home.”


Momo ran towards Alas and instructed it in a childish voice before he left with Pei Yunge.

Pei Yunge brought Momo to the private room. They could already hear the angry voices inside.

“How can such a woman be worthy of entering our Fernans family?? How ridiculous!”

“Uncle Tang, don’t let Master Du hear you.”

Yu Hanran did not coax him and only added fuel to the fire gloatingly.

On the other hand, Nie Yu, who had just arrived, was listening with relish and occasionally criticized her in his heart.

He never thought that there would be such a vicious woman in this world.

However, when Pei Yunge kicked open the door…

Bo Jinqiao, who was crying, immediately shivered.

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